Unfinished Business: The Real Meaning


At first, the slogan Unfinished Business seemed like an overused and trite slogan for the 2016 Temple football team, but it seems to be catching on as of late and it certainly describes where the program is right now.

On Sunday, around 4 in the afternoon, I saw an attractive young woman (in her early 30s, I assumed), jogging through the park near where I live wearing a Cherry “Unfinished Business” with a Temple’][‘ logo smack in the middle. She was otherwise pre-occupied—multitasking with a kid on a bike will do that–or I would have asked where she got it. I have since learned that the only place where she could have got it was the Cherry and White game because they were given out at that venue and, even if you were there, if you were not at the right place at the right time you would not have received one. (I did see from my vantage point shirts being given out, but I assumed they were generic Temple football ones and I have about 90 of those.)

As the season goes along, I have a feel that the shirts will become more popular.
Assumptions about both the shirt and the slogan were a little premature. At first, I thought the slogan meant winning a bowl game but now it is pretty clear the business that was unfinished last year and will be the focal point for this year is getting that school record of 11 football wins in the same season. Anything beyond that will be gravy and, since I like gravy, let’s do it. Ironically, Walker’s No. is 11 but I don’t he was talking about uniforms in these tweets as much as a record-setting season for Temple football.

The evidence is these two tweets from quarterback P.J. Walker:

Legendary year ahead:


These goals, to me, are reasonable and attainable. First, the offense should be more explosive–especially if Jahad Thomas is split out and Ryquell Armstead or Jager Gardner emerge as at least equal to JT’s production last season. That doubles the number of weapons Walker has, not even counting the other WRs and TEs. Two, despite defensive losses, there are people ready to step in at positions where the losses were felt the most. Three, the schedule is significantly weaker.

Unfinished business indeed. The waiting is the hardest part.

12 thoughts on “Unfinished Business: The Real Meaning

  1. 2 comments, Mike: from your last article, I was at that 82 point Bucknell game. The crowd at old Temple stadium was screaming for 100 points. It was fun. And, your disappointment about the “unfinished business” T reminds me, although not the same concept, of the “Wild Cherry” T I saw some students wearing in a photo that I wanted to get but was unavailable – seems that a student club/group made it up but it wasn’t for sale to the general fan (I tried to get one at the book store where they actually called the storage building to see if they had them, but to no avail). I just want this season to be a good one again. Good to set goals but continuing success is a general goal I want to see.

    • Improvement from year to year is an attainable goal. Success should beget better recruits and better recruits should beget more success. I can see going from 10 to 11 this year and back to 8 in 2017 (due to the loss of a 4-year starting QB), then an upward curve as Anthony Russo progresses.

      • both the offensive and defensive lines will determine how far the 2016 will go…, also, replacing the leadership from the 2015 is a huge challenge…, we have the skill players, and quality and dept at LB and DB….., and, we should win six of the seven home games..,

        success and greatness will always be measured against the Big 3:
        1. Conference Championship
        2. Bowl Win
        3. Top 25 finish

        great teams accomplish at least one of the Big 3

        unfinished business? the 2015 team was in a position to achieve all three, the result 0-3..,

        Unfinished f*&kin’ Business.., still upset

      • Kenny Pickett looks better than Russo.., Pickett will get a Big 10 or SEC offer and then become a four-star.., highly probable he’ll take a P5 offer

      • What do you has the Russo to Pickett comparison on? Have you seen them play or just picking up from articles?

      • watch the tapes of Russo and Pickett, who has better arm strength?

      • Pickett de-committed from Temple.., he’ll be a four-star and will wind up in the Big 10..,

  2. Given Key losses in the skill positions on offense at the end of the year the owls need to have a tremendous season. Last year was a relatively good season but we lost three of the last four games including a bowl game to a Coachless MAC team. If we truly aspire for an invitation to a P5 conference we need to do better on a sustained basis.

    I would really like to see the owls notch at least 10 wins going into a bowl game against a P5 team. I would also love to see the Owls win the AAC title out right. I don’t know given the losses we sustained to graduation if we have the talent to pull that off but we certainly have a fighting chance and that’s more than would have been expected just a few years ago.

  3. PS….I hope this ‘unfinished business’ slogan doesn’t become our version of the Sixers (in)famous ‘we owe you one’ from so many years ago.

  4. Hackenberg to Robby Anderson, hard to imagine…,

    NY Jets Mini-camp

    “Fantastic deep ball. The last of those five completions was a beautiful deep ball, about a 45-yard completion, to Robby Anderson. This was the first deep ball Hackenberg attempted Saturday afternoon. Hackenberg clearly has prodigious arm strength. Throwing these deep balls is not a challenge for him. Hackenberg dropped this pass right in there for Anderson.”

    • Franklin did Hack no favors. That was alluded to during Gruden’s QB show. I still say that had he completed the bomb, which was too long by six inches, in the TU game when they were up 10-0, TU loses the game.

  5. Owls will be better with a “new” OC, but they need to celebrate AFTER the bowl game victory.

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