Fizz Checks In With His USF Thoughts

  The following are the thoughts of former Temple player Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub ....   





By Dave (Fizzy) Weinraub

Temple vs. South Florida


Wow!  The offense seemed to have a much more “open” feeling than before.  Phillip had more confidence, as did the receivers.  I attribute this to the Central Florida, last thirty-second miracle, “The Crescendo in Orlando.”

The running game worked beyond expectations.  The passing game did very well, and if three receivers hadn’t lost their footing coming out their cuts, it would have fared even better.  Even the “wildcat” was successful.  There was a better balance between the pass and run, and even some first down play-action throws.  It was a great win, a significant win, and it changed the whole outlook for the remainder of the season because we should be favored in all four of the upcoming games. So what’s to worry about?

Well, my main concern is this.  The game plan versus South Florida worked well, so there was basically no need to seriously adjust anything in the second half.  The running game was keeping their explosive offense on the sidelines, and we were scoring.  In the back of my mind though, I remember the week before at Central Florida. Then, the game plan didn’t work and we weren’t scoring, but we were stubbornly operating a very conservative offense until that last thirty-second miracle.  Game plans don’t always work.  I hope the coaching staff stays flexible enough to change direction when they have to.  Be aggressive and take chances.  When you play not to lose, you usually do.

My next concern is more of a wish.  I don’t understand why we never run a true bootleg. There are times in every game, especially in short-yardage situations, where Phillip could get a hot dog on his way to the end-zone.  But to do this, you have to first hand-off to a running back who’s set left, and runs right, or the opposite.  That sets up the true naked bootleg.  Yo coach… please?     


Basically, the defense did a nice job against a dynamic South Florida offense.  However, what I don’t understand is why, after our run defense forced a number of third and longs, we went to a three man rush? Thanks to our outstanding defensive ends, we got still got pressure and sacks.  And even with eight guys playing the pass, South Florida still converted on a number of occasions.  I have to conclude that if you give any good quarterback time, sooner or later they’ll find an open man.  Let’s rush four or even five in those situations, and keep the pressure on.  You know what the prevent does.

The Venue:

I love the LINC.  There’s terrific access from all points of the compass.  There’s ample parking, and minimum traffic congestion, even when the stadium’s filled with a big-time opponent.  Inside is first class and provides us with a truly major college feel as attendance slowly builds.  There is no way a smaller stadium on campus works as well for all concerned, and provides all of the above advantages.  “Build it and they won’t come.”  

Tomorrow: The Fan Experience


13 thoughts on “Fizz Checks In With His USF Thoughts

  1. the culture of giving starts before you graduate.., getting alumni back on campus, holding tailgates with the alumni and next to the school they graduated from can’t be captured at the Linc..,

    so there is going to be heavy traffic six days out of the entire year.., or maybe not! Temple on a daily basis supports over 25,000 people and cars who work, teach, support, or are students at the school.., most folks would be surprised at the amount of through traffic the campus supports on a daily basis

  2. From a game attendance perspective I do feel the same as “Fizz” with regards to playing at the Linc. I like the comfort of the club level, parking in Lot K and the good road access. Don’t know how much an OCS could help the program but I do understand a lot of the reasons it is being pursued. If it could help Temple get into a P5 (ACC?) then it definatley make sense. In that regard gaining membership in the AAU and continuing to move up in academic rankings probably help out as much as an OCS.
    My concern about building an OCS hasn’t been with traffic, parking or tailgating, those are things that I believe can be worked out, my concern has always been cost and funding. To Fizz’s point, I don’t see how a $100-$125 million stadium “works as well for all concerned”. For that price seems the best you will get in this market is something like Tulane’s new OCS, haven’t been there but almost everything I read about the experience there is bad. With I think something like only 3,000 Owlclub members how much alumni support will there be for this project. Plus we’ve been hearing about an OCS since 1996

  3. Truly believe that the school missed a big opportunity when they failed to build a Carrier Dome type facility when the Liacouras Center was built. For half of what the new stadium is going to cost, they could have built such a facility. As every day passes, it becomes less likely that a stadium is going to be built.

    • City Council is going to make this a moot point. Temple clearly telegraphed its intentions with the $126 million figure, which means they won’t have the money they had to “pay off” the community that they had when they built the LC. Look at the makeup of City Council. It is more aligned with the community than it is with Temple. There is zero incentive for City Council to approve a shutdown of 15th Street and they simply will not do it. I will talk about the fan experience in tomorrow’s post.

      • The Carrier Dome type facility would have probably been the best course if action at the time. Have to agree that I just don’t see this project getting done, this iteration of the OCS debate has now been going on for 3 years. In the AAC people point out the new facilities at Houston and Tulane for cost comparisons at $128M for TDECU and $75M for Yuhlman. In each case I believe both schools had the space available for construction without the need to close a street and both were constructed in non-union environments. Given it’s location I suspect Tulane ran into similar community issues and I would assume our admin spoke with them. Right Talen Energy stadium (PPL) in Chester is the most recent compmin this area for construction costs. Cost in 2010 was $120M ($130M in 2016 dollars). I’ve never been there and it seems like a nice, modern facility but again I think all of the necessary space for construction was available and it only seats 18,500, at a minimum Temple would need to add another 12,000 seats which of course increases the cost.

  4. Temple implored the three man rush on 3rd and long while using Reddick as a spy on the QB. I thought it worked out well especially due to the pressure Praise and Roman put on Flowers and his backup. Flowers is an outstanding athlete and you want him to stay in the pocket and beat you through the air. He will kill you with his legs, like he did last year to us. This week with an immobile QB in Kiel, I expect Temple to bring pressure. On passing downs.They can put Deloach and Reddick at the ends and move Praise inside.

  5. Do not give Kiel time because he will kill you as he showed at the end of the game last year. He was the no.1 QB as a high school senior and his arm is A-1. The only thing a prevent defense will do is prevent you from winning. Hit this kid hard and often and picks will follow.

  6. There are a number of drawbacks to playing at the Linc. Restricted scheduling is one. The exorbitant and growing rental fees by Mr. Lurie is another, and the empty look of a 65k stadium for most home games (and no Temple logo on the field) is yet another. A stadium on campus, easily accessible to students, holding 35 k, expandable to 45k, is what we need. Salisrab

  7. Forget about the empty look of the stadium. That is not that big of a deal in my opinion. The bigger issue is a conspicuously green field. No cherry and white anywhere. Its a shame that Lurie has no interest in Temple like the Rooney’s do with Pitt. Game day there looks like an on campus Pitt stadium.

  8. As much as we want to believe that the only reason students aren’t coming to the games is because they have to travel, I point to the Basketball games. Great on campus facility and the student support is lackluster at best unless it’s Nova, Kansas or another marquee matchup. Crickets if it’s Kent State. The general student population unfortunately doesn’t care about TU athletics.
    ND games last year was unbelievable because it was THE place to be in Philadelphia. Somehow you have to find the magic elixir to make a TU game “hip”.

    • I agree. We’ve had a 15-year lab experiment on how a football stadium would be received by Temple students and it’s called the Liacouras Center. In my opinion, one of the great on-campus arenas in the country and I’ve been more disappointed than not with the attendance of the students. Fran Dunphy has the program competitive and won more than lost every year but one, beat top 10 teams in each of the last six years, won a great league’s COY award the last two years, and the Owls cannot sell out the arena on a regular basis. To me, if the football team did what the basketball team has done over the last 10 years we’d have been in a bowl game nine of those years.

  9. Yes the Linc has all the amenities including an abundance of parking and easy access. The problem is the “look” of having 30k people attend a game when the facility holds 66k. Conversely I have been to Navy games in Annapolis where 28k in a 35k seat stadium looks and sounds like a full house. It’s optics plain and simple, what people see on tv for a Temple game are lots of empty seats.

    • I really believe the figures Temple, err, the Eagles report are accurate. Because of the Army loss, we are topping out in the 25K range and 25K in a 70K (actually 69,826) stadium is bad and looks worse. We had 34K for Army and that should be the minimal acceptable figure for our fan base. Unfortunately, it is largely a belief-based fan base and that balloon was popped against Army and no amount of patching it (5-3 record) is going to get them to come back this season. I will be back because I’m hardcore; unfortunately, the softcore fans will not be back until next year’s opener. Maybe it’s best that the AAC title game will likely be at Navy because 30K for an AAC title game at the Linc is not good optics.

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