Throwback Thursday: Temple 28, Virginia Tech 24

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In an effort to lift myself out of a deep depression caused by losing two winnable games in consecutive weeks, this week’s Throwback Thursday is an effort to recall that all things are possible.

Interesting that there is no video of this game anywhere on the internet, but you can get a lot of video on Virginia Tech 62, Temple 7 and Virginia Tech 35, Temple 13 and Virginia Tech 20, Temple 10. Frank Beamer must have confiscated all film and had it destroyed.

Hopefully, the Owls can get their act together by Idaho and put a good season together. Gosh, I’d just like to see one DB step in FRONT of a pass and intercept it, rather than let the receiver catch it. That’s a concept I haven’t seen (seemingly) since the days of Anthony Young, Bob Mizia, Marc Baxter, Todd Bowles, Eddie Parker, Terry Wright and Kevin Ross. I think all but one of those guys was coached by Nick Rapone.

13 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Temple 28, Virginia Tech 24

  1. Mike: would Daz have lost to Fordham? Five steps back?

  2. Let me preface this by saying it’s good Daz is gone, but Daz would have no doubt laid 62 points on Fordham by accident. He wanted to run the ball against the No. 1 run defense in the country (RU). He wanted to run the ball against everybody. When you have an offensive line that includes future pros Pete White and Kyle Friend and it averages 309 pounds going up against a DL that averaged 247 on the interior, you just pound, pound, pound. Juice, Kenny and Zaire were all averaging over 5 yards a pop. That would have lasted all game, just like the Army game last year.

    • Regardless of whether Daz leaving was a good or bad thing long-term, it does speak to the state of Temple’s program. First, he did not leave for a top flight program. Maybe he wanted to return to New England but BC is just not anywhere near an elite program so a head coach being lured there reflects poorly on Temple. Second, can we really not pay enough to keep up with the BCs of the world? If the answer is no I would think we are in trouble. There was an article where I believe Bill Bradshaw mentioned that Temple wasn’t interested in getting involved in an arms race. This quote was in an article talking about how football was the future of Temple athletics and how so much was riding on football’s success! Sorry, but look around! It isn’t the 70s anymore. If you want to win in big time college football you have to spend the money on coaches. I understand we built this new football building. Well this is Oregon’s new football building It is time to either play to win or pack it up, because this halfway stuff just isn’t going to cut it.

  3. True. Don’t understand the logic in spending $17 million on the E-O and not throwing more at Mike MacIntrye than Colorado did. That’s like a fat person eating an entire large pizza but rationalizing it by drinking a small diet coke.

    • Agree withe CS, the program I think is fast approaching a point of “put up or shut up”. As I posted here either face the reality that the AG success was an aberration and throw in the towel or start acting and spending like you want to be competitive. After this season I don’t want to hear how we moved up in competition over the MAC, because at that point I don’t feel the AAC will be that superior to the MAC

  4. Even MR with all of his inexperience should have been able to put a staff together to beat Fordham like a drum. Losing to Houston as a three-point underdog at home showed he was incapable of taking a SLIGHTLY lesser talented team and winning. Losing to Fordham was totally unacceptable. Five years of top-level MAC recruiting (all of AG’s classes were No. 1 and one of Daz’s was No. 1) should have put about 60 points between Temple and Fordham.

    • The one bright spot, if you can call it that, is that Memphis, Uconn and USF look to be just as bad so our last 2 games could be a battle to stay out of the AAC cellar. As I’ve been saying outside of Louisville, USF and to a lesser degree Rutgers and Cinncinnati, this conference now is no huge jump up from the MAC, so to say this season is a disappointment so far is an understatement

  5. Got to turn it around at Idaho. Win like 37-15 and I’ll start to feel slightly better for Louisville. Win 24-23 and I’ll feel like crap for Louisville. Lose to Idaho and I’ll set the GPS for the Walt Whitman Bridge.

    • Mike, we lose to Idaho and I think it’s back to the future for this program at the bottom of the AAC for years with Matt Rhule moving in the direction to take his place next to Dickerson, Berndt and Wallace in TU football history

  6. Can’t disagree there. I’m sick and tired of Temple hiring assistant coaches (Dickerson) and having to settle for head coaches from a lower level (Wallace) or a failed FBS coach (Berndt, 0-11 at Rice). With a 9-4 guy like Ball State’s Pete Lembo out there, we listened to the kids. Hey, I tried to have my high school hire the “easy” teachers, the ones we would shoot spitballs at, but they never listened to me.

    • For me the thing about hiring a guy like Rhule, who may have a good upside, is that to me you then have to have solid, experienced coordinators from winning programs and not you friends. Unfortunately we don’t have that but aside from that I had really thought we were beyond the point of having to hire potential. As I said in another reply, even with all the downside of being on the MAC, to be honest I would rather be routing for a team that wins 6 to 8 games a year in a lower regarded conference than go through another stretch like the first Big East foray

  7. Don’t have to worry about that. To me, the MAC is every bit as good, football-wise, as the AAC once RU and Louisville leave, which is at the end of this season. So we’re not asking Temple to do the impossible competing and, most importantly, winning against these schools in football. Nothing we can do about Fordham now, but we can get the ball to Coyer 15 times a game going forward, instead of the 2 times we’re getting it to him now. I like my chances against this schedule if Coyer is throwing some fake passes, getting five runs and five catches a game. That opens things up for Williams and Reilly to do further damage. Why this hasn’t been done the first three games is beyond me.

    • I’ve been saying the same thing about the AAC next year and I couldn’t agree with you more. Along those lines I’m also sick of so many people using what I think is bogus excuse, “Temple has a MAC recruited team” . To which I say so, we’re primarily playing C-USA which at best was only marginally better than the MAC in the past from an on the field perspective. I think watching Uconn battle and lead Michigan so far with an effort I just don’t see Temple capable of at this point really put me in a down mood about our team

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