Temple TFF: New conference, new look

One of the first TFF banners

Why Temple Football Forever?
I’m asked that question wherever I go and the reason is as simple as the genesis for this website.
When Temple was seriously considering dropping football in 2004, I wrote letters to each one of the 17 members of the Board of Trustees who were on the “committee to consider the future of Temple football.” I wrote that the football team was the front porch of the school and, without it, there would be no facade to the university. I asked them to consider what happened to NYU after they dropped football or the expense that Villanova had to make to bring back football after they dropped it. I told them about tailgating and the thousands of Temple fans who enjoy it every Saturday and mentioned a football game is the largest single gathering of Temple alumni every year and to think about that for a second.


I included photographs and stories on great Temple victories from the past and the positive advertising this was for the school. I wanted a permanent place to park this kind of history so, when the school voted 9-8 to keep Temple Football “Forever” (as one of the committee members stated), I thought that might be a nice name for my new blog. Soon afterward, the school announced it would join the Mid-American Conference (MAC). At the end of that press conference, I got up from my folding chair, turned to my friend, Sal, and said, “Temple Football now and Temple Football Forever.”
I had the name of my blog and started typing that afternoon. I haven’t stopped typing since. There have been great moments, like getting positive mentions in both The New York Times and USA Today and Deadspin. We were awarded “Best New Blog” of 2006 and “Best Non-BCS Blog” of 2007 by the College Football Bloggers Association. The most important award, though, is the approval of Temple fans like you through your generous donations via paypal. We’re the PBS of blogs. Since WordPress.com doesn’t allow ads, we exist SOLELY through contributions of, as PBS says, “viewers like you.”  So please consider clicking the donate button today.
We’re the only place I know of on the internet that talks Temple football exclusively. I am frustrated by the lack/quality of Temple football coverage in the Philly papers and want a place for Temple fans to come to every day to read important issues affecting Temple football.
A  little bit about myself: I  won a first-place prize from Best Sports Series, newspaper division, all circulation categories, from the Pennsylvania Newspaper Publishers Association (PNPA) and a third-place from the Associated Press Sports Editors Association (APSE) for Best Feature Story. I currently write news and sports features for a suburban weekly newspaper group and am the Phillies beat writer for Rantsports.com on the side.


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  1. Hey, Mike. Thinking of you today. Hope the wait was worth it. Truth is, Temple deserved to beat the Nits at least five times in our years as fans and reporters. Especially in the Hardin years. Good luck to the Owls and their brilliant young coach, who learned about winning with class from Joe Paterno. — Terry Nau

  2. Hey Mike – it’s Barry Edwards (NJ Schmitty’s brother). I hope this gets to you – I don’t have your cell number or email address, so I am using my wife’s Facebook account. Just wanted to let you know of a slight change in our plans. When I talked to you at the Penn State game I told you that we were planning to have our big tailgate party (with the red “T” and gold conversion van) in honor of Schmitty at the game on October 10th. I saw that you mentioned it on your TempleFootballForever site – thank you. I just wanted to let you know that we decided to have it at the October 17th game instead, which is also the Cancer Awareness Day event. We thought that, since Schmitty died from melanoma, it would be more significant. We are also planning to do some kind of fund-raising project to contribute to Melanoma research. Maybe offering meatball sandwiches in exchange for donations and calling it “Meatballs For Melanoma”! Still working out the details but I wanted you to be aware of the change in date. And now I am going to settle in for the UMass game!

  3. Sam Shaffer should be in The Temple University athletics Hall of Fame. Not only did he lead the nation in interceptions but his interceptions came against some of the best qbs of the era.

  4. Worse performance by TU team in a long time. OC is way over his head go back to D 3 or 3. Marchi has a candy arm, can’t throw the deep ball. D can’t wrap up and tackle except for Randall and Chandler. LB’s are lost which means Thacker is lost. Collins has put together a ra ra staff that is fundamentally flawed.

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