There’s No Doubting Thomas


Glenn Thomas has been a positive influence on P.J. Walker.

When the Temple offensive coordinator position opened up, we put together a wish list of five potential candidates for the job, listed the pros and cons, but came to the conclusion that Matt Rhule will hire “the least sexy” person for the job, Glenn Thomas.

Now, sexy in football and sexy in real life are two different things. To me, Mike Locksley would have been football sexy because he would have locked up the recruiting in DMV (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia) and had Power 5 OC experience.


The goal should be getting P.J.’s QB rating over 150.8.

Sometimes, though, least sexy is good when you want to get things done. (I learned that watching Sheena Parveen doing the Tornado Watch last week when I listened to the entire forecast but realized afterward that I didn’t really hear anything because I was so distracted.)  Things were not perfect–down 11 in the fourth quarter there has to be an alternative to wasting 20 seconds looking to the sideline for a play–but there was an undeniable upward trend in 2015.


The forecast for the TU offense is bright and sunny.

Thomas has the potential of getting things done, especially with the arrival of recruit Anthony Russo. Thomas was Matty Ryan’s quarterback coach with the Atlanta Falcons and Russo’s game is so much reminiscent of Ryan’s that guru Trent Dilfer ended up calling Russo “Ryan Russo” for a day at his Elite 11 camp.

First things first, though, and that is the continued progress in P.J. Walker’s game. For Walker not to be known as a guy who peaked as a freshman, he must slightly improve his numbers in his final year of 2016. Thomas, at least, has him pointed in the right direction. As a freshman, Walker had 20 touchdown throws against only eight interceptions. In Marcus Satterfield’s ill-advised spread formation in 2014 (when Walker got zero protection in the pocket), Walker fell to 13 touchdowns vs. 15 interceptions.  A new scheme that featured a fullback and two tight ends—ostensibly  two additional blockers for Walker—enabled P.J. to see the field better last year and go 19-8.

Ideally, against this schedule, you’d like those numbers to be around 25 and eight (or less) for 2016. If that happens, another double-digit winning season is in sight and that’s about as sexy as things get for Temple football fans.

Unless, of course, Sheena Parveen comes on the Jumbotron instead of Hurricane Schwartz.

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7 thoughts on “There’s No Doubting Thomas

  1. preparing for the Temple offense was easy last year.., what are they gonna do? run the football with JT, then drop straight back and throw to Anderson on a deep out….,

    PJ MUST have the ability and authority to change the call at the LOS when the defense puts eight guys in the box…., get the TEs involved over the LBs to occupy the safeties.., what happened to the draw and screen pass?

    move the pocket left and right every now and then.., bottom line is yes we want to continue to the run the football just not at the expense of becoming to predictable., and have the diversity to take advantage of what the defense gives you…,

    it can be done.., for a prime example Toledo was and will continue to be a run first team and look what they did to a great defense in Boca

    • P.J. is a senior four-year starter with a long history of studying game film. He’s got to be given the reins to read the defense and get the offense into the right play. There was a lot of looking off to the sidelines in the dog stare offense into crappy plays. P.J. could not do any worse on his own in audible situations. For us to score nine points against Toledo into the fourth quarter was an absolute disgrace and I hope 90 percent of the blame rests with Satterfield.

    • I know Bradshaw would be working the phones to flip that Stony Brook game if he was still AD. Simple swap: Give RU a home game against a FBS foe they are arrogant enough to think they can beat (us); give up a home game (Stony Brook–Pat, I’m a season ticket holder and I would not be offended by losing a home game in this case) and get those two love birds Stony Brook and Howard together for a more competitive game. If you got to throw some money at both, do it. Give PJ and Jahad and the rest of the kids a chance to get 2 Big 10 road wins in a row. A chance. That’s all those kids want.

      • I’d normally agree with Rutgers arrogance blinking their decision, and I’d certainly be willing to give up the home game, but with their hiring a new coach who would likely want to start off with a win I don’t see them giving up a patsy. Also, their administration is an absolute dumpster fire who couldn’t coordinate a two-car funeral procession so I think we’re stuck with SB and better show up against PSU who we’ve beaten once since 1941.

  2. Very little upside for RU in playing TU. They will need all the wins they can get to be bowl eligible. Glad Satterfield is gone. Despite the change in offenses, he just couldn’t stop himself from regressing and running it at times. We will know pretty quickly if Coach Thomas is the real deal by the way he utilizes Thomas, if he has PJ operating out of a mobile pocket, and he gets the tight ends more involved.

    • Agreed. Losing Satterfield is clear cut addition by subtraction. I think Thomas had a pretty clear view of some of MS’s more annoying habits (i.e. The inability to develop PJW into an autonomous leader on the field ‘the extension of the coach’ Rhule stated he wants) and the impact it had on the team. I think it became clear MR lost confidence in his ability to truly lead the offense when he scrapped the spread and recognized what his OC missed which was our team wasn’t build for that offense.

      I start off this season with confidence our offense will improve and PJW will continue to develop.

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