Temple Football’s Papal Immunity

Marcus Satterfield talks about adopting the two backs, two TEs, philosophy.

The Pope might be Infallible, but Temple football is immune to all of this Popeageddon craziness going on these days and that is something to be thankful for.

The Football Gods smiled upon the Owls and gave Temple a bye week at the right time for a change. Three years ago, the Owls had three bye weeks and that’s two too many. Getting a bye week the weekend the Pope visits and therefore an off day on Saturday, Sept. 26th, is an, err, blessing.


When Channel 6, WPVI, 6abc or whatever you want to call it, leading the charge, TV is going to be pretty unwatchable that weekend. Do not plan on watching a college football game on that station because there are probably going to be numerous interruptions—probably a few while the ball is in the air—of the Pontiff doing routine things like leaving the hotel or talking to Jim Gardner.

It’s getting to be a little out of hand when they break into regular programming in August to say something like “be prepared to walk.”


The Eagles will be out of town figuratively and the Temple students should be out of town literally because the school will be closed on Friday, Sept. 25. The students will probably take the opportunity to go home, even if home is Doylestown, Downingtown or Delmar. They probably would not have returned for a football game, if one was scheduled.

If this scheduling was intended, it was pure genius on Temple’s part. If not, call it Papal Immunity.


6 thoughts on “Temple Football’s Papal Immunity

  1. does anyone know the status of Greg Webb?

  2. I am heartened by Coach Satterfield’s talk, that we may be moving back to something that our players can handle. I am a little saddened by his admission that he got caught up in the spread offense and he (and coach Rhule) seemed to realize that it was not the best way to go last season, but could not change in mid season. I would have thought when a coach realized that the plan was working, they would alter the plan even in mid season.

    • they must have been reading this blog. 🙂 … we have been screaming … screaming … for this change for two years now. Establish the run, play-action into the belly of the rb, blocking fullback, Temple receivers open all day as a result. It ain’t rocket science, but they tried to make it that the first two years. Should be exciting to see this offense in action.

  3. Great point. The “‘once-we-committed-to-it-we-can’t-go-back” excuse seems pretty weak given those byes. Now, if the two TEs don’t work, at least they have the fullback and tailback to fall back. I’m not sold that this team needs 2 TEs on the field except on goal-line situations anyway but I am sold on the fact that the No. 1 tailback, whoever it turns out to be, would find following a lead blocking back and an OL a lot easier than hitting the hole just behind the OL.

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