Temple football: Three-month countdown

Another excellent job by Fran Duffy (not to be confused with hoop coach Fran Dunphy) and the boys in the Temple video department.
Less than 30 days until the two-month countdown appears and, presumably, that will include different highlights, limited to all returning players, of which there are many.

And just a reminder:
Because the season tickets soon transfer from the control of Temple to the Eagles’ ticket office, you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches by purchasing season tickets from Temple in the next month or so. Click over the Temple football helmet and let’s fill up the stadium for the Nova game with people wearing only Cherry and White. With 260,000 living alumni, 33,000 full-time students and 5,867 full-time employees, we can make it happen.
We should make it happen.


2 thoughts on “Temple football: Three-month countdown

  1. Oh, I will most certainly be there. We cannot, must not lose to the Wildcats. They may have us on the hard-court for now, but we'll destroy them on the gridiron. I remember dropping an opener to them some years ago. 17-14 OT sounds familiar, I may be off on that. That was surely a low point. Scheduling them almost scares me in that a loss to them would be embarrassing and would set an awful tone to the season. Let's not let that happen.

  2. If AG loses this game, he might as well head straight to the unemployment line. He's getting paid $575K a year for a reason and one of the biggest of those reasons is to kick Villanova's ass on a consistent basis. He WON'T let them come close enough to get a sniff of the Owls in the fourth quarter.

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