Owls Turn To Boomer Sooner Than Expected

Aaron Boumerhi now unexpectedly gets forced into the spotlight.

At opposite ends of the Commonwealth (yes, it’s a Commonwealth and not a state) of Pennsylvania reside the worst and best names for a starting kicker in the long and storied history of college football.

Pitt has a guy named Chris Blewitt (pronounced BLEW IT) as its placekicker.

Temple now has a guy named Aaron Boumerhi and it is the very best kicking name in the country because it is pronounced BOOMER-EYE.


                               Aaron Boumerhi’s community duty included helping his fellow students move into the dorms.

After starting kicker Austin Jones was the victim of a cheap shot in the middle of the field at Memphis (not called), he is out for the season and Boomer is your new kicker. All we know about Aaron is that he stroked one right down the middle for an extra point. While at Philipsburg-Osceola High, he did not have many chances for field goals but he later became a camp warrior, going to numerous kicking camps and scoring high enough to earn a shot at Temple.

Owls’ coach Matt Rhule speaks highly of him, saying at one time that he considered using Boomer as his kickoff guy this season because he has a “Brandon McManus” leg on kickoffs. We all know McManus, err, boomed many of this kickoffs not only through the end zone but once or twice into the seats in his four years at Temple and now is a NFL star.  Rhule “ruled” against it because he wanted to preserve Boumerhi’s redshirt so he could kick through the 2020 season.

The best-laid plans often go astray due to things coaches cannot control like cheap shots.

The bottom line on Boomer is that he’s got a good leg, but is he as accurate as Jones was? Probably not since Jones hit a NCAA-best 17 in a row before missing two at Memphis and, in reality, we don’t know if he’ll perform at a high level. His extra point was fine and, if the Owls can rely on him in that area and the short field goals that Jones made routinely, that is really all they can expect.

If however, he turns out to be another Brandon McManus, that will be a bonus no one expected. We should find out for sure before long.

Saturday: Game Day Preview

Sunday: Game Analysis 


18 thoughts on “Owls Turn To Boomer Sooner Than Expected

    • One more thing. TU cannot compete with the forty million Rutgers and the other Big Ten teams will soon make A YEAR. Frankly, whatever they do amounts to a losing proposition unless TU gets into a major conference and that door isn’t currently cracked an inch..

      • Very disappointed that we have gone from 10-4 to 3-3 and a team that lost to a team that gave Buffalo its only win and are currently 3.5-point underdogs to a 0-12 team of a year ago. Tyler, Matt, Tavon and Robby were good but they were not THAT good.

      • John, excellent and really the key point regarding Rutgers and the B10. Seems people are fixated on their recent waxing at the hands of OSU and Michigan and does that help Temple. Maybe in the very short term for a recruiting year or two but eventually the $10 million now and $40 million they start receiving in the future will take it’s toll in relation to Temple’s program. Will Rutgers eventually make it to the upper echelon of the B10, maybe or maybe not. Will they have the wherewithal to hire better coaches/recruiters, have better facilities than Temple and better media exposure, yes. To me this is what the be patient, trust the process crowd misses, Temple football doesn’t have the time for that, there a lot of things out of there control for moving up to a P5 conference and potentially dropping from 10-4 to 6-6 doesn’t help their prospects one bit. As I said in my earlier post maybe the reality is 2014 and this season are more reflective of what Rhule can build, a .500 or slightly better team.

      • Mike aside from being good players what else do those that you mentioned along with Nate D. Smith, Kyle Friend, S. Marshall and Avery Williams from the 2015 team have in common, all Daz recruits. Not saying I’m not glad he is gone, just look at BC, only that to the “it takes time” folks, the cupboard was not as bare as a lot of people like to make it out to be when Rhule took over as HC. He wasn’t building from scratch where some of the starters lost from last season can’t be replaced 4 years into his program

      • the 2-10 team should have been 6-6 with Coyer at quarterback and P.J. redshirting so he could open at Notre Dame next season. Much more talent on that 2-10 team than 6-6, just poor coaching from someone who was learning on the job when he should have been making those rookie mistakes at Kent State, not Temple. A wasted season and a wasted recruiting year is coming home to roost this year. Amazing how certain assistants, like Scott Frost at UCF and Mike Norvell at Memphis, have those teams respectable in their first season yet the Rhule Apologists were saying “you can’t judge a guy on his first year.”

  1. our BOT is better suited running a community college when it comes to athletics…, they are a bunch of political appointees with zero skin in the game or commitment to succeeding on the field.., absent wholesale changes in the BOT leadership we’ll continue to be an average team in a second rate league… how long must this BS go on? we are who we are because we don’t have expectations of being anyone else..,

    this crap about budgets and it takes time is the epitome of hoodwinking…., BC, Rutgers, Louisville, Maryland, Va Tech, and Temple at one time in the not to distant past all had the same budgets and wore the same watch…, where did they all go? where are we?

    our program sucks because our BOT is content with the status quo

    • not digging the fact that the recently elected chairman of the BOT is a Villanova grad. You mean, we can’t find a Temple grad with the necessary chops to do that job? I’d rather have a Penn (Ed Rendell) grad than a Nova grad.

      • the chairman of our BOT is Villanova for life…, does he root first for Villanova each Saturday? he believes in his heart Temple will never measure up to Villanova…,

        we are screwed for the next five years…, any bets on the on-campus stadium?

        What killed Theobald was his engagement strategy with the politicians who appoint our BOT members.., the BOT killed our only messenger

    • As much as I hate to say it I think the way this season may be going could prove out your points KJ. I think the BOT will view a 6-6 year, a major step backwards even with getting to a bowl, a success. But how can you blame them, if read a good percentage of posts on the Temple Fan FB page there is the same sentiment. Not that a 6 win season is going backwards but rather “all programs hit bumps” when building, you have to trust the process. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t see how the kind of season we are having so far, we still have half the season left to change things, after a 10 win season is indicative of anything other than we’re a middle of the road team that caught lightning in a bottle in 2015. I can already hear the excuses for next season, new QB, have to replace J. Thomas, more new o-line starters, etc

  2. One player last season made the difference and that was Tyler Matakevich. His interceptions during the ND and Cincy games, his timely sacks, and field leadership won several games last year. This team seems to be missing that. J. Thomas’s injury got the season off to a bad start and although he seems to be the only player showing heart, it may be too late. Unless someone steps up and fast 6-6 may be the best this team can achieve.

    • Our coaching has certainly regressed. We stop the run 4-5-6 series in a row and on the seventh some fullback pops free and outruns our secondary. We have a starting DT of two years ago (ironically in the UCF game) who is riding the pine as a backup offensive guard who is a proven run-stopper and a fullback on offense who is a proven run-stopper as a linebacker. Hellloooooooooooo? Is anybody on our staff even paying attention? Frustrating, discouraging, disappointing.

    • agree.., and TM had plenty of help in the leadership dept from MI, Nate Smith, H. Walton, Tavon Young, #7, and Kyle Friend…, Jahad is the only one this year capable of leading this offense out of the dark..,,

      dropped passes, bad reads, penalties, and INTs have been gut wrenching to watch.., thank God for Stony Brook and Charlotte, scheduling them was clairvoyant.

  3. I’m just glad I didn’t let myself expect pie in the sky results pre-season. Too much sour history and just looking at the personel losses and the coaching at the end of last season made for a questionable future. Sure I’m disappointed, but more about the typical Temple future prospects than based on outrageous expectations gone awry. All I can say is oh well, here we go again. My only hope is that they can still win a few more and go bowling, but its doubtful. If they beat UCF, then maybe. Lose, and its all over.

    • I feel the same way with regards to your last statement jon, I don’t think though that expecting a 8 win season for 2016 was outrageous. I guess I was fooled into thinking that this program was being built to at least compete year in and year out for the conference championship. Kind of resigning myself to the fact that Rhule seems to be building an AAC version of what AG was able to do in the MAC. So given that the AAC is a stronger conference than the MAC or at least perceived so, a string of 6 to 7 win seasons probably equals the 8 / 9 wins we were getting at the end of our stint there. A consistent 3rd or 4th in the east with an occasional jump to say 2nd. I guess in the scheme of things that is still better than the Berndt/Dickerson/Wallace era and a cut rate on campus stadium is probably all that is really needed under this scenario

      • here we are struggling to go a bowl in consecutive seasons for the first time in history.., while Navy has gone to 12 bowls in the last 13 years! they have done it playing a schedule as tough or tougher than ours, and with a smaller budget..,

        this crap about it takes time and money is an argument way overblown.., our expectations are at the bottom and we have accepted mediocrity as the status quo.., no more

        the coaching staff, athletic dept, and BOT should all feel the heat, and hear from us alumni and fans who are fed up with the BS excuses

  4. Great comment about Navy. All of these “we’re Temple; we have to lower our expectations” comments are blind to the fact that Navy, with a five-year military commitment and academic restrictions far greater than Temple’s, find a way to get it done BECAUSE THEY HAVE A GREAT COACH IN KEN NIUMATALOLO!!! … period, end of story. Great coaches get it done year after year. Average coaches go 2-10, 6-6, 10-4, 3-3.

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