Guest Post By Fizzy


The following are Fizzy’s comments on the UCF comeback …the opinions are all Fizzy’s.. thanks, Fizzy:

                                                                    By Dave (Fizzy) Weinraub

Watching Temple coaches call the offense, is like going to the dentist for a root-canal.  You know it’s going to hurt, and it does.

But there’s good news.  We finally won a woulda, coulda, shoulda.  We won it, however, despite the game plan.  The players won it themselves because the shackles were finally off.  They had to throw the ball as there were only thirty seconds left.  Phillip got in rhythm and the guys all caught the ball.  It was truly amazing, and the best Temple comeback, probably, of all time.  

[It’s just a shame that former Temple standout football players, Dick Gable and Joe Morelli, left the stadium before the last drive.]


Before the game our coaches said we had to run the ball to keep the opposition off the field.  So we did, over and over and over.  Even in the next-to-last last possession trailing by five points.     

Usually, the offense goes like this… They line up over the ball, and wait for the play from the sidelines.  On many occasions, the call is slow to get in and last Saturday night, there were many times we got the play off just before the clock ran out. Once, they had to call an unnecessary time-out to get the next play.  Guess what?  It was the proverbial run up the middle.

Let me point out how this handicaps the team, and how it did last Saturday night.  There were a number of third and short, and fourth and short situations.  When you’re down to last few seconds, there’s no time for the quarterback to audible.  On all those plays, Central Florida had eight men up in the box.  When Phillip came up over the ball, even if he was allowed, there was no time to change the play.  So no imagination, up-the-middle they went.  Stufferroonni!

I have to admit I’m a liar.  I told some ex-teammates I wouldn’t write again.  I would just go to the game, see the old (I do mean old) guys, and tell stories.  It just hurt so much after the root-canal…

Tomorrow: Game Preview

3 thoughts on “Guest Post By Fizzy

  1. I know I’m spitting hairs here (criticisms totally accepted!), but Temple’s win really wasn’t a “last second” win. There was 1 second left AFTER the TD was accomplished. There was 5-6 seconds left [actually enough time for an incompletion (clock stops) and one more play] when the ball was hiked. Isn’t a true last second play when there is 1 second left on the clock when the ball is hicked as time actually runs out during the play? Sorry, I’m just a stickler for details. One thing for sure, it was totally unexpected and awesome!
    Let’s hope the D can harrass USFs QB like they did UCF and Walker and the team can start the game and end it the way they played the 2nd half against UCF. Then they will have a real shot at a win Friday night.
    Go Owls.

  2. BTW, as a stickler for detail. there is no c in hiked! Ha, ha.

  3. Dear Dizzy Fizzy Weintraub, thanks for your postings – I enjoy them and also further educated by them. Never a football player myself ( is that a sin ?) , but wife and I have been fans of temple for50 years, and season tixx holders most every year past 25 years. We did not go to Temple ( went to other small schools nearby ( like Del Val for me)). BUT like NORMAL Philly area fans we enjoy supporting the Philly area teams !!! What the F… is it it with local TV that they super support Penn State ( 200 miles away ) over local team Temple..
    Thanks Mike for including Fizzy.

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