Cherry and White: A Day For Good Guys

My favorite answer here comes at the 10:35 time stamp.

Full disclosure: I hate the Cherry and White game, but love Cherry and White Day.

I always have felt the same way about the game, because the Cherry and White game pits the Good Guys vs. the Good Guys. If, say, Marshall Ellick beats Nate Hairston on a fly pattern for six, half of me is high-fiving, but the other half is not returning the high five. The reasoning is simple. Half of me thinks we’re going to have a great vertical passing game and the other half is concerned about replacing Tavon Young at a corner.

If our defensive line gets 10 sacks, I’m worried about our offensive line. If Jager Gardner, Ryquell Armstead and Jahad Thomas gain 300 yards against the defense, I’m just as worried about the defensive line as I am excited about the offensive line.


Work, in  a manner of speaking, already being done on new stadium site.

And on and on …

You get the idea.

There are really no winners and losers when the good guys play the good guys. To really get a feel for how the Owls will be this summer, we will all have to wait until the Army game. Or Stony Brook. Even then, it might be too early because


Field samples taken earlier this week.

Penn State should be the telling game.

For the first 10 or so Cherry and White games, I left Geasey Field or Temple Stadium or Ambler thinking the Owls would go unbeaten. It’s the last 30  years or so I’ve discovered the real truth. You cannot tell anything from the game itself.

The day, though, is another story. It’s a chance for Temple fans to get together again and that is  where the real victory is. There is no better place to pick up Temple “stuff” than Cherry and White Day, so bring cash.


Just what is this guy’s problem?

This year, with a new stadium on the horizon, there should be a palpable excitement among those fans knowing this is one of the last two or three games on the East side of campus. With that in mind, it would be nice to see a drawing depicting two things: 1) What the stadium will look like; 2) Will it be North-South or East-West? Fifty percent of the people swear up and down on a stack of bibles that the stadium will be East-West, while another 50 percent will swear that it is North-South. Me? I would like for it to be North-South (better view of Center City), but the land configuration dictates East-West.

Other than that, as Jose from Norristown might say, I would like to see a donation jar to purchase former Owl kicker Wes Sornisky his own grave stone (he is buried anonymously in a Potter’s Field in Delaware after dying alone in a fire),  a folding chair in Doc Chodoff’s name to given to a loyal fan and the revival of the Mark Bresani Spirit Award given to the most spirited player of the spring.

Maybe not this year, but certainly in the future.

Sunday: General Cherry and White Thoughts


10 thoughts on “Cherry and White: A Day For Good Guys

  1. This will be my forty-second C & W day and every one is cherished first because of the friends you see but also because it was the only game the Owls couldn’t lose. During the lean years that was important if only to reaffirm one’s faith in the Owls. Anything is possible on C & W, even a winning upcoming season. So tomorrow enjoy the day and know that the season is only 4 and one-half months away.

    • A few of the Bruce Arians’ years I walked out of there thinking, “How is this team ever going to lose?” The answer was by playing a top 10 schedule. Still, what Bruce did–beating 9-2-1 Virginia Tech in the Oyster Bowl (29-13), 10-2 Toledo in the Boardwalk Bowl (35-6), Pitt 3 of 5 times (when Pitt was better than it is today, etc.–were miracles. I think this team has a shot at 11 wins, a good shot, but nothing that happens tomorrow will prove that.

  2. This scrimmage means absolutely nothing but a wrap up of spring practice and to get fans revved up. All you want out of this scrimmage is no injuries.

  3. Getting real pissed off at the aholes at the Inquirer and Daily News. Three articles about PSU this week and none about TU. Time to boycott those clowns.

  4. Re: Arians’ team beating VPI that year…Through a co-worker with a nephew who played in that game for VPI: “Those Temple guys hit us harder than anyone all season.”

  5. When living in Virginia years ago I went to a Temple/VT game when Dan Klecko harassed Michael Vick all game long. We lost but I overheard a Tech fan (while using the urinal trough) make mention of how good Temple’s D was. Even on the down years, Temple has played some darn good ball but in losing efforts. Looks like things are getting better now. Another minimum 8 win season (should be somewhat better) and bowl (hopefully a win) will really start putting the Owls on the map after last year.

  6. Unfinished business means 11 wins.

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