Fizzy’s Evaluation On Mark


Fizzy’s magnetic personality carried the day in Boca Raton.

One of the great things about being a Temple football fan back in the day is that you met literally every other Temple fan.

Every. Single. One.

In the parking lot of the Fake Miami (Ohio) game in 2005, I counted five fans about an hour before the game in Lot K. Five, the number after four and before six. This was the hour before the kickoff and it was including me. I’m sure there were more who made it in the stadium, but not many.

“As I sat totally
drenched in Boca
and watched the
horror unfold, I
saw the most
unimaginative major
college offense I’ve
ever seen. In the
whole first half,
we gained 65 yards,
and only 5 yards in
the second quarter.
As usual, the play
selection was abysmal.”
_ Former Owl player
Fizzy Weinraub

Things have changed for the better, thanks to people like Matt Rhule and Al Golden.

One of those fans is an unforgettable character named David Weinraub, except nobody calls him David and everybody calls him Fizzy. I have been honored to call him friend for at least a decade. He was a player under George Makris. As a young sportswriter, I covered another player under Makris, Bill Juzwiak, who was literally the funniest coach I ever covered. Juz was Fizz’s teammate, and after I shared a couple of stories with Fizz about him, we became fast tailgate friends.

Juzwiak coached William Tennent to a championship in the old Suburban One League and, if you know anything about William Tennent football, that’s a remarkable achievement.

” … the design of
Temple’s offense …
usually runs in
one direction,
straight ahead,
and there’s no
balance. There
are few reverses,
counters, traps,
bootlegs and
_ Former Owl player
Fizzy Weinraub

Juzwiak was just as funny after losses, maybe more, than he was after wins. At Norristown, the Panthers led, 7-6, at halftime and lost the game, 20-7. While a group of reporters were wrapping up with Juz, from the other side of the field the guy covering the game for the Norristown Times-Herald came running over to Juzwiak and said, out of the breath, the kid said, “Coach, coach, coach .. you led, 7-6, at halftime and fumbled seven times in the second half. What did you tell the team at halftime?”

Juzwiak looked the kid up and down and paused before saying: “I certainly didn’t tell them to fumble.”

Today’s take of the Temple season is from Juzwiak’s teammate, Fizzy, easily as funny and unforgettable as Juzwiak but someone who has a serious take on the season that every Temple fan and coach should take to heart.

I would change the name of his blog to something with pizazz that incorporates the name Fizzy (Fizzy’s Pizzis?), but his serious take of the season is right here and it is worth a read.

19 thoughts on “Fizzy’s Evaluation On Mark

  1. Izzy Dizzy? No. Izzy right on target. Yes. Best Wishes to Coach Satterfield. What’s the take on George Deleon?

  2. Great article Mike. Finally an article examining the TU season.

    • Thanks, Matt. I think Fizz hit on all the major points, giving coach Rhule measured praise and then offering some constructive criticism in areas that can be improved next year.

      • He sure did. Even the last bit about the defense not being able to contain a mobile QB. It should definitely be a concern for next year with many of the major Defensive players moving on.

        It will be interesting to see how the playbook changes over the next 2 years. Russo is apparently a more pocket passing QB.

      • Ward and Flowers. We got some serious speed now with the holdovers and the new guys who should play a lot (Ali, Dioubate, Reddick, Nate L., Keyvone Bruton) and that should help with the contain part.

  3. Hey Mike, are you sure you weren’t the shadow writer of Fizzy’s evaluation? Sure sounds like everything you’ve been saying right along. Just joking. I just hope, especially with an easier schedule, that this past season doesn’t make the staff complacent like in the last few games. I hope they really go for it and top 10 wins. They’ll probably have to to get a better bowl.

    • seems to have been too much “settling” and not enough outrage over the 3-4 finish. None of these teams, including Houston, could not have been beaten by Temple. Like Fiz said, forget what Houston did to FSU, when Temple cut it to 24-13 Owls had momentum but gave it back with no (zero) sense of urgency in the fourth quarter.

  4. Even Ray Charles would have seen the deficiencies in TU’s offensive scheme against Toledo. Had TU scored TDs its first couple of drives instead of field goals, I think they win the game. Hopefully, the defects are as visible to the coaches. One good sign is that Sattefield is gone.

  5. Very insightful and balanced assessment by someone who clearly watched and understood the Owls last season. I’d appreciate getting Fizzy’s perspective in the ‘feast or famine’ area of special teams in which the Owls have excelled in many facets (kicking is now on track) but could use some direction in others (eg punt returns).

    I would also add thatI would rate game management slightly higher than C- and think it’s definitely trending stronger over the past couple of seasons. I think MR and Thomas need to trust or develop PJW to lead the offense without having to cue off the sideline. For a third year starter this is either indicative of a kid who lacks the intellectual chops to think autonomously (which I doubt is the case) or an insecure OC (who now coaches in Tennessee) unable to let go of the reigns. Either way keep Fizzy’s posts coming.

    • PJW’s wrist/forearm band is big enough to hold War and Peace…, the dog stare to the sideline has to end…, coach him up and let him be..,

      he will be a four year starter.., and not many teams have four year starters at the QB position…, how many 4 year starters at QB in the conference next year?

      the 2016 team has the Jimmy’s and Joe’s plus 18 kids coming off redshirt, coupled with a weaker schedule plus SEVEN home games equals one or more of the Big 3: Conference Championship, Bowl Game W, and Top 25 finish..,

      Spring Game should provide insight on the evolution of Temple’s offense

  6. Yesterday’s Super Bowl exemplified what happens when a coach doesn’t have a Plan B. Rivera kept Cam in the pocket even after it was clear that Denver was rushing the house. Instead of going to roll outs, screens and/or draws, qb or otherwise, he stuck with the program and it cost him the game. Good coaches always have a Plan B.

  7. The thing I got from the Super Bowl that should especially apply to Temple is blowing up things at the point of attack. With Reddick (or Dogbe) at LDE, Dioubate at LT, Robinson at NG, Webb at RT, Finch at RDE, Temple has the ability to dictate what happens at the point of attack just like the Denver Broncos did last night. I want to see a Temple team that is on both Ward and Flowers right after the snap like the Denver defense was on Cam Newton. It’s possible in a 5-2, less possible in a 4-3. I don’t want to give Ward or Flowers any room to run, unless it’s 30 yards back toward their goal. That is Temple TUFF.

  8. I kept looking for someone on the Temple Rivals board to mention Fizzy’s article but it was all in vain.

  9. Breaking the huddle quickly after a nice play, defense on their heels, crowd up and loud, then the pause to look at wig-wags while the defense resets. Hated it when Golden was here and it’s a show-stopper with a more talented team now.

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