Immediate Help Is On The Way


Every so often, something happens in the offseason that leads to immediate help during the season.

Montel Harris, the running back Steve Addazio was able to lure from, of all places, Boston College, fit into that category. Vince Picozzi might be the latest.

Picozzi, a 6-4, 270-pound offensive guard (and also defensive tackle), from Lansdale Catholic is intriguing because, although overlooked in recruiting season, dominated games in the Philadelphia Catholic League. That league is about as good as it gets from a competition standpoint in the state, and probably the country as well.

For Temple to add a guy like this so late in the recruiting process, and for him to be eligible to play in this coming fall, is a real coup. Give me a high-achieving guy in the Philly Catholic League over a four-star in a weak league any day.

Picozzi reminds me a little of Kyle Friend, who became an immediate starter as a true freshman despite coming to Temple largely unheralded out of Central Pennsylvania. He seems to have all of the attributes needed to compete on an offensive line that could use some help, even if he doesn’t earn an immediate starting berth.

Picozzi got some great reviews here in this story by Rick O’Brien of the Philadelphia Inquirer. He strikes me as a guy who is ready-made to play and could easily transition into being Temple-Made.

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9 thoughts on “Immediate Help Is On The Way

  1. Back in the mid to late 60s Temple had a very modest weight room in old South Hall, mostly just for the football players. Any athlete could use it however. But back then weight work was not being done by most other sport athletes and benching 300 was a big deal even for the football players. I wish I had been on a weight program as a jumper on the track team. Boy, have things changed. Thought a little history might be interesting here.

    • Hardin didn’t believe in weight training. The prevailing theory of those from his generation was that weightlifting made a person slow and musclebound. It wasn’t until 1978 when Lary Kurharich (Joe’s son) became a coach and forced Hardin to implement a serious weightlifting program.

      • hard to negotiate with science supported by facts…,

        think Wayne Hardin may have been the best handball in North Philly, the guy was quicker than cats.., which probably influenced his thinking at the time

      • Joe Klecko could bench press a semi.

  2. I hope he is the next Kyle Friend!

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