A “Meh” Homecoming


Even an 0-6 Temple team drew a tailgate crowd like this back in 2013.

The odd twist to this week’s TV Guide is that Comcast Sports Net Philly has added Temple to its noon lineup on Saturday.

Bad move, because a “Blah” Homecoming is soon to become a “Meh” Homecoming.

Like, “Meh, I could be there but since it’s on tv …. ”

Temple needs the softcore/fringe/lazy—you pick the word—portion of its fan base to begin showing up on a more regular basis and nothing mutes that crowd more than the game being on “real” television. (If it’s on a stream system, like ESPN3, that does not seem to affect the attendance.) Real television gives the casual Temple fan an excuse to miss the game, sit back at home, watch the game on his HDTV, then use his laptop to go on a Temple fan site and criticize the lack of a Temple crowd.

That’s how it usually works, the people who you know who live in Philadelphia and have off on Saturday and watch on TV are usually the first to write the Temple crowd sucks. If you are not part of the solution, you are certainly part of the problem.

One example is a former great Temple basketball player who is off on every Saturday and Sunday who posts photos of him and his kid at every home Eagles’ game. He usually only makes Temple football games on one day a year and that is Homecoming.

That’s how it
usually works,
the people who
you know who live
in Philadelphia
and have off on
Saturday and watch
on TV are usually
the first to ask why
the Temple crowd
sucks. If you are
not part of the
solution, you are
certainly part
of the problem.

Now, with the remote so handy, even that might be doubtful. It’s amazing to me that a Temple grad can go to every Eagles’ game at the same stadium and put himself through that hassle does not even support his school’s football team with the same level of enthusiasm. That is a systemic problem with the Temple softcore fan base.

There is a hardcore fan base of roughly 20,000 who we see at every home game (raising my hand here) and a softcore fan base of about 15K more who we saw at the Army game. We lost them with that loss for the season, and I doubt we will see much more than the 22,000 announced we had for Stony Brook even with Homecoming.

Maybe 25,000, but probably no more.

You can thank the triple-whammy of local television, lazy softcore fans and the Army loss for what promises to be a “Meh” Homecoming. The opponent, Charlotte, is not that appealing but big-time schools play Nicholls State and still sellout for Homecoming. Last year’s Homecoming Game against Tulane was one of my best experiences as a Temple fan. This year, I do not expect it to be anywhere near as good.

The only stat that matters is 1-2 and that’s just not good enough.

It will be a long climb back to a good crowd for the rest of this season and it could affect things like recruiting and bowl possibilities. Temple had nine months to prepare for Army and was an undisciplined team against PSU. One-hundred and twenty yards in penalties makes you wonder what this team does in practice the other six days of the week. The way it approached Army makes you wonder what they did the six months before that.

Tomorrow: Game Analysis (since it won’t be off TV, it will be posted around 10:30 p.m.)

Monday: 5 Surprising Things We’ve Learned So Far

Wednesday: The Death Penalty

Friday: SMU Preview

Saturday: Game Analysis



New York Post Betting Guide. Our picks this week: USF getting the 5, Louisville covering the 26.5 and Michigan State covering the 5. Temple covers the 27.5 and beats Charlotte, 48-7.


30 thoughts on “A “Meh” Homecoming

  1. Put another way….when the team shows up consistently the fans will show up consistently.

    • After watching three games, the losses and the wins are pretty much on the coaches. One game (Stony Brook) we show some creativity with players like Isaiah Wright and we win, 38-squat. The other two games we are very vanilla and lose. I think it’s important for the team to show up consistently but more important for the coaches to put them in the best position to win and that just has not happened.

    • BINGO, you nailed it.., the crowds would show up if they had something to watch.., we have the 12th ranked offense in the AAC, and have had a less than average offense since Christ was a corporal.., the fans will show up when the offense starts lighting it up

  2. I think we could get 30K. This is a real bad opponent!

    • Bad opponents usually mean bad crowds. Name (good) opponents mean better crowds. Love to have Boston College as my Homecoming punching bag this year instead of Charlotte.

      • Mike at some point in time we need to hold the team more accountable,

        fans show up to watch their team perform against the good and the bad.., to date, we are not a very good football team.., we are 122nd out of 128 teams in total offense.., who in their right mind would pay to watch that (not counting us warped Temple die-hard)?

      • Holding the team accountable. Just can’t blame them for Army when the fullback gaps are left open and the LBs are told to set up 4-5 yards deep. I seriously hope we weren’t afraid of them passing, but it looks like we set up our regular base defense. Also, plenty of talk about how we piped in the artificial noise at practice and we still jump offsides and get false starts. What’s going on over at the E-O? Maybe they cut practice short for another ping-pong tournament. False starts and offsides never happened like this under Hardin. He could go a whole year getting 120 yards for those two penalties. We do it in a week:

      • I took kj to mean, put the poor attendance on the teams record not on the players.

  3. Wish I lived in the area… I assure you I’d be hardcore. Do my best to at least help with the TV ratings but that’s kinda like voting… hard to believe you’re making a difference. I depend on you to keep me connected from Michigan Thanks for keeping it real!

  4. For a team whose coach preaches discipline, this team either isn’t getting the message or he’s exaggerating. Last week it seemed that the Owls were penalized every other play. Those penalties gave PSU unearned first downs, wiped out a highlight touchdown play, and turned a twenty yard loss into a fifteen yard gain. They also made sure that PSU had good field position and TU did not. If they have more than three penalties tomorrow, we are either being lied to or this team is incapable of playing sound football.

    • Would someone be willing to ask MR if he can spell O-F-F-E-N-S-E?

    • There are usually three reasons for penalties: one, the opposing team is bigger, stronger, and faster so you cheat to compensate; two, coaches fail to teach the fundamentals; three, players have been taught but lack the discipline to perform to standard on a consistent basis.

      The fix: one, recruit bigger, better, faster athletes; two, fire the coaches who can’t and hire those that can teach the game; three, sit players whose penalties decrease the probability of winning the game.., this is not rocket science…,

      Sitting in the downtown Marriott tonight overhearing the bar crowd talk about how “Temple is not good this year” …., it is true, we are what are record says we are

      • certainly not as good so far. after the army loss, I felt the only way to redeem the program to the fan base was beating Penn State. Now I feel the only way to redeem it is to run the table until USF and then it is on the fans to make that an impossible situation for USF to win. One, I think we will run the table until then; two, I don’t think the fans will make enough of a difference because the belief system in Temple (as stated in that hotel comment) has evaporated. Last week, all we had to do was get 60 yards or less in penalties and we win the game. Sixty yards is usually a lot of penalty yardage in a normal game. We go off the charts. This is an undisciplined team and that is on the coaches, not the kids.

  5. 30K at start, but watch as it becomes a blowout the fans will leave early.

  6. should be a blowout a close game could actually keep some of the fans that show up for homecoming. I know my one professor shows up for just the homecoming game every year. He isn’t much a football fan at all. He told me that he typically doesn’t stick around for the entire game regardless.

  7. Sorry but I disagree with blaming coaches for penalties. These aren’t kids, they are 18-23 year old men who at this point in they’re career should know what a penalty is. You learn the fundamentals of the game at the pee wee and high school level. Cannot blame coaches for the players holding, jumping offsides or pass interference. That’s all on the players, especially at the D1 level.

    • Then how come Central Bucks West in Mike Pettine’s 24 years averaged LESS than 15 yards of penalties a game? Penalties are the DIRECT result of great coaching, drilling and repetition and getting in kid’s faces in practice when they do it so it never gets done in a game. How come Wayne Hardin had no more than 65 yards in penalties in any of his games in 13 years at Temple. Drilling, repetition, more reps. This stuff should have been cleaned up in practice. It’s on the coaches, not the kids.

  8. we are 2-2, and are playing the most freshmen in the MR era – this is a rebuilding year by any acceptable definition.., success means getting better each game and going to a bowl game

    • Some of the freshman (RB and QB) showed some promise in the second half of the game today. Nerves where there and they didn’t look polished. Glad they got some play time.

  9. Well, we won but I doubt there was even 20k people in attendance today. VERY low turnout in the stands. Still, a wins a win. (Seriously people should go for the capes and towel alone!)

    • I wasn’t able to make today’s game (family funeral today) but managed to catch the game from the second quarter on Comcast and the crowd actually looked decent considering, I would have guessed around 25K

  10. This is the first game I got to this year. I like being able to see the whole field. It showed me something in the first quarter. Walker throws to the wrong guy a lot. Yes we blew them out, but he made several bad decisions. Good teams will make us pay for that.

    • my thoughts exactly, Walker is a great young man. being a championship QB is another conversation…,

      JT is our most promising player on offense.., Armstead is more of a Kenny Harper type…, #66 must stop w/the penalties

      after 4 games the OL is still searching for the starting 5, this is not a good sign…,

      the DL needs a dominant player, someone who the opposing teams must double-team, we don’t have one and we’ll pushed off the line of scrimmage until we get bigger and stronger or get a special player on the DL

      what happened to the Temple pass rush?

      the Linc was a dead zone today, no energy in the building.., not sure we’ll ever capture the magic again like beating PSU and hosting College Game Day.., still upset about how we finished last season, those opportunities may never come back

  11. I’ve never understood that someone would take the train or drive to South Philly to stay in a parking lot all day. It’s a lack of comprehension I will take to my grave (hopefully not soon).

  12. Yes kj, #66 has single handedly hurt the team more than any other player. He’s a veteran, so what gives? Maybe the coaches are teaching too much aggressiveness and not enough smart disipline. There was no way we’d blow out PSU like Michigan did, but we should have won that game. The penalties are on BOTH the coaches AND the players – the players have brains in their heads too. At least they did much better yesterday, now keep it up!

  13. How come no mention here of the Temple stadium. Is that officially dead with the departure of Theobald?

    • Don’t believe it was ever alive because the city has to approve and the city will never approve. City Council and The Mayor are dead set against it. Uni wants to spend only $126 million on it, so that indicates to me that the “bribe money” that built the LC is not available to twist city arms. No twisty, no stadiumy.

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