What The Eff?


Hands off our players.

Memphis v Temple

Kip (80) gets TU love after scoring.

Anyone who read this blurb on Philly.com had to have one reaction: “What the Eff?”

Kip Patton was that rare talent end who had the speed and the athleticism of a wide receiver in a tight end’s body.

There is a rest of the story, as Paul Harvey might say, that neither the article mentioned nor any of the first 24 comments suggested. Patton is transferring from Temple to Tennessee Tech and the new Tennessee Tech head coach is his former offensive coordinator  at TU, Marcus Satterfield.

The optics of this are just not good.

I’m sure Satterfield will deny any charges that he is “poaching” a Temple player, but it sure looks like that. If Patton was transferring to Tennessee or Vanderbilt or even Tennessee-Martin, I would understand it. But transferring to Tennessee Tech should not have been allowed. Where there’s smoke, though, there’s fire as Temple walk-on Yeedee Thaenrat—a former Father Judge player and Rutgers’ commit—is following Satterfield to TT.

The last time I worried about a Temple player leaving with a  Temple coach that player was P.J. Walker and that coach was Steve Addazio, who recruited him to Temple. At the time, I hoped that Daz would have enough integrity to keep his paws off Walker or any other Temple recruit that year. Much to his credit, Daz did have that much decency.

The same cannot be said for Satterfield, no matter how innocent (or guilty) this transfer might be. All the best to Patton, but the optics of this situation is very bad for Temple University, Tennessee Tech and Satterfield himself.

What the Eff, indeed.

Wednesday: Temple’s No. 1 Foe Not On Schedule


24 thoughts on “What The Eff?

  1. Was this related to academics?

    – While this does hurt, I feel we’ll be fine. Miami transfer TE Jake O’donnell is a beast and came here for more playing time, looks like he’ll be getting that.

    • I don’t like to speculate on academics related to individual players, but Tennessee Tech doesn’t have the over 50 percent rejection rate Temple has (it accepts pretty much everyone). Plus, I don’t think Matt Rhule will comment about it today at the AAC Media Day.

      • Why would a kid who received playing time last year against some major competition in the AAC transfer to a lower division school like Tenn. Tech? Draw your own conclusion…….. It’s not on Satterfield its on the kid. I’m betting academics.

  2. Kid had problems last year, some guys aren’t cut out for college.

    • Tennessee Tech isn’t a college?

      • Tenn tech have a 94% acceptance rate which is laughable. I don’t think he will graduate from there either. Kid knew his time was up at Temple and probably reached out to Satterfield, no big deal, happens all the time.

    • Rhule’s had it out for kip since he got on campus. From what I’ve heard he could be a pain in the you know what. Probably a combo of grades and being moved back and fourth from offense to defense..Rhule can never make up his mind and hurts a lot of players this way imo..got to a spring ball practice its not hard to see. One day Deloatch is a receiver the next he’s a 3 tech lol

  3. I hear this kid was a knucklehead from the time he got here. its a shame bcuz he had talent. was looking forward to his development this year. oh well…..next man up.

    • Give me a knucklehead with speed, hands and moves who can win me a championship over a Mensa candidate who can’t play (any day of the week).Warren Sapp, Jerome Brown and Ray Lewis were knuckleheads. Miami found a way to keep them eligible and win titles.

      • I suppose the same thing can be said in regards to TJ Simmons.

      • I disagree that were knuckleheads as far as players. they did stuff off the field sure; but they put in the work in practice and in games.

      • Yeah, until that knucklehead does something that shames the school. Talent is never bigger than the reputation of the school/program.

      • I think calling Kip Patton a knucklehead is not accurate. (You think Marcus would say, “You’re a knucklehead, but I’ll take you anyway.”) I wish him well at TT and hope he becomes an NFL player, like Sapp, Lewis and Brown were without any of their off-the-field troubles.

      • Great point Mike, a lot of “Knuckle Heads” can be straightened out with some stern talks and a GA/Coach on their back 24/7.Must of been too much work for Rhule. Patton was a flat out Athlete though, looked great often last year. Thought he was a great compliment to the much slower bad handed Thompson. (No Knock to Thompson the kids a hell of a football player his strengths are just in different areas.

  4. The thing that bothers me most of all about this situation is that I’ve been following Temple football for over 30 years and, to the best of my memory (and I have a good memory), no Temple coach has left for another job and taken a Temple player with him. This guy takes two.

    • Hasn’t any previous coach that’s left Temple for another HC gig has probably moved up though, right? Tenn Tech isn’t even a good I-AA program. The image is bad for the players, insomuch as they’re moving down so they can play.

  5. “Unfortunately, I had to dismiss him,” Rhule said…ouch. Makes you wonder if the transfer was made as a way to help salvage him professional to professional.

    Brace yourself, I see more 4 wides coming from Tenn Tech

    • Temple could have reached out to Satterfield with a request to consider accepting Kip Patton…,

      • Yes, I feel that’s what happened. The fact that Kip found a home at TT is just reminiscent of the kindness of our staff. Same goes for Yeedee, who I believe was having financial problems trying to pay his way through Temple, and now probably has a scholarship at TT.

      • Maybe we were too rough on old Satterfield? As far as the other kid goes (the walk-on) maybe the kid realized he’ll never play at TU. I blame the original reporter who should have waited until he got all of the story before publishing it. Just goes to show you that first reactions are often wrong. .

      • Doesn’t really change the point that players leaving Temple to play for a coach who left Temple is bad optics. Rhule couldn’t help the kid get into somewhere else?

    • Brace yourself if your a Tennessee Tech fan..Satterfield is a terrible coordinator so I’m hoping that he takes the role of head coach and stays away from play calling. When we went 2-10, from what i could tell it looked like he was scrambling with a new offense each week.

  6. Liked the article today about the Big Twelve. It appears that Fox is not happy with the teams selected because of the size of the TV markets. TU does not have such a problem and if they can show that they are not flashes in the pan re football, some conference will find them attractive both for the tv market and the level of play. .

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