6 Owls added to NFL rosters

Click over the photo to read Owlsports.com's excellent recap of Temple signings.

Click over the photo to read Owlsports.com’s excellent recap of Temple signings.


3 thoughts on “6 Owls added to NFL rosters

  1. Six Temple players get a shot at the NFL but the Philly paper gives one sentence each to only two of them. What gives? That is really lousy coverage. Good luck to all of them. By the way, what ever happened to Temple’s kicker from 2 seasons ago (can’t recall his name, sorry)? He was really solid but didn’t get drafted.

  2. Brandon McManus is with the New York Giants right now and probably will push for a starting job at either punter, placekicker or both. Wish the Eagles had him.

  3. What I find most interesting about the 6 players is how 3 are defensive players who at least showed enough to get NFL contracts yet only 1 could crack the dreadful Temple D starting line up. For being such a players coach you think Rhule would have been able to either motivate Johnson and Brown and/or got these guys more playing time. After all wasn’t one of the big mantra’s of the Rhule Apologists that there was no senior leadership and he was forced to play younger players. Even with that I’ve seen the comments already starting the the 2014 team is so young now???

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