4 thoughts on “Best Images From Saturday

  1. Bookies and bettors usually have a good idea about what’s going to happen. Don’t like that the line has gone from Memphis -6 1/2 to Memphis -10. That’s a heck of a swing.

    • The line is telling me something. P.J.’s chronic shoulder problem (it popped out for a series against Charlotte and Logan had to come in) probably factors into this, as does the Champ injury. I hope they move Sharga (who played great at LB against Memphis a year ago) over to defense, but there was no sign of that happening last week. For all the criticism P.J. (yeah, I liked P.J. better) takes here and elsewhere, we’re screwed, blued and tatooed without him.

      • You have to hope with Stephaun Marshall being questionable for the game that Sharga gets a shot at LB.

      • One of the good things about attending the home games (and there are plenty of them) is I get to focus in on things I need to focus in on like individual blocking and No. 45 (Rob Ritrovato) does almost as good a job blocking as Sharga does, so Nick can be spared on offense and moved to defense full-time without too much trouble.

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