P.J. Walker: Teddy Bridgewater Light

P.J. Walker had perfect touch on his TD pass to Jalen Fitzpatrick.

P.J. Walker had perfect touch on his TD pass to Jalen Fitzpatrick.

On the way down to the game today on the subway, I ran into four very attractive 40ish ladies wearing Louisville gear.
One of them saw my Temple football T-Shirt.
“You are going to love Teddy Bridgewater,” she said. “He’s very enjoyable to watch.”

Click over the photo to read account of the game.

Click over the photo to read account of the game.

I nodded and told her I was all too familiar with Bridgewater from last season.  Then they asked me for directions to McFaddens, I walked them there and they thanked me profusely. (Louisville had their pre-game tailgate at McFadden’s.)
All in the name of being a good host for fellow American Athletic Conference fans, even if it’s only for a year.
I walked away thinking about the “enjoyable to watch” comment.  I guess he’s enjoyable to watch, if you are into watching the bad guys. I haven’t really enjoyed watching a  quarterback since Adam DiMichele and that’s because he played for the good guys. (Chris Coyer was also good the bowl year, but he’s no Adam DiMichele because that kid made more good throws in pressure situations under duress than any Temple quarterback I could ever remember and I really admired ADM for that.)

Looks like Khalif Herbin is not in Witness Protection, after all (we had to hire a private detective, Mike Edwards, to take this photo).

Looks like Khalif Herbin is not in Witness Protection, after all (we had to hire a private detective, Mike Edwards, to take this photo).

Still, I saw enough of P.J. Walker today to know I’m going to like what I see in the not-too-distant future. He’s no Adam DiMichele, at least not yet, but he reminds me a little of Teddy Bridgewater Light, at least the Teddy Bridgewater I saw two years ago when he quarterbacked Louisville to a 7-6 record. Walker is nowhere near as good as the current Bridgewater, but maybe by the end of the season he’ll be throwing more than one touchdown pass a game and we can start the discussion.

Last week, the problem with Connor Reilly was the brutal play-calling. I’m still convinced had Temple committed to moving the sticks with a short passing attack instead of throwing 50 long bombs, the Owls would have beaten Idaho fairly easily. Still, the few times Connor was allowed to throw an intermediate pass, he seemed to throw it through the receiver instead of leading the receiver. On Walker’s long first-half pass to Robbie Anderson, he led the receiver perfectly just like Bridgewater does on many of his throws. That’s encouraging.
Who knows how good Walker is going to be, but I think there’s enough of an upside there to think he’s going to be really good. The best predictor of future success is past success and Walker is last year’s New Jersey High School Player of the Year, giving Temple its second N.J. Player of the Year in as many seasons. Khalif Herbin, the 2011 winner, was spotted on the sideline and I would love to see him get a chance to play, too. He’s a playmaker, like Walker, but, like Walker before today, it’s pretty hard to make plays from the sideline.
All I want from Walker is to be American Athletic Conference Player of the Year and, while that won’t happen this year, I think it can not too far down the line. Hopefully, I’ll be on someone else’s subway one day telling people, “You are going to love P.J. Walker. He’s very enjoyable to watch.”




66 thoughts on “P.J. Walker: Teddy Bridgewater Light

  1. Mike don’t even know what the question is about starting Walker the rest of the year over Reilly. First off call me crazy but I still think this team can win a couple of games in this conference this year. Look at the AAC results today, Rutgers, soon to be scourge of the Big 10 according to their fans LOL, have no defense, cinninnati lost to USF. Right now it’s up to the coaches, at least Rhule and Satterfield, I’ve given up on Snow. I’ll ask the question here what is the upside of starting Reilly anymore this season? Let’s go with the team is still in that re- building process ( still don’t buy that even for this year), doesn’t it make more sense to go with Walker and let him grow with the young core of the team this year and next, given us hopefully a seasoned QB for his junior and senior years.

  2. Coaching still bothers the heck out of me. The Idaho score today (Vandals gave up 63) shows our OC doesn’t know how to put points on the scoreboard against weak defenses. (I think we have enough weapons, with Reilly/Walker, Williams, Fitzpatrick, Kenny Harper, Coyer, etc. that we should not have struggled to score 24 points on that team.) I really think Matt needs to jettison both coordinators at the end of the season. If he doesn’t do that, he’s kidding himself.

    • Agree with you there, especially defense where Snow’s play calling is the embodimen of the definition of insanity. Ok before people get started I get we could use more talent especially as evidenced today more speed. But Snow’s rush 4, give the receivers a 10 yard cushion, especially with lbs having trouble with coverage, didn’t slow down the Houston or Fordham passing attacks why would he think it would work against Bridgewater?? Why not, at least in the first, blitz1 or 2 lbs , have the corners jam the receivers and drop the safeties into 2 deep coverage. Risk, get burned on passing plays, well that’s already happening, reward maybe a couple of 3 and out series and perhaps a turn over. If Rhule doesn’t make changes at the coordinator positions after the season then I think the admin has no choice but to completely clean house and start over. I’m sorry there is no way this team shouldn’t 3 or 4 conference games next year and split the ooc schedule. This “rebuilding” should clearly be on the upswing next year even though with any kind of competent coaching this team should be 2-3 right now at the worst, I really hope the admin let’s Rhule this kind of performance is unacceptable.

  3. Look at Heater. He mixed it up. We would not have beaten South Florida last year had Chuck not called a combo blitz involving the MLB (Nate D. Smith) and the free safety (Tavon Young). They both smacked the crap out of B.J. Daniels, a good QB, and separated Daniels from the football with Temple recovering on the 5. I’d like to see more of that kind of aggressiveness from our defense. We’re way too passive.

    • On both sides of the ball, the offensive series after the long pass to Andersen was a prime example. Even if Visco didn’t get the field goal blocked what does making the score 17-3 get you. At least if you take the shot there for either the first down or TD going 17-7 changed the complexion of the game at that point.

  4. Overheard on SEPTA from guy wearing a Temple hoodie that a BOT member has said that future of football program will result entirely on the Army, UConn and Memphis games. 3-9 is acceptable at Temple but 0-12 is not.

    • Hopefully if true the admin and BOT will do something about it. And by that make improvements not drop the program. Contrary to the MRA,a and all there excuses the worst this team should be is 4-8 team

  5. Mike looks like Lembo could be the real deal as you’ be been saying. Nice call on the Ball St – Va game. My question is, say we go 0-12 and the admin decides that is unacceptable even with all the rebuilding, young team excuses and they should feel that way. For me thought those days were behind us and a down year would be no worse than 4-8. Anyway the admin decides to clean house and goes after Lembo. What makes you think he would be interested? If one of the stories about Clawson not being interested was to move up to a P5 conference wouldn’t you think Lembo would feel the same. I just don’t taking a HC job in the AAC anything more than a lateral move for a MAC coach. I’m starting to feel like Don Quixote is saying that at best the AAC is slightly better than the MAC this year and on par next.

    • It must be true! Guy in the hoodie was wearing a “Free Coyer” button and seemed to like Wayne Hardin very, very, very much. He also had a red Swingline stapler.

      • Humm, kind of sounds similar to picking your head coach through the player tweet approach. Sorry don’t care how much Rhule love you have there, there are too many fans, my self included who don’t want to go back to the 80s and 90s a days of 0-12 were behind us

  6. drive up from the DC area and I stay at the Doubletree CC (where the team stays) on Friday nites. I can usually tell how well we are going to play based on morale and team karma…, been doing this for four years…, my impressions: 1. Rhule is over his head, he is beyond anxious, super nervous and insecure. 2. the players have no confidence, our teams used to walk the hotel with a swagger, and this team does not have any player leadership. 3. the morale amongst the coaches and staff is at flat bottom. 4. I used to enjoy watching our team board the buses for the trip down Broad street. now they look like cattle being herded before the slaughter.

    hiring Rhule was beyond being a bad decision, Rhule hiring Snow was even a worse decision. this team will go winless and the BOT will make the right call to stop throwing good money after bad and dump the program.

    Temple Football will become a case study, ESPN 30 for 30 stuff, on how poor decisions, lack of student and fan support, etc will doom a program.

    there is a greater than 50% chance we will not be playing football in 2014. this is the beginning of the end.

    btw, I have often wondered why we just give tickets away to fill the stadium.., we would make it up in concession sales

  7. * btw why we don’t just give tix away

    • Kj I think that the Eagles get all of the concession sales and parking fees. Thought your other comments were very interesting. I know a member of the team med staff who started saying similar things. I can understand the pros and cons discussed when Rhule was hired, looking more and more the con side is looking to be the case. One series yesterday I think illustrates some of your points. After the long pass to Anderson, 2 straight dive plays and then the field goal attempt. The whole series looked like Rhule was setting up for the field goal. I know the adage about taking the points when you can but this wasn’t a 3-1 Temple team down say 17 to 10. This is a team that needs to be aggressive in it’s playing to try and making things happen. At this point what is the risk you lose a game by 33 points rather than 23. On Snow, I couldn’t agree more. The last time this guy had a defense ranked in the upper half of FBS teams was around 2001 with UCLA. If you’re going to hire a DC, how about one from a winning team

  8. Bradshaw said “you wouldn’t believe the big names” who applied for the job when Daz got it. Lembo applied for the job this time, but we didn’t even interview him. We interviewed Cristobal (between Lembo and Cristobal, I’d have taken Lembo; between Rhule and Cristobal, I’d have taken Cristobal).
    Lembo is going to have Ball State in a pretty big bowl. Ball State should not be going to a nicer bowl than Temple. It’s all about the administration hiring a competent head coach and they were available and wanted the Temple job. As someone said on one of the boards today, now we see why Golden didn’t want Rhule at Miami and Daz didn’t want Rhule to be OC. Daz brought in Scot Loeffler to be OC and allowed Rhule to save face by giving him an honorary “co-OC” title.

    • But Mike those guys would get us in bowl game or 2 and then leave Rhule will be loyal. Don’t know why Rhule didn’t go to Miami with Golden but I do seem to remember a good bit of criticism on the various boards when he was OC. I will go back to a question I asked earlier, is moving to the AAC, not just Temple something a winning coach from the MAC would consider a step up?

  9. Depends on the person. Lembo would consider it a step up. He’s a former coach at Lehigh who fully understands Temple is located smack dab inside a recruiting gold mine. Ball State is in the middle of recruiting nowhere. A guy who can coach like that with even Temple’s current level of talent would have the Owls no worse than 3-2 at this point. That’s what I’m all about –maximizing the current talent at Temple. This team is completely undisciplined and playing without the swagger it played with under Golden and the first year of Daz. Worse, the play-calling on offense is beyond brutal and we have the worst DC we’ve had since Ron Dickerson’s Era. We’re back in the Bobby Wallace Era from a coaching standpoint. Other than that, we’re set up for a wonderful future.

    • Agree with the team playing indisciplined, costly penalties, returning kick offs 5 yards deep, etc. and that is directly attributable to coaching contrary to what the MRAs state. This team didn’t so much talent that is shouldn’t win at least as many games as last year. Too many times this year the Temple sideline has looked like a fire drill. On defense I never see any chafes to try and run schemes that can be more effect, Snow appears to do nothing to maximize any strengths his defensive players have. 0-12 is not rebuilding and if we end the season with that record maybe Penn State did us a favor losing yesterday, maybe Theobald will look at his old school, who had never beaten PSU and realize the Temple situation doesn’t have to be the mess it has become and will stop the bleeding after this season and get things moving forward again. Contact a guy like Lembo, talk to Tom Bradley for DC, go after an OC who can develop a QB like Walker

  10. You’ve got to ask yourself the question now: What does the BOT do if we go 0-12? Fix it or say f*ck it? I’d like it to be fixed. Not everybody was meant to be a head coach. You have to have a special personality and a special intelligence level to do that kind of job. Al Golden had it. Wayne Hardin had it. Bruce Arians had it. Pete Lembo has it. I don’t think this guy has it. I’d like him to have it, but either you have it or you don’t and five games of not having it is enough for me. Idaho and Fordham. Idaho and Fordham. That’s all I needed to see. Being a “nice guy” is not enough.

    • Good points to me a guy who has it, worst case scenario says this is a rebuilding, starts working on upgrading the talent but more importantly doesn’t lose ground. You don’t lose to Idaho and Fordham, you win at least as many games in conference, which is weaker than last year, as you did the prior year. You put in your new system, which I really don’t see one here but still take what teams give and show some aggressiveness. Going for it 4th down yesterday against the 7th ranked team does, throwing 50 yard bombs to possession receivers against Idaho doesn’t. What I’ve seen so far in 5 games is a program moving backwards and a coach who looks like he is running a 12 game spring practice being given every excuse in the book by his followers

  11. great dilemma for the BOT….., Colorado St hired the former Alabama OC and is building a new stadium in the middle of nowhere, they are doubling down on the long term benefits outweighing the short term costs…., three very important things to note with CSU, they hired a successful and great coach from the best program in America, they are building an on campus stadium, and they are doing it in the face of fierce opposition and criticism.

    Temple does not have the wisdom or money to hire a coach like CSU, Temple does not have the internal and external support to execute a “if you build it they will come” strategy, and the consensous on the BOT is not strong enough to withstand opposition and criticism.

    ESPN Presents – Death of a Program, Temple University Football

    my prediction is this will air early August 2014 after the BOT announcement in January 2014

    • Before Bradshaw left I read an article where he was talking about how football was the future of Temple athletics and how they had sunk all this money into building the football facility and promoting the team. Basically, he said there was no plan B that football had to succeed or there would be problems for Temple athletics, and just after saying this he said “we don’t want to get into an arms race” in reference to hiring coaches. WHAT?! To become a winning program in this day and age you have to be in the arms race. This isn’t the 70s anymore. College football is big business and if you want to win you have to spend money. Temple is trying to half ass it and hope they get lucky. Where I come from that is known as gambling.

  12. given where we are today, let’s double down on men’s BB. drop FB and lobby to get our BB team in the Big East.

  13. BTW….., note the correlation with the current state of affairs and the fact we have not named an AD. pretty clear isn’t it? what AD candidate in his/her right mind would accept this position w/o clear BOT direction? implications are telling and profound. more drama and another sub plot for ESPN Presents

  14. He’ll never love you more that Adam DeMichele or Matty Brown, despite the constant wagging and leaning. Maybe you could try a Twitter follow.

  15. If Ruhle gets to stay, the BOT better demand he hire real coordinators. Do these guys scout other teams? I would think not. An example is that our pass defense is clueless. They haven’t been close to a receiver the entire season. There;s no jumping of routes because they have no clue what routes the other team is running. The only reason the score wasn’t worse yesterday is because Bridgewater suddenly lacked accuracy by the goal line. Phil Snow should be ashamed of himself because he’s stealing money.
    You would think that by this point of the season we’d have one interception, if by accident. I bet we’re the only team in 1-A without one. Yesterday’s game resembled a seven on seven passing drill for Louisville. They ran they’re routes without interruption and seemingly no defense. Yesterday’s game more than the others
    warranted the firing of the coaches because the players were going through the motions. The thought that they could win never was evident. I know the players wanted Matt but I wonder if they still feel that way. Sometimes the worst thing that could happen is that you get what you want.

    • FYI-Illinois also has no interceptions.

    • John, Snow doesn’t seem to make any changes in the defense, especially pass defense no matter what qb is facing it seems. Every game seem to be rush only 4, have the corners give the receiver a 10 yard cushion, lbs drop deep leaving the middle of the field open for those slant patterns every opponent seems to hit for 10 to 15 yards against use. Why not try press coverage with the corners, have the safety’s cover 2 deep, send a lb or 2. People say oh, we don;t have any talent, well how do you know another approach won;t work if you don;t try it.

  16. Now THAT makes sense. John is someone who played football under the greatest coach Temple ever had. A lot of intelligence rubbed off.

  17. A lot of experts on here, predicting the death of programs. If they had hired an AD too quickly, oh, this was a mistake, they are taking too long, oh, no one wants to come here. Rhule hired all buddies, after his first choice showed up and backed out at the last minute. No one shows up to Temple basketball either, we should probably scratch everything that’s not intramural. Maybe those too, sports are so passe now among students, anyhow.

    This has gotten a little much. I’ll try this site again next season when the team is sitting on an improved record, with more seasoned starters and better recruits in the wings. If they aren’t improved, then I’ll pop in and eat crow (if there is still a site, there is, since we are 99.7% sure the program is gonna be terminated first thing January.)

    • N. no the problem is you have fans like my wife and I both alums who at least had some good teams to root for while students, late 70s and right now our attitude is that I thought we were done being the bottom of D1a football. The thought was that at least Golden got us beyond z potential 0-12 season. Sure there is going to up and downs and to be honest I would be satisfied with a steady run of a 5 to 8/9 win teams. My ideas of rebuilding with this program would have been a 4-8 season, where starters are getting seasoned and the recruiting pipeline in filling up. Don’t think it is unreasonable to not expect the team to regress, we aren’t playing the SEC here. Why do I think there could be the possibility of the death of the program, finances. Based on some of the numbers being tossed about by the Eagles for the lease amount to use the Linc is 4 to 6M per year. That kind of cost probably eats into any additional monies we are getting being in the AAC and we start getting back to our days in the BE, with no $$ to put back into the program. The only way I believe we make money at the Linc is ticket sales as I think the Eagles get all the concession sales and parking. Kind of tough to get better attendance with an 0-12 team that the next year is “improved” to 3-9

      • Exactly, I would be fine going 0-12 if there was any glimmer of hope that we might have a winning season next year. Literally, my expectations are pretty low, I would be fine with 6 wins next year but that just doesn’t look possible. The team isn’t getting better.

  18. Educated guess: 0-12=Rhule is fired; 4-8 one of the coordinators go; 2-10=both coordinators go.

    • I would go with those choices, I’m sorry 0-12 with the program these days just doesn’t warrant a second year. I would say 3-9 or 4-8 Snow needs to go.

  19. Theobald seems to want athletics and I think that means football too. I would be surprised if the BOT says adios to football. Also does the AAC have any non-football schools. I don’t think do. They wouldn’t keep us and we would go begging to the A-10.

    I am not convinced Rhule gets canned at 0-12. 0-6 midway through next year I go to highly confident he gets canned mid-season. However, unless we drastically improve anyone can see Snow will be gone. Not sure about the other coordinators.

    • It has to be a no brainer that Snow goes after this season. If the team goes 0-12 I think canning Rhule has to be on the table and if not he needs to be on a very short lease for the 2014 season. Just haven’t seen anything so far this season that shows there is a roadmap to improve

  20. NY Football Giants are winless, their coach will get fired. AG and Daz have their teams off to the best start in years, Lembo is doing a great job.

    the rest of the teams on our schedule have better records and better coaching. no upside in going 0-12.

    5 of our recruits are in the process of de committing but Rhule asked them to wait until the end of the season to make the announcement. Rutgers is reporting 2 will commit to their program.

    what happens when you are 0-12 and the talent you bring in for the next recruiting class is below what you have on the field now? a UVA coach told my neighbor’s son Temple will probably drop football and he has been in contact with several of the starters.

    this will be an easier decision for the BOT than everyone thinks. Temple is strapped for cash. one sure way to increase your top line is to stop losing money.

    • @KJ They just sunk a ton of money into the program with practice facility renovations and upgrades. How can you sit here and say they are going to shut down the program? Doesn’t make sense to me.

      • Chris, the facilities that were upgraded could be used for other sports but yes with all of the recent investment I understand where you’re coming from. As I’ve said my concern is the cost of either substantially higher lease costs for the Linc or cost of an on campus stadium and how either of these would be received by the BOT if attendance drops and the team is a multi year bottom dweller in the AAC

  21. KJ, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are potential decomits with the way this season is going, contrary to what I think a lot of people feel, most of these kids aren’t looking to build a program. I agree there is no upside at all to going 0-12 and if there is a high number of de-commits then we’re into the same thing all over again next season, not enough talent, re-building and on and on. Then as I said in a prior post suddenly 3-9 is pitched and a big improvement. It was one thing being at the bottom of the old Big East, playing Miami, Va Tech, Syracuse, WVU on a regular basis and not winning. I didn’t like it then, didn’t like it then but having those kinds of records in this conference is totally unacceptable.

    I know some on here are saying talk of the football program being dropped as the sky is falling mentality. For me I think the lease negotiation for the Linc is a major problem this program is facing and it could be too much of a financial drain. Not even thinking about all of the issues taht would have to be overcome for an on campus stadium.

    • Sorry TUFB, I’ve completely checked out. I can’t tolerate anymore of this. True fan or not, the only thing I am anymore is truly unhappy cheering for Temple. If they keep their program, I wish them better fortune in the future. If not, I’ll be at the Men’s BB games and I won’t look back. Take care everyone. Mike, definitely enjoyed this site. Start a BB one next, I’ll see you there.

  22. So some guy above overheard another guy on SEPTA say that another guy said Temple’s football future depends on the Army, Uconn, and Memphis games. And now you’re all in a tizzy? For as bad as Temple has been for stretches in the past and for all the money invested in this program just recently, you all really think they will dump the program by next season? I know this season has been terrible, but lets be real here folks.

    • They have invested a lot of money in the program. I think it’s more likely they will fire the guy after 0-12 (I don’t see 3 wins on the schedule now, maybe one) than dump the program, but I would not be surprised at anything at this point. They need a main campus spot on their non-Olympic sports (men’s soccer, etc.) and the E-O must look awfully tempting after an 0-12 season.

  23. Mike, what happened to Wyatt Benson? Thought there were big plans for him on both sides of the ball.

  24. Kicked out of school for fighting. Rhule has a strict “no fighting” policy. Looks like he also has a no blocking and tackling policy, too.

    • Mike, kicked out of Temple or just off the team. Not saying I don’t support having rules for player behavior or condon that kind of activity, but how much of “the cupboard is bare” talent situation is due to rules infractions, if any. I’ve bits and pieces about this, don’t know what is true or rumor but if there are character issues with players then I certainly can’t fault Rhule for taking action even if short term it has a detrimental impact.

      • Just off team. Still in school. If they kicked everybody out of school for fighting when I was in school, our class would have been 500 instead of 5,000. In college, a lot of kids get into at least one fight over a four- or five-year period. I wonder how many Alabama and Miami kids get into fights and still get to stay on the team?

  25. What a loss. From what I understand, the kid was doing well in the classroom as well as being a stud on the field.

  26. He was a helluva RB at Haverford School and even a better LB. Nobody blocked better in the goal-line offense. Look at all those Montel Harris and Bernard Pierce runs. He was always the first guy to the outside taking a linebacker out.

  27. Well Alabama and Miami are in a different universe. The question with any policy like that is how it’s implemented, do you set your rules, convey them to the playrs and address infractions on a case by case basis or do you go with a zero tolerance policy. Rhule strikes me as a zero tolerance guy and that kind of approach eventually doesn’t work. If that is the case, just another example of his level of inexperience as a head coach.

  28. I understand it’s a zero-tolerance policy. I just wish he had a zero-tolerance policy about losing to Fordham and Idaho.

  29. Part of rebuilding is recuiting. I don’t know how accurate the info is regarding de-commits but I believe we’re definitely losing kids. The administration needs to deal with the fact a one, two or zero win season leaves Rhule open to a ‘dead-man walking’ recruiting storyline.

    Rhule needs to point to a reason for kids to believe this season was an anomoly and the team is tracking in the right direction. His coordinators are a complete liability and the trend of kids decommiting from a program, playing in an empty stadium while losing to FCS schools doesn’t help. There’s also no reason for these higher-skilled kids to beleive they will have the shot of being developed to play at the next level.

    This is a f’ing mess.

  30. Are the final TV numbers in from the Houston game? Those are two of the biggest markets in the country…it must have been a windfall! And wait until the Owls visit Dallas and Memphis. A lot more eyes there, and certainly more fun to be had for the players in those cities than in Muncie and Kalamazoo. Owl fans probably bummed that St. Joe’s and LaSalle are no longer league hoop games, but won’t the Larry Brown Reunion be worth it?

    The future is bright, bright, bright! The MAC and A-10 are dullsville.

  31. We’ve reached nearly the midway point and our best offensive weapon (Chris Coyer) has yet to throw one pass off a reverse or yet to run off a reverse, yet this was the same kid who passes for 300 yards and ran for 184 yards against Ohio and was a bowl MVP. They have him in for the Wildcat, but everybody knows what he’s going to do in that formation. Why not use the element of surprise with him as part of the regular offense? By that I mean runs off reverses, throws off reverses, throwback passes, etc. This screams total coaching incompetence and the OC can’t be blamed. Rhule needs to step in and dictate an accelerated use of Coyer. That’s got to be Rhule’s call. There is no deception at all in our offensive schemes. Everybody knows what we are going to do all the time.

  32. Coyer was totally absent from the offense this week. Had they inserted him as a running back at Fordham, where he weighed almost as much as their D linemen, he would have run for 200 yards. he’s bigger than Zwinak at Penn State and just as fast. Just shows you the guy running the offense is as inept as Snow.
    After the Spring game I thought he was set to be a large part of the offense. Now he’s an after-thought. Also, they’ve run one swing pass this season (Williams-Louisville) and it went for a first down. Why not run more of them. Frankly, I’m ready to give up because I’m tired of the ineptitude. Regardless of what you hear, this sport is not rocket science. It’s all about making the other guy uncomfortable and the only ones TU is making uncomfortable is its dwindling fan base..

  33. On the subjects of poor QB play and the under-utilization of Coyer, why not put Coyer back at QB? Right now, he’s better than Reilly, Granger, and Walker.

  34. Coyer would have beaten both Fordham and idaho, but since Temple did not win both games, the season is effectively over and they see Walker as the future. They feel pretty confident they’ll be here, though, if they go 0-12 and that’s not a good thing. To me, 0-12 should be an indictment of the way they do things and there should be consequences.

    • Agree that 0-12 needs to have consequences. Starting to feel the same as John stated above, I know there are those that say we need to support the team regardless but having witnessed this kind of mess before I have no desire to sit through the sequel. I’m getting the same impression about Rhule’s feeling that his position is rock solid no matter what his record, basically I can’t get fired

      • The BOT is biding its time. It is full of successful men, like Lew Katz, who cannot be happy with 0-5, let alone 0-12. They won’t let him go in midseason, but I would be very surprised if 0-12 isn’t the trigger for a dismissal in December.

  35. Of the 8 starting QB’s in the Big East in 2013, Chris Coyer had the lowest completion percentage, yards per attempt and rating. There is a reason he is no longer a QB. Unless Wyoming or Ohio are on upcoming Saturdays I would suggest he stay at TE.

  36. Of the 8 starting QB’s in the Big East in 2012, Chris Coyer had the lowest completion percentage, yards per attempt and rating. There is a reason he is no longer a QB. Unless Wyoming or Ohio are on upcoming Saturdays I would suggest he stay at TE.

  37. Did he have the lowest completion percentage because of talent or because Daz had him throwing on third down all the time? First and second down was a running play 75.9 percent of the time last year at Temple.

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