Sound Bites or Empty Words?

Not thrilled about the players talking about those other games as not counting.

Our only post-debate reference of the evening refers to the Donald Trump statement about Hillary Clinton’s “empty words” and “sound bites.”

By no means are we taking sides in this particularly onerous election, but the phrases reminded me of Temple football’s AAC opener on Saturday afternoon (noon) against visiting SMU.

That’s because if the words “Temple TUFF” are something other than empty words or sound bites, we should be able to discern that by 3:04 p.m. tomorrow. For the past 365 days, we’ve seen videos of Owls in the weight room, Owls doing sprints on the snow in February, even Owls toasting marshmallows in the Poconos.


                       Romond Deloatch

All of this physical and mental bonding was supposed to make the Owls “Temple TUFF” which is to imply that the Owls are tougher than their AAC foes and that, by taking things into the fourth quarter, that toughness is the difference between victory and defeat.

The Owls are a little less than two-touchdown favorites and should take care of business in workmanlike fashion on Saturday. We also thought that on opening night and we were, if not shocked, surprised that things went the other way.


                                   Bulk of the rain should be gone by start of tailgate and remain that way throughout the day. Don’t be fooled by the high of 71. I froze wearing my Eagle Bank Bowl T-shirt even though last week’s high was predicted as 76.

As I see it, this team is tough enough but doesn’t play smart enough. When you lose the cerebral game, that usually falls back onto the coaches. In my mind, this team should have beaten Army and Penn State and because of a flawed game plan (Army) and some undisciplined play (Penn State), they have two losses.

The trouble aspect is that players have been quoted as saying that those games are practice games or, as one player said, tune-up games, and did not count. In college football, where you have only 12 games to show people how good you are, every game counts. It took the Owls four games to figure out that Romond Deloatch is their best rush end, but that’s something that should have been figured out by Cherry and White Day, not as the result of a sack in the fourth game of the season. Hopefully, the coaches have figured out that Nick Sharga and Brian Carter would be more helpful as full-time defensive players than part-time offenders. Maybe that will take until the sixth game of the season but, geez, we hope not.

While it would be nice to see TEMPLE SMART for a change, a heavy dose of TEMPLE TUFF should be able to get this job done.

Otherwise, Temple TUFF is nothing more than a couple of empty words or a nice soundbite.

Tomorrow Night: Game Analysis


18 thoughts on “Sound Bites or Empty Words?

  1. below is a quote from Underdog Dynasty on the Houston offense against UConn,
    “Bill Belichick would have been proud of Herman and Major Applewhite’s game plan on offense. They took what the defense gave them and avoided the strength of the unit. UCONN is good up the middle, so Houston refused to run right at them. In fact, until late in the third quarter, the Cougars hardly ran the ball at all. They spread the field and let Ward fire the ball toward the sidelines … or choose to dissect the Huskies with his running ability.”

    PJ’s shoulder injury precludes his ability to be a dynamic threat, and limits our ability to take full advantage of what the defense gives us

    does Wayne Hardin have a phone? Can we call him?

    On defense, our inability to stop the run will prevent this Temple team from winning more than 7 games.

    we’ll win 7 games on pure athletic ability, go to a bowl and sneak a win.., 8-5 finish is still a good season

    • that would leave the Unfinished Business slogan unfinished. They certainly have a narrow path to finish the business and that is to go on a long winning streak starting tomorrow. Are they capable of doing that? Yes. Will they do that? Nothing that I’ve seen in the Army and Penn State games showed me they will. They should have killed Army and Penn State. They are 2-5 since Rhule took the phone call from Missouri. This team has looked woefully underprepared since.

    • Not even the view from my rose colored gasses can dispute you this time kj. This is a very disappointing season thus far.

    • Let me say that I agree with you. I am a little less optimistic. I see this as a 6-6 team this year. We will need a bit of luck to be 7-5. That loss to Army will come back to haunt Temple with regards to bowl selection. Maybe they will go to a warm weather location if they get in. I keep things in perspective. When I was at Temple, I remember going to a game at the Vet and seeing Temple get beaten by Cal 60-3 (It might have been worse. I do not remember the exact score). I am just happy to see them compete and have a chance to go to bowls. Realistically, it is tough to recruit when you do not have an on campus stadium in a city where the Eagles garner the most interest.

  2. I don’t know if it really matters because Houston is unbeatable. Last night they dismantled UConn and dominated in every facet of the game. Ward is Michael Vick and, unfortunately, whether it is intentional or not, Walker, who was as almost as elusive his first two years, no longer is because of his left shoulder, which seemed to me the way he reacted, to pop out of joint last week. TU could play a perfect game and will still lose to them. That being said, there is no excuse for the coaching gaffes and at times lackadaisical play.

    • The idea of Walker as a dual threat is completely unfounded in my mind. He’s got the wheels to get out of trouble but is definitely not a top-tier scrambling threat teams need to defense against. I’m also hoping we don’t face Houston in the conference championship as they will completely dismantle this version of the Owls. I think rhule and co need to be happy with a ‘nice’ season and plan for the future because based on what I’ve seen this is a very middling version of the owls.

  3. Respectfully, I think it was horribly naive to think that Temple was at a level in which they could lose 3 NFL players on the defense and not have a drop off. By year end hopefully they will get better, but breezing the through the first month was kind of a homer-iffic idea. 8-5 would be a good year. No reason to be disappointed in that kind of season.

    On the hoops front, those who hate Dunphy will have to pipe down a bit again, real nice get from Baltimore, De’vondre Perry. Kid can play.

    • Ironic the love Rhule gets from the great majority of Temple fans and the vitriol Dunphy gets from roughly the same percentage. One has won the last two conference COY awards; the other hasn’t won anything.

      • One coach was handed one of the premier sports programs in the nation and the other was handed a program with one of the most embarrassing legacies in D1 sports. They both have had exactly the same number of post season victories. Therein lies the issue.

      • coach chaney is a legend, but he handed over the BB program to Fran in horrible condition.

      • and Dunphy has 2 NCAA tournament game wins if you’re counting…..

      • Yes, Dunphy has two postseason wins and Rhule has, umm, zero.

      • Fair point that Dunph has won two tourney games at Temple (and I believe one at Penn). My point remains that while he was unarguably handed a weakened program he’s had time to lead its elevation back to the ranks of the nations elite.

        Rhule was handed a team with greater talent but a disasterous legacy that has effectively created a very low level of expectations and made recruiting a real challenge. I think Rhule is still learning how to be a head coach but certainly continues to keep the program out of the ditch.

  4. The OL played well today and the defense put pressure on the SMU QB all day…, not sure Walker can see the field, two very bad interceptions and almost a 3rd…,

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