Al Golden only has eyes for TU

Al Golden looks very happy to be at Temple these days.
By Mike Gibson
We were promised a statement from coach Al Golden on the rumors of his being involved with the Syracuse job.
Instead, all we got from the Temple media relations department was this lousy two-line statement from athletic director Bill Bradshaw.
We’re still waiting for elaboration from Golden, but it’s crystal clear from the statement that Al Golden only has eyes for TU.
We hope.

What we wish Al said …
“I’m never leaving Temple,” Golden said in a prepared statement. “Temple football is my life. I will not be satisfied until I win a national championship here and fill Lincoln Financial Field with happy Owl fans on a regular basis who can, to paraphrase Michelle Obama, for the first time in their adult lives be proud of their university’s football team. One man can make a difference for an entire university. I want to be that man for this university. That fuels my fire. I’m stoked about the possibilities next season can bring for this great school, city and the fans.”

We can only imagine what that statement would have said so we have formulated what we wanted to hear Al say and put it in the box to the left.
It’s time for Al to concentrate on the considerable tasks at hand.
There are signs that he’s doing just that, signing a big-time kicker, Brendan McManus, who was wanted by several BCS schools. It’s easy to see why McManus was so sought-after. Of his 70 kickoffs, 58 went through the end zone.
I don’t remember one Temple kickoff going through the end zone this season.
Since the Owls could be down to two serviceable quarterbacks, Vaughn Charlton and Chester Stewart, we’re hoping a big target (or two) will be mobile JUCO quarterbacks who can throw on the run.
We’ll see.


4 thoughts on “Al Golden only has eyes for TU

  1. It is not that Coach Golden isn’t interested in moving on, it is that he won’t and shouldn’t go to Syracuse. I love Coach Golden, and he has been a tremendous assest to TU, however , we all know he won’t be here for long. My hope is that he stays for two more years. I also hope he goes to PSU,because that is where I go, but I think he is too far down the list. He really wants the PSU job. I was disappointed but didn’t fault him for looking at U.C.L.A. You are in the profession that you choose to provide for your family. The coaching profession can be a cruel one, but it also rewards success. If you have the ability because of your success to move into a higher paying gig, why would you fault him? We all know TU will never go all in for football, and probably shouldn’t. What they should do is groom and also be looking for the next TU coach so they don’t miss a beat when it happens. It will happen!!! I am a huge fan of Coach Golden,Temple and PSU. I would love to see TU win the MAC and get to a bowl game. I am a believer!

  2. I am a Temple U fan and not sure if it’s possible to be a PSU fan at the same time. Also, if Golden can win a National Championship and consistently fill the Linc, as stated in the mythical quote, there wouldn’t be a hugher profile job to go after. What could he possibly do anywhere else that would even compete with that. Not saying he can do that, but if he could you think Temple U wouldn’t give him any amount of money that he wanted.

  3. If Al Golden could, say, put Temple in a Ball State-like spot next year where the Owls go 12-0 … there is NO DOUBT in my mind the crowds in 2010 would be astronomical (it takes time to build a following but there is a higher fan ceiling for TU fans, stunned TU fans giddy over a big-time winner, than anything Ball State has).If Temple could draw 35-40K on a consistent basis, the administration would then have plenty of football options, most notably the Big East.If TU continues to struggle along at 4-8 and 5-7 there’s not much of a future of any kind.That’s why I think it’s important to get mobile, savvy quarterbacks in here by the end of the month.We don’t have time to mess around and even if Vaughn Charlton and Chester Stewart develop, there’s no depth behind them.

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