While Thursday is a big day for the first- and second-round NFL draft choices, there are no bigger days for Temple football than Friday and Saturday. On those days, up to five Owls could be and likely will be drafted in rounds two through seven, making it easily the biggest day in terms of the school’s relationship with the NFL. While Temple boasts of the only player in league history to make All-Pro at three positions, Joe Klecko of the New York Jets, and numerous players with Super Bowl rings, the Owls have never had five players drafted in the same year. Here are the five likely picks and their likely landing spots.



Playing against a consensus No. 1 NFL draft pick in Houston’s William Jackson, Anderson had 12 catches for 150 yards in the AAC championship game. Anderson helped himself by running a 4.37 40-yard dash at Temple’s Pro Day. The Packers are interested.


The Jets have had tremendous luck with Temple players in the past, from All-Pro defensive lineman Joe Klecko through Muhammad Wilkerson. Coach Todd Bowles is another Temple grad, who should be able to pick up Friend, a center, in the sixth round.

When the Steelers allowed corner Brandon Boykin to sign with the Carolina Panthers, that left a glaring need for a less expensive option. Young has a similar skillset and should be available as a fifth pick.


The Browns have a need for a lockdown run-stopper and the 6-foot-3, 303-pound Ioannidis certainly is that. He is also a better-than-average pass rusher who the Browns would be wise to pick up by the fourth round.


New England head coach Bill Belichick is a disciple of former Temple coach Wayne Hardin, both big believers in film over combine measurables. Matakevich, the national defensive player of the year, has film and should go no lower than the third round.

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  1. I’m constantly amazed at how seemingly every year players with four year of college football experience are stigmatized or glorified because of their performance at the combine. It’s great a guy can run a 4.4 forty, but he was likely able to run that speed in college. The question is how was a player able to apply all of their individual skills I college to impact the game.

    No player on the defensive side of the ball was more impactful that Tyler
    Matakevitch. His combination of skills and talents allowed him to dominate in D1 play. I recall the Eagles falling in love with Mike Mamula based largely on combine performance and being very disappointed. I’ve seen enough football to know I’d rather have a proven impact player like Tyler over a physical phenom like Mamula who could never bring it together on the field.

  2. Mike Mammula is a great comparison. Workout warrior who blew up in the combine and got a front cover on SI because of his vertical, 40 and broad jump. Had like 3 sacks his senior year at BC. Tyler had that many in the Penn State game.

  3. Tyler’s has great instincts and is as tough as they come. He is just too slow for the pro game. LB’s need to cover a great deal of the time today in the NFL and he was exposed in coverage at temple too many times. Not sure if he has the lateral agility and quickness to make plays not run right at him. I hope I am wrong but I don’t see him making a big impact if he makes a team. He is however, one of the best college football players ever produced at temple.

    • I don’t think he’s any slower than Luke Kuchely and he has similar instincts to the ball. If Luke can make an impact, Tyler can, too. I think he’s more than worthy of a 3d-round pick.

  4. can anyone name five Temple players who could get drafted in 2017? the difference between the 2015 team and the 2016 is striking from that standpoint…, the 2016 team probably has more overall depth and downstream potential…,

    the 2015 team will be remembered as one of the best senior led teams in Temple Football history….,

    2019 will be the next time five Temple players get drafted in the same year

    • Dion Dawkins, definitely. If Matt Rhule’s comments about Marshall Ellick were sincere (that 2 NFL scouts were impressed by him) and Marshall Ellick has Anderson numbers (2013, not 2015), he is a possibility as well. I am wondering, though, if MR just didn’t say that to light a fire under Kirkwood and Bryant.

    • Dion Dawkins will get drafted. i think Praise Martin can also be a late round draft pick.

  5. and four out of those 2015 five played as freshman and never redshirted…, statistically speaking, guys who play as true freshman have a better shot at getting drafted than guys who redshirt…, you recruit athletes to contribute and play from day 1…,

    • yes, friend stepped in and started from day 1 as a true freshman and daz, who knows something about lineman, said he was the best OL guy on the team. Need to have that with Dioubate on the other side of the ball.

  6. Scouts will always overvalue measurables over tape because no one gets fired right away for pushing for a guy who ran 4.3. It’s stupid and unbelievable that it still happens. Especially since all scouts should be aware of how many training facilities exist to help guys game the combine. If you think a guy was not quite fast enough on game tape, and then he runs a great 40 in track shoes and that changes your mind, you deserve to get fired. I can’t believe there are NFL scouts that don’t understand that a guy can just go down to IMG, learn how to track-start and shave that 10th of a second. But they are still out there.

  7. It doesn’t matter how fast your 40 is if you run the wrong way.

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