For Pete’s Sake


Last year, the Temple Owls did something relatively simple which was remarkably spectacular and that was put the simple word “Lew” on a patch of the helmet.

This year, for Pete’s sake, it is time to revisit that and, by saying for Pete’s sake, we mean it literally. The word “Pete” should be on the patch this year in Cherry and White for a double meaning in that it would honor two men of the same name who were instrumental in support of the football program, Pete Chodoff and Peter J. Liacouras.

We covered the passing of “Doc” Chodoff a couple of months ago, so we will concentrate on Pete Liacouras here. Full disclosure: I have been critical of Liacouras since he was behind the firing of the only decent head coach between Wayne Hardin and Al Golden and that was Bruce Arians. It was a mistake that set Temple football back 20 years, but Liacouras should be given credit for admitting the mistake.

Arians forgave Pete a long time ago and so should we.

In the end, though, Liacouras’ heart was in the right place for Temple football even if his Sugar Bowl timetable was a little off. He wanted a stadium, but he did not want one if there wasn’t “an identifiable funding source” and that phrase has been the foundation for the new proposed stadium.

It would be nice if the stadium was built, but the more immediate task at hand is for the season to be dedicated to him and the “other” Pete with a simple patch. Cherry and White would be the perfect color.

This is all, of course, up to Matt Rhule but he showed how something relatively simple last year could be remarkably spectacular and this tribute would be the exact same thing.

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9 thoughts on “For Pete’s Sake

  1. Had the pleasure of meeting several Assistant coaches tonight., our coaches are excited about the coming year.., everyone is raving on PJ’s arm strength, and on RA at running back.., TE seems to be an issue with injuries with one player and between the ear issues with another player…, AJ is the wildcard at WR, the kid runs a 4.4…, the OC seems cool and calm, promises to open up the offense a little more.., OL has a few challenges, coaches are high on Javon Fair

    Look for Champ to stay at safety if the new corners can step.., look for Ali to play in nickel packages…, the DC thinks the 2016 defense can be a better unit than the 2015 team…, look for us to put more pressure on the QB.., team has spent plenty of time on thevArmy wishbone…, LBs will be great…, Praise is healthy, Finch has an uphill fight…,

    • great stuff, kj. … our defense went from No. 4 in the nation in 2014 in points allowed to around No. 20 in 2015 (before the Toledo game). I believe pushing that number closer to 4 is possible again this season. Sorry to hear about Finch. He was standing on the sidelines in street clothes at cherry and white. I assumed he was being held out because of some kind of injury, but it did not look like he was limping around.

      • DC said Finch had minor surgeries on both shoulders.., he also said Praise is at 100%…, listening to the AD between the lines I don’t think the Big 12 will expand this year.., next re-alignment will involve multiple conferences.., getting kicked out of the Big East remains our biggest hurdle, winning and time are the only remedies..,

        met Fast Phil last night, a great man and Temple fan!

        beyond the usual coach speak, all seven of the coaches I met last night are sincerely bullish on the 2016 season.., i would be shocked and disappointed if we didn’t return to the conference championship game.., caveat., four of the coaches mentioned USF without being prompted…,

        also met Tre Johnson last night – wow! we need more ex-Temple players on the sidelines at every home game..,

        shot out to John Belli.., AD said Temple finally pulled in the unions on their side to fight for the new stadium

  2. that last sentence is the key to unlocking this mess with the city. more good news. I can personally vouch for Fast Phil being a great Temple fan. Also, Tre Johnson contributed the bulk of the money to the weight room. Paul Palmer said Haason Reddick’s weight room numbers are off the charts. Look for a big year from Temple’s fastest defensive end, maybe ever. Good news about Praise being 100 pecent.

  3. Thanks for the shoutout. The unions control this city and if they are on TU’s side, the stadium will be built.

    • AD said shovels will have to be in the ground no later than September/October of this year to be ready for the 2018 season opener..,

      he also said they can go 20 feet below the surface for the foundation which reduces the cost…,

      around 36k seats, and can expand to 42k in less than a year..,

      facial expressions and body language spoke volumes.., political struggles are wearing heavily.., the unions will have to carry the day.., this fight is taking a toll on Temple and diverting energy from the rest of the program

  4. Neither is City Council. More real information in KJ’s posts on the stadium than we have seen in the corporate media in over a year. Good job, KJ. (I have my doubts on those shovel timetables. The closest thing we see to a shovel at TU will be the maintenance guys removing snow from the sidewalks in Jan. and Feb.)

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