Anatomy of an April’s Fool’s post

This is the fake front page I rejected as too gaudy.

A good April’s Fool’s Joke is like a good cake.
You have to have a lot of the right ingredients.
Last year, I did not find the right ingredients so I bagged our annual April Fool’s post.
It was back yesterday.

Err, one person fell for it, hook, line and stinker.

Mix a little basketball in with a little football, some science sport stuff I’ve been wondering about for years, Matt Rhule’s penchant for secrecy and a great Fran Dunphy quote post-game Indiana and I had my cake.
If it wasn’t for Dunphy, who I hold in the highest regard, I would not have my idea. To me, Fran Dunphy is every bit the equal of the Temple coaching Holy Trinity of Wayne Hardin, John Chaney and Skip Wilson.
I have that much respect for the man.
I watched Dunph post-game come up with one of the greatest quotes I ever saw any coach say:
“We’re all about giving our student-athletes a terrific college experience and these are the kind of experiences they will always remember.”
Wow. Great quote, Fran, and thanks.

Fran Dunphy’s outstanding
post-game remarks were

That was the final icing on the cake.
I thought about how Deon Miller, at 6-foot-5, blocked three critical field goals last year for Temple’s football team and wondered  if I could borrow Dunphy’s tallest player, 6-foot-11 Devonte Watson, and project him into that Miller role. Would six extra inches make him twice as effective as Miller blocking field goals? Ten times? A hundred times?
So I went for the fake story.
In the past, we’ve sold SOME of the public on Steve Addazio hiring Urban Meyer to be his first assistant coach at Temple and had Temple accepting an invitation to the Big 10 conference.
Because so many ingredients were ripe for this one, though, it might have been our best.
I thought about going the British tabloid route (see above) but then I thought that front page was too gaudy and a dead giveaway. So I gave The Temple Times credit and created a fake Temple Times page.
I could just picture Dunphy saying the same thing about Watson if somehow he went out for the football team and started blocking field goals like Bernie Parent blocked shots in goal for the Flyers.
If one person fell for it, and at least one did, it was worth doing.

Tomorrow: Watson decides story was a good idea and does indeed go out for the team (just kidding)


2 thoughts on “Anatomy of an April’s Fool’s post

  1. new name AAC is an ingenious move…, it will always be the first conference listed on team searches,etc…, trust a comparable marketing campaign will follow

  2. love it as well. Temple score first on the ESPN crawl.Hopefully, the AAC will win its share of big non-conference games starting with Temple 23, Notre Dame 20 on Aug. 31.

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