Roster Testament To The Process

Since Temple rosters are best read like newspapers, holding them in your hand and not viewing them on a laptop, I hit print and eagerly awaited to put thumb to paper looking for new names and hoping no old ones were missing.

Much to my surprise and delight, for the first time I can recall, there were no subtractions.

Even someone who I thought might not be on the roster, true freshman Tyliek Raynor, is right there. (Really cannot count Kip Patton in this because his departure was known before the fall roster was updated.)


Hopefully, this ticket will be for the AAC title game in Philly this year.

This is a testament to head coach Matt Rhule’s process.

The bottom line is that this might be the deepest team in Temple history, deep at every position except the most important one—quarterback. The Owls can afford a season-ending injury (and let’s hope they have none) at every position but, if they lose P.J., err, Phillip Walker, it’s hard to see them winning 11 or 12. So light some candles for Phillip.

Fortunately, my early-summer candle lighting worked for other players, notably defensive tackle Greg Webb. The two-time Hutchinson (Kansas) Junior College first-team All-American was not on the roster until this week, which leads me to believe he did well academically in Temple summer sessions. That’s important because he will have to be a contributor along the interior of the defensive front with returners Averee Robinson and Freddy Booth-Lloyd.

I like the fact that Sean Chandler is now listed as a safety for a couple of reasons. One, his break on the ball is sensational and that’s a trait better suited to the middle of the field than the corner of it. Two, in part-time duty, both Artrel Foster and Nate Hairston performed admirably at opposite corners last year. Now it is full-time duty. Hairston is the fastest man on the team and has been since Khalif Herbin departed for medical reasons. Chandler showed some speed deficiencies in the bowl game when he let No. 25 of Toledo—not exactly a Travis Sheldon—get behind him for a touchdown.

In other words, trading Chandler to the middle of the field strengthens both the middle of the field and the corners. It’s a trade that will help both ballclubs, somewhat like the Cole Hamels for Jake Thompson trade the Phillies made a year ago.

Good depth is available at the corners in redshirt freshman Kareem Ali and Derrick Thomas, who is probably the fastest 6-foot-6 man ever to play at Temple. (The slowest was the late great Walt Montford of the basketball program.) Look for Thomas to play some red-zone corner and be an effective counter to the corner fade pass.

Wednesday: We’re Talkin’ Practice

8 thoughts on “Roster Testament To The Process

  1. I’m interested in seeing the performance of Marshall Ellick, mainly due to the lack of footage of him playing WR (besides the 5 year old Youtube video).

  2. two things continue to worry me about the first three game..,

    1. Temple wore black helmets, gave up 31 points, on a hot September Saturday against a run oriented team in 2014.., let’s remind Snow that Army is going to run the football, and let’s wear all white uniforms – don’t wear black when the temperature on the field is 90 degrees or above!

    2. A Joe Moorhead offense with inferior size and talent beat a Phil Snow defense in Philadelphia. Now a Moorhead offense will line-up with 10 or more four-stars at home in front of 100K fans against a Phil Snow defense that lost three NFL players.

    • 1. No reason at all for black helmets when the Cherry ones with the ][ are the sharpest in college football. White ones with the Cherry ‘][‘ a close second.
      2. Hopefully, they didn’t bury the Fordham 2013 film. Those are the plays we are going to see 9/17.

    • Black helmets? Army is a bad football team and if Temple is not ready for the option in game one after having all winter and spring to prepare for it and we don’t beat Army by at least 17 points we are in for a really long season. As for Penn State, they lost a lot on defense especially upfront with three NFL players gone and their offensive line is still crap with a new QB, we may lose to them but let’s not pretend they are some powerhouse. We have a good opportunity to beat them this year even with Moorhead!

  3. What happend to the big fullback Daiquon Buckley that was redshirt ed last year. I don’t see his name on the roster.

  4. Did anyone else see the Toledo WR drag Hairston 20 yards into the end zone? He may be fast, but he needs to hit, wrap it up, and take it down.

  5. 2014 Opening game the Owls smash SEC Vanderbilt on the road.
    2015 Opening game the Owls mad Penn St at home.

    They will be ready Sept 2nd for Army.

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