The Blackest of Black Saturdays

Don’t look, OK look. This should have been more than one guy putting pressure on QB.

Many of you are too young to remember Black Friday.
Phillies fans of a certain age remember it too well.
Phillies up, 5-3, two outs, two strikes on Davey Lopes in a key NLCS game on a Friday. Larry Bowa picks up a  ball and throws out Lopes. Game over.


No, the Lopes is called safe (he was out), Phils lose game and series and the day will forever be known as Black Friday in Phillies history.
For a Temple football program that has had a lot of Black Saturdays, this was unquestionably the worst.
Call it the Blackest of Black Saturdays.
You can’t lose to Fordham after coming back from a 19-7 deficit to take a 29-24 lead.
You just can’t.
Walking out of the stadium –heck, even at halftime – I told my friend, Matt, “This is what happens when you let the players and parents hire the coach.”

Those kids and parents will be gone soon, but I and the thousands of long-suffering Temple fans will remain and have to, as Emperor Hirohito put it post two nukes,  endure the unendurable.

I think I’d rather be nuked than go through another Bobby Wallace/Ron Dickerson/Jerry Berndt Error.
I was for Matt Rhule to get the NEXT head coaching job at Temple, not this one. My reasoning was simple as well as brutally logical. Have him go somewhere like Kent State and prove he can win (like Darrell Hazel did) and THEN he could come to Temple. Why did no other school consider Matt Rhule?  I wanted Mike MacIntrye (now at Colorado) to be head coach or Dave Clawson (now at Bowling Green). The Owls could not have outbid Colorado for MacIntyre, a former Temple assistant, but they sure as hell could have gotten Clawson.


Helluva nice guy, Matt Rhule, but you know what Leo Durocher said about nice guys.

Jensen was right ... both times. ...

Jensen was right … both times. …

The coaching these first three games has been beyond underwhelming:

  • How come Chris Coyer has yet to throw a pass off a fake?
  • How come Coyer, who has Bernard Pierce-like instincts running the ball in the open field, has yet to get a carry? Mystifying.
  • Why hasn’t Nick Visco kicked earlier, when the kid never missed an extra point in high school? A strong argument can be made that had Visco kicked from the jump, Temple would be 2-1 now instead of 0-3.
  • How come 6-foot-6 Deon Miller doesn’t get a fade EVERY time the Owls get into the red zone (he got his first fade Saturday and it resulted in a pass interference).
  •  How come only one screen pass ALL YEAR to Zaire Williams, when it’s obvious no one can stop that play?

Crazy, stupid, stuff.

Memo to Marcus Satterfield: If you want to have a winning season, mix 20 Zaire Williams runs and 20 Connor Reilly passes with these six plays on a continuous loop. If you want to go 0-12, keep running your Tennessee-Chattanooga bullbleep plays.


TFF, Jan. 18, 2013

When the Owls got a first down deep in the Fordham red zone late in the game, I was screaming at the TV in the concourse (I couldn’t bear to watch it live), “GIVE THE BALL TO KENNY HARPER FOUR TIMES!” Instead, they throw it to Chris Coyer and get the touchdown right away.

The gentleman who was standing next to me will vouch for what I said.

Hey, I like Temple touchdowns as much as the next guy, but giving it to Harper to kill some more clock was the right call. There’s no doubt in my mind Harper would have scored, maybe a play or two later, but he would have scored. When it comes to keeping the ball away from a Phil Snow-coached defense, that’s the only call.
The day Rhule hired Snow to be his defensive coordinator, I noted the only reason I could think of was because he was Rhule’s old buddy at UCLA. This is what a I wrote that day: “I’m all for hiring old buddies, but not old buddies who give up 38 points a game.”
That was against FBS competition.
Now he’s given up 30 points against FCS competition.
That’s worse.

Heck, we all know Rhule is a nice guy but he may be too nice a guy and the hiring of Snow is a perfect example of that. Another example is sticking with Cooper after two missed FGs and an extra point against ND. Visco should have gotten the start against Houston, period, end of story.

Back to Snow:


TFF, Jan. 18, 2013


If you guessed I’m not a fan of Phil Snow, you’ve guessed right.
Heck, you look at the entire Rhule staff and the only qualifications they have are they are all Rhule’s buddies.
This is why businesses, when they are looking for professionals to fill a key management position,  go through a grueling selection and interview process and pick the best guy for the job.
The new boss doesn’t say, “Gee, a guy who helped me when I was 21 needs this job, I’ll go hire him.”
That’s what happened at Temple.
We already had a guy who WAS a great defensive coordinator at Temple, Nick Rapone, who was interested in the job and had the best recommendations from the people who should matter most (former Temple players) and he was given a brush off. Now Rapone is the DBs coach of the Arizona Cardinals, but he would have stayed at Temple had he been offered the job by Rhule because his daughter is a Temple student.  Arizona head coach Bruce Arians loves him and called him the best DC in the country when Rapone was a 30-year-old DC at TU.  Arians put his money where his mouth was by hiring Rapone. Rhule could have handed over the keys to the Temple defense to Rapone and would not have had to worry one minute of one day. Now Rhule has to take the keys back from Snow and do something and fix a vehicle that has been totaled and can only be used for scrap metal now.
I guarantee you the Temple defense would be 10x better off with Rapone as DC than Snow.  Guarantee. So do these guys:



44 thoughts on “The Blackest of Black Saturdays

  1. temple football is flat out terrible, our DC should be fired now. this is also the result of lost recruiting years due to coaching turnover…, we maybe have one pro on this team…., most of our kids are FCS players…, no excuse for not being to find a kicker……, sooooo embarrassing

  2. We deserve whatever national bashing we get. Let me rephrase that. Our fans don’t deserve this, but the people who run the program do. I disagree about the pros, though: Pete White (OG) is a pro, Kyle Friend (center) is pro, Cody Booth (tackle) is pro, Chris Coyer MIGHT be a pro. Give Zaire Williams 20 carries a game and you might include him as well. We should be lighting up these scoreboards but we are taking a half-assed approach on offense.

  3. The coaching staff is a disgrace and I completely agree with Mike’s assessment of things. I share K.j’s frustration but this isn’t about failed recruiting…temple flat out has more talent than any FCS program, we just got out coached.

    The fact we haven’t made a field goal all season, despite having a kid on the bench with a stellar leg is a disgrace. We’re not asking the kid for 50-yarders just some PAT distance chip shots.

    The defense averages giving up over 500 yards a game against two average D1 programs and a BCS school. Our d-backs continue to get caught out of position and the line fails to hold their rush lines (not that we’re getting much pressure anyway) while making opposing runners look like Barry sanders. We have yet to face a good offense and QB, but when we do don’t be surprised if they hang 60+ points on us. I’m sure teddy Bridgewater has the game circled on his calendar.

    The offense remains unimaginitive and has yet to pop a big play from scrimmage. Are our athletes this bad or the coaches this bad? See my original point above for my opinion.

    Finally, the loss today could have its biggest impact on recruiting. The stadium was already 3/4 empty but after today’s loss i believe the casual fans are done with this team. The fact we’re 0-3 and in a tailspin will do nothing to help with recruiting. AG could sell he was building a program and back it up. MR is taking the program back to the days of creative losing (today reminded me of many of the pre-AG losses and the memorable Navy of AG’s early years) and bringing in questions of his longevity as coach. I don’t honestly know why any good three-star recruit would sign up for this program and wouldn’t be surprised to see a few more de-commits.

    The administration will need to start thinking about some big decisions they may need to be made at the end of the season. This includes whether they help the HC determine his staffing decisions and whether MR is in over his head.

  4. It was brutal sitting through this game today and to be honest I really can’t see this team with the possibility of winning any more than 2-3 games tops. If that happens I really believe it wipes out a good bit of what AG did and really starts pointing us to being the door mates of the AAC. The administration may need to decide whether they bite the bullet and make another coaching change do get an experienced FBS coach or at least give Rhule the opportunity to develop and redo most of the staff, especially DC. Today’s game showed me Mike was spot on in his assessment of Snow

    • Agreed on the assessment of the trend of the program and coaching situation. I don’t really think the administration can step in and tell the coach how to create his staff. He’s the general and needs to draft his soldiers and lead them as his unit. If MR can’t select the right staff it speaks to his strength as a leader. I know it’s only three games into his tenure but it couldn’t have a more disastrous start.

      If this guy doesn’t change the trend quickly he could honestly be one and done.

      • Good points, if the season continues this way MR has to be one and done. The small bright spot to look at is the AAC results, Memphis, Uconn and USF look to be as bad as Temple. Too bad we only play 2 of the 3

  5. No, the administration can’t step in but RHULE HIMSELF must be smart enough to see that Williams should be getting the ball more and WHAT WOULD BE THE FREAKING HARM … of a few toss sweeps to Coyer coming around the end and chucking that ball downfield or, if nothing’s there, taking off through the secondary? When you have a kid like Coyer, who ran run, throw and catch, not having him do 2 of those 3 is cheating the team. Defense, I think Rhule’s got to name himself DC. Probably too late to go to a 3-4, which would be our strength. We are getting ZERO pass rush. Need faster LB-types rushing the passer.

    • I agre that it would be tough to make that big of a defensive change now but I was screaming the same thing about blitzing a LB today. We need to get consistent pressure on opposing QBs plus having a LB rushing also gives you someone faster for containment if you flush the QB from the pocket but don’t get the sack. Those third down scrambles from Fordham when we were able to collapse the pocket were killers. Also why not try some different coverage schemes say have our corners jam receivers at the line and have just the safeties drop deep instead of that soft zone we’ve been using. The only thing giving me a little hope for the rest of the season is that Memphis and Uconn look real bad too, so does USF but we don’t play them. So there is still a chance to not finish last but it all starts in 2 weeks at Idaho

  6. Yesterday was the 5th Anniversary of the Hail Mary against UB.

    Having almost lost our own cupcake game I really feel for you guys today. Not coming over to say anything other than this… Temple picked themselves up off the ground once, doing it again will happen.

    • Thanks, Tim, you are a good man and a tremendous fellow blogger. As bad as I felt about that UB Hail Mary pass, I can honestly say I felt worse about the Fordham one. Bull Run is BY FAR the best blog in the MAC and there are a lot of good ones (Over The Pylon is also a great blog).

  7. Mike….I’m depressed and crushed, but I’m picking myself up off the floor for a moment to make a comment I’ve been thinking about for a long time. (Everyone’s analysis above….JD, DayOwl, Mike…all right on. Unfortunately.)
    I can never understand why we so frequently see “holes” in the recruiting, i.e., major unevenness across the roster; some stellar players — Pierce, Wilkerson, McManus, et al — but many players who aren’t even FCS level. I’ve followed the Owls fanatically since my last year in the marching band in ’76, and it seems that most years we have non-D-1 players in the secondary and at QB. Most years. Exceptions, of course. But in most of the years since the Wayne Hardin years — most — I would rather have had LEHIGH’s QB than ours. I’m not saying this clearly, I know. (Shell-shocked from today’s game, no doubt.) I get it that TU hasn’t been able to get the top-shelf recruits in D-1 for critical skill positions like QB; sure, the blue-chippers go to Florida. But why have we so often had QB’s who were not even lower-rung D-1 players; i.e., why have we so often had QB’s who were inferior to the ones at Lehigh and ‘Nova? The radio announcers today were describing Granger’s throws thusly: “he’s just throwing them too high; missing receivers badly; he needs to settle down.” Chester Stewart would sail balls TEN FEET over the head of a wide open receiver. Over and over again. That shouts to me: this guy is a Division II or III QB at best. Why are we stuck with that? And: why are the DB’s not even CLOSE to the enemy receivers? Will every single opponent, no matter how weak, make our DB’s look like D-3 players?
    OK, so I’m frustrated. I hope we have not gone off a cliff into the pre-Golden era. But if we are giving up 500 yards to every single opponent, well….. I dread Teddy Bridgewater.

    • Rob, please pardon my interruption but I’ve got to say the owls clearly have better talent than Fordham and better than they showed in the first two games. The performance this season clearly falls on the coaching staff.

      Did Connor Reilly’s health really improve during the two hours from the start of the game until the third series in the second half or did the coach make a bad decision in starting a stiff and then panic? Also, while I agree we have an athlete deficiency in the defensive secondary I don’t think that’s the reason we got very limited pressure on a FCS QB and allowed receivers to get behind the secondary all game.

      I’m not going to mention the strength of the owls recent recruiting class because I believe we’re going to see some additional kids change their mind and MR’s staff won’t know what to do with the talent anyhow. We are clearly back to old school Temple football. While its only three games into the season this could be a watershed for the owls long term football prospects, or should I say Waterloo?

      • Day… I’m sure you’re right. Overall, I’m sure the talent level at TU is better. And no doubt we’ll continue to see what these coaches are made of. I didn’t get to actually see the game. Glad I didn’t.
        I guess it’s just that I’ve been struck at how often Lehigh gets better throwers than we do….and never could figure that out. (I am, however, high on Connor R. And pray that that knee holds out.)

    • Difference between Rhule and Golden was that Golden inherited NO talent. Rhule has four NFL players on the offense alone (Coyer as a TE, Pete White as an OG, Cody Booth as an OT and Kyle Friend as a center).
      Never seen two units at Temple with worse coordinators than Rhule has and I’m not sure he can do much about it now.
      Even Bobby Wallace (Ray Monica and Dave Brock) had better coordinators than Rhule has.
      I kind of suspected that this buddy system would explode in his face and it has.

      • Mike in somewhat of a defense of MR and his coordinator choices Satterfield didn’t seem to be the first choice. Don’t know why Rolovich feel through by my sense is that Satterfield was going to be more of an OC in training if or when Rolovich moved on with a HC opportunity. As far as DC, with everything I read about Snow I don’t know why the expectations were for anything better than what Heater was able to do with the same players. At least he was able to come up with defensive adjustments that got us a win at Uconn last year. Don’t se anything like that coming from Snow. I thought maybe last week the D was coming together but I’m beginning to think last weeks red zone defense was more poor coaching on Houston’s part. I really believe Heater would have come up with some way to reserve a win yesterday

  8. This is a disgrace. For the past several years I thought we had the coaches, but not the players (sure we had some stars but no solid depth). Now it is reversed. These coaches are garbage. I am fine with Rhule being a rookie coach but the people he has surrounded himself with are trash. The program has taken a step back. Even if we get a total of 3-4 wins for the next few seasons the administration won’t fire him. This is the problem with Temple we settle for mediocrity. They are just content to be average and that’s it. If you want to be at the next level you need to set standards and when those standards aren’t met heads will roll. The administration doesn’t take the team seriously so why should other programs and fans take it seriously?

    They will be lucky to get 2 wins this season. Maybe 1-2 leave next year but I doubt Rhule will change anything.

    • My big fear with press like this, we’ll deserved after yesterday, it the impact it will have on recruiting. To Phillyguy, I get a feeling that the new administration won’t be as content with mediocrity as previous ones. I do agree with your assessment of Rhule’s staff. Don’t forget Satterfield wasn’t the first choice for OC and I think Mike has been on target with regards to Snow from the start

  9. After yesterday there is not a game on the schedule that I expect to win. That is not to say that I think we will lose every game, but there isn’t one that I think is a sure thing.

    The secondary was terrible. The D Line got no push. When the QB would scramble the linemen were the only players within 8 yards of him and they couldn’t catch him.

    Offense actually looked good at times but some of the play calling was baffling. Am I the only person who was sitting there saying “why are we not running it up the middle every time?” Almost every run up the middle got us 4 yards. We could push there front seven around yet we kept doing anything but pound the ball.

    The loan bright spot in this game is we now know who the best QB is and hopefully Reilly is ready to play in two weeks or we will have another huge embarrassing failure on our hands.

  10. We could go 0-12 and not have a more embarrassing loss than Fordham. Heck, we could lose 76-0 to Louisville and it would not be any more embarrassing than Fordham. 76-0 to Idaho would be more embarrassing than Fordham, I concede that small point.
    I hope we now cancel contracts with Monmouth and Lafayette, if they are floating around.
    I’d rather have Maryland and Rutgers on the non-conference schedules than any more 1AA games.
    (Delaware at Linc excluded.)
    FBS teams who closed the deal yesterday:
    Buffalo 28, Stony Brook 24
    Toledo 33, Eastern Washington (No. 2 in the country) 21
    Navy 51, Delaware 7
    FBS teams who didn’t close the deal:
    Temple 29, Fordham (unranked in FCS) 30

  11. Remember the Buffalo Hail Mary, the Bison bobble head day debacle, the Buffalo goal line stall, two opening day losses to Villanova, the Navy Ball Strip Six, and Chester the Jester? Reality check: half of Temple’s starters and special teams are sophomores and freshman. Fordham is having banner year with a lineup of upper classman who outplayed Temple’s neophytes. Give Matt Rhule time because he and his staff are young. This Owl team reminds me of Al Golden first two teams (sans Adam DiMichele) so give him another year or two. If Temple is 0-3 this time next year, I’d be surprised. I am not concerned. I was actually happy for Fordham’s faithful.

    • Not happy for Fordham’s faithful. Sorry. Temple’s OL averaged 50 pounds more across the front than Fordham’s. This is the only team Daz have come back and rolled 62 on. Rhule is so concerned with being anti-Daz, that he can’t see the forest through the trees. In this case, the forest was Zaire 20 carries for 201 and Kenny 15 carries for 155. That’s what would have happened with a commitment to the run game. Fordham’s offense would have had the ball half the time.

      • Exactly my point, we average exactly 5 yards a carry on the day. I am no math genius but that should work out to a first down every 2 plays. Why on Earth would we throw the ball for any reason other than when they finally load 8 in the box. At that point the receivers should all be single covered with no help over the top. Not to mention by the fourth quarter we would have been steamrolling a spent defensive line.

      • Yes, the running game was good because the defense was kept honest with the pass. Granger was Chester Stewart-like passing 6-15 with one pick and a fumble. I commend Rhule for pulling the plug on Juice. I hope PJ will be the number 2 from now on. The safeties gave up big plays, but they are freshman/sophomores. The best move would keep the coaching staff in place and make some changes on the field.

  12. Houston fired their OC after 1 or 2 games last year. They have brand new OCs and DCs this year.

    • So, VM, you are saying there’s a chance? That’s why I wanted Rapone on the staff, even as a ST coach. That way, WHEN Snow flamed out, he could slot Rapone in there. Other than naming himself DC (Rhule was an LB coach under Golden, one of his many duties), I don’t know what Rhule can do to indicate to the fans that he is serious about “fixing this.” Too many buddies on the staff, which means wives friends of wives, etc. That’s too messy. … and for people slamming Heater, consider this: Heater shut out UConn in the second half with the SAME talent Snow allowed 30 points to Fordham.

  13. I would take (post Hardin and Arians), Henry Burris, Walter Washington, Adam DiMichele and Chris Coyer (soft spot for bowl win, no doubt) over any Lehigh QB. Kyle McQuilken was a good one, I will give you that. Pete Lembo was a better coach than anybody (post Arians) not named Al Golden. He should be here.

    • Mile, if the bottom totally falls out on this season, ok some probably think it already has after Saturday, do you think the current admin would pull the plug on Rhule. I know 4 coaches in 5 years would not be good for the program but I think going say 2-9 or worse would set this program even further back than a coaching change. Next season the AAC is basically the old C-USA and if Temple is not in a position to be up with the 4 teams then I think we’re back to the bad old days in the Big East. At this point a decent season is winning at least 4 games, maybe stealing one on a team looking past us and not finishing last in the conference. And wasn’t the same thing being said last year about starting a lot of freshman and sophomores, shouldn’t they be providing some level of experience this year?

  14. No, temple does not operate like any other university with regard to coaches. You have to a) kill somebody or b) lose 20 games in a row to get fired
    I hope Matt is not going to either one, but if I had to bet on a or b, I would place my money on b. Not betting, though. Too depressed.

  15. hello! very simple…, everyone look around at the college landscape. three essential variables in every successful program today:
    1. coaches who can recruit
    2. coaches who get the absolute best out of the players they recruit…,i.e, develop players AND make great game day decisions/adjustments
    3. the play at the QB position

    AG did number 1 and half of number 2 really well, and we had some great teams.Wayne Hardin did all three. Daz did none of the three, MR is doing number 1 and none of 2 and 3. MR should be a one and done, now is the time to make the change! we are not trying to separate the rocket from the booster, this is not hard and certainly does not call for handwringing

    • KJ, I don’t it will do any good to make a change mid season if that’s what you are suggesting. For me the Idaho game will tell me a lot . Playing a team as bad as we are with 2 weeks to prepare. If we come out and win big then maybe MR is starting to develop number 2. Based on what Mike indicates I doubt they would do it, but given where the team is right now they should take the stance anything less than 4 wins ( which may keep us out of last place in the AAC) is unacceptable and changes are made at seasons end

    • Kj, I agree. That’s the formula in 1-2-3 format. We caught lightning in the bottle with Hardin and, to a lesser extent, with Arians. I talked to coach Hardin on Saturday and he told me he never had trouble finding a QB or kicker. The key to finding a QB is to see what he does under a rush. I think we have a couple of good ones now. The kicker part is 50 percent physical, 50 percent mental. I think Visco’s got that “give-me-the-damn-ball-and-I’m-going-to-score” mentality. I think Cooper’s got the leg but “geez-I-hope-I make-this-kick” look in his eyes. As far as Rhule, I don’t know what the uni is going to do. I can tell you as upset and embarrassed Rhule was with that result, they are more upset and embarrassed. I don’t think they have the money to back up that feeling, though.

      • Mike, in that case hopefully the university will back up being upset and embarrassed by letting Rhule know, ok figure out what you have both on the field and in the coaching box and hone you craft this season. We still expect to be competitive and get some wins and we expect you to make necessary changes, basically in the staff after the season.I know a lot of people on other boards are talkng about 3 years recruiting classes, MAC players in a better conference, etc. Well next season I don;t really think you will be able to make the better conference over the MAC as strong as you could this season and last. If we can’t be competitive in a conference with Tulane, Memphis, UConn, USF and ECU then we might as well hang it up. And I don’t want to hear about how ECU and Tulane are each 2-1, the current C-USA is barely above an FCS conference with all of the back filling they had to do.

  16. Agreed. Maybe the worst thing about this loss is that it could cause recruits to de-commit. You know the recruiters from other schools will be buzzing around the kids telling them, “This guy can’t coach.” More established schools can afford to lose to Fordham. Temple can’t. It’s like Rhule himself said, “our defense should have overwhelmed this team.” Whose fault is that? Assign blame and apply consequences.

  17. I think there’s an important fourth point to success in college and that’s developing and adjusting game plans to leverage your advantages. I would have been fine with the owls running the ball 90% of the time and leveraging their interior line size advantage over Fordham.

    I also would have been fine if they all out blitzed Fordham and knocked the QB around. But to lose a game in which you don’t adjust your game plan and you burn a redshirt for a high potential kid is inexcusable. Either Reilly was able to play the entire game or he wasn’t. To burn a kids redshirt on two series in an effort against a FCS program and then put in the kid who was too injured to start the half is disgraceful. It’s not the impact this decision had on the game that upsets me, it’s how you’re impacting the careers and health of two kids entrusted to you by their parents.

    If you don’t think recruiters will point not only to the loss, and the potential lame duck status of the coach but to how he treated his players while under pressure then you don’t understand how the recruiting game is played. I wish the kids and the program the best but am very disappointed in MR.

    • I was waiting for someone to mention that Rhule ruined PJ Walker’s redshirt, which was completely unnescessary. Complete waste! And as Dayowl87 stated, they used his redshirt on a 1-AA school!! Are you kidding me!?! If I were a recruit, I’d be gone. Sorry to say. 0-3 start, poor management of the redshirt, loss to 1-AA school and people doubting the coaching abilities at Temple. Not a favorable equation for recruiting.

      Just to repeat a common theme in these blogs. Temple has talent, but the coaches don’t seem to know how to to use it!

      That was my last journey to the Linc for this year. Its just too frustrating to watch anymore. At least if I’m home, I can shut the TV or radio off.

      When does the basketball season start?

    • I am very disappointed in Rhule, too. Looked like he totally panicked Saturday with the way he handled Walker and the kickers. Visco would have hit that chip shot FG and the final score would have been 32-30. I would have sat Coop down after ND. Don’t understand why after the disaster that was Houston, Visco didn’t start against Fordham.

  18. Mike, so far this season I have to say most of what you said about the coaching staff seems to be coming to fruition. I’m going to stay optimistic about Rhule, seems like a smart guy and a good recruiter but who need “on the job training” in game day head coaching. I think for me the big disappointment in that is that I thought the program had at least progressed to the point where we didn’t always have to go for the unproven, “new” head coach and could have gotten a coach with a HC track record.

  19. They really wanted MacIntyre. When he accepted Colorado, they interviewed Clawson, Mario Cristobal, Todd Bowles, Rhule and Mark D’Onofrio. I really think Temple is 0-3 under only Rhule and D’Onofrio. I heard two stories on Clawson. One, they told Clawson they were going to hire Rhule and he was allowed to give the “removing name from consideration” excuse; two, Clawson told him he wanted to parlay one more BGSU bowl season into a Power 5 job. There’s no way a Bowles, a MacIntyre or a Cristobal see a Coyer and say: “Geez, are you telling me this kid can RUN, THROW and CATCH? Well, I think I’ll just use him to catch.” Ugh.

  20. To those trying to put this on the players, just the kicking decisions by the HEAD COACH cost this team 2 wins. Visco makes that field goal easily to go up 16-15 on Houston and Visco hits that FG easily to win the game against Fordham, 32-30 (or 32-31, if Fordham hits the Hail Mary and adds a two-point conversion). This team has the players. Heck, Chuck Heater shut out UConn in the second half with the SAME PLAYERS Phil Snow has. A lot of real evidence out there these first three games are on the coaches, not the players. I guess the decision not to pound the ball against a Fordham line that averaged 247 pounds across the front against a Temple OL that averaged over 300 (and includes at least three future NFL players) was the players’ decision.

  21. Mike I don’t know of anyone trying to put this on the players. The kids aren’t in position to make the plays. Nor do they have schemes that allow them to leverage their advantages. I haven’t been this pissed off after a loss in years. The think that gets me the most is the coach burned a high caliber recruits red-shirt for two series of downs and then put in the kid too injured to start the game two hours earlier. This showed complete disregard the futures of both those kids

    I’m sorry to say you pretty much called the issues with the coaching staff right out of the gate. I actually never believed this team would win seven games given all the new coaching talent and the dearth of talent in key positions (eg defensive backs).

  22. Day,
    Of nearly 40 comments, I had only one blaming the kids and I make the tough call to delete that this morning. I won’t have the kids being blamed for this fiasco when there are so many questionable coaching decisions and non-decisions that led to this:
    1) Coyer is not utilized anywhere near enough.. he should throw the ball five times a game and run it five times a game;
    2) Visco should have been the kicker after ND;
    3) Team probably should have gone to 3-4 to have speedy guys like Alwan and Dovorak and Nate Smith, etc., rush the passer instead of our DEs ( this should have been a staff decision in the spring, not necessarily now);
    4) Williams should be getting the ball 20 times a game;
    5) Miller should be getting fades in the end zone;
    6) Herbin should see the field. It looks good with him on the green.
    7) Team was gaining 5 yards a pop against Fordham; should have pounded that team into submission;

    How many kids made those decisions?

  23. Two huge problems –
    DC spends too much time trying to conceal signals and not enough time coaching D alignments that conceal the coverage. Big plays emerged from audibles in each of the last three games. Same coverage was burned each time.
    DB coach has not resolved fundamental technique issues with his unit. Too many folks losing contact with receivers and performing whirly gigs and not one of them getting their head around when the “BALL” is in the air. Probable cause – lack of coaching experience at BCS level.

  24. All true. DB coach is a great recruiter, but not a good DB coach. Irony of irony: No one was ever a better DB coach than Rapone, who, as Paul Palmer has stated, produced NFL DBs Anthony Young, Todd Bowles, Kevin Ross, Eddie Parker, etc. If the ball was in the air with Rapone as coach, our DBs would break on it and intercept it or knock it down and not wait until the WR catches it and then tackle him.

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