Ash Saturday At Temple Clinic

If Temple football really has a rival, it is not Penn State, Villanova or UConn or Cincinnati but Rutgers.
A rivalry needs really three ingredients for the main course:

Competitive History


Congrats and good luck to the basketball team.

Only for Rutgers can you place an emphatic checkmark next to those categories. When Temple had good football coaches (Wayne Hardin and Bruce Arians) and a continuing series with the Scarlet Knights, those coaches usually took care of business. When Temple went through a Berndt and Dickerson Dark Age, Rutgers had the advantage. Heck, even Bobby Wallace won four in a row against the Scarlet Knights.

The schools should be playing every single year. Piscataway is a short drive or Temple fans and the Linc is a short drive for RU fans. It makes too much sense. Neither Rutgers nor Temple should be playing Howard or Stony Brook.
The recent controversy is inviting a hated rival, Rutgers, to the Temple coaches’ clinic on April 2. Plenty of Temple fans seem to be against the idea, but I think it is much ado about nothing because the representative of the hated rival, new head coach Chris Ash, knows nothing about the hate.

In fact, until 2020—the next Temple vs. Rutgers game—you could say he is a friend. These coaching clinics are nothing more than an exchange of ideas and, if Ash has a good idea that Temple can “borrow” then his presence will be worthwhile. The same can be said for Matt Rhule, George DeLeone or any of the other guest speakers.
Maybe someone will come up to an alternative to the “dog stare” offense and, if the Owls can adopt that, it will save their fans a lot of angst this fall.

No news will come out of this clinic, not matter how much TU fans might be hoping for a Howard-Stony Brook game that would make an early renewal of the TU-RU rivalry possible this season. The brainstorming should be beneficial to all parties.

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6 thoughts on “Ash Saturday At Temple Clinic

  1. Does anybody have any info on spring game? I cant find anything out about it. Kind of bizarre. They used to post it all over the owls sports site.

  2. Now, back to the article…..Rutgers already is Temple’s main rival. Another win over PSU and that will be the beginning of an instate rivalry. Pitt could be one also if Temple played them more often. UConn covers those 3 ingredients also, albeit not as long a history as Rutgers.

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