A Day Without Owls, But Not Without Football


Going through severe Temple football withdrawal today, but heartened by the fact that the Owls needed this week to ice up those injuries and rest those weary bones for the final two legs of the regular-season trip.

The reward for finishing the “Unfinished Business” will be one of six bowls above, some sweet, some sour. Here are our picks this week.


Postscript: Miami won, 34-14 (not 35-14 as we predicted) and Penn State won, 45-31 (not 41-24 as we predicted). Air Force won, 49-46 and Navy got a push at 42-40. We lost outright on ECU, which got smoked, 55-31, by SMU.


21 thoughts on “A Day Without Owls, But Not Without Football

  1. Don’t care who or where they play as long as the opponent is a p-5 school.

    • Agreed. Got into a back-and-forth with a Temple fan that wanted to go to the Bahamas. I said that was wrong because the opponent is a CUSA or a MAC team. Told him to schedule the Bahamas on the return trip from the Cotton Bowl game against Penn State. 🙂

  2. As far as today, if Tulsa scores the only touchdown of the second half, I would have correctly nailed the exact final score of the game: Navy 28, Tulsa 24. Fat chance of that happening.

    • Mike, you have pictures of eight bowls but you say one of the six above. Could you clarify that?

      • Great question. I really think that only a bottom-feeder AAC squad should be a Bahamas’ team and it’s is clear now that, even if the Owls slip up in one of the final two games (doubtful), they should not go to either Bahamas nor back to Boca. All the other six should be considered by the administration. Plus, my personal choice–having Navy and Temple win out and Temple knocking off ranked Navy on the road grabs the G5 slot in the Cotton Bowl.

      • Navy is locked into the Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth unless they earn the NY6 bowl bid. Obviously I hope Temple wins the AAC and finds a way into a NY6 bowl game, but if they do lose to Navy in the AAC title game in Annapolis and the Middies earn that NY6 bid, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Owls end up in Fort Worth playing a Big 12 team. (If the AAC title game is played in Philadelphia, I think the odds are good Temple will play in the Military Bowl in Annapolis, largely due to Annapolis’ proximity to Philadelphia and the larger number of Temple fans that would likely attend a bowl game there. I’d be surprised if the Owls team would choose to play in Annapolis twice in 3 1/2 weeks.)

  3. Tulsa can’t stop Navy.., looks like the St Petersburg Bowl for Temple..,

  4. Only want a bowl on the right side of that chart above

  5. Time to complain to the AAC. They have SFU ahead of the Owls.

  6. What am I missing? The Military Bowl seems to be the absolute logical place for TU. I’m seeing projections showing Houston going there. TU traveled well to that game when held in DC. It’s tough to see any other bowl eligible AAC team traveling in numbers that TU brings to Annapolis (probably 6,000 to 8,000and maybe more). If I remember it correctly, the ratings were great for that UCLA game. So if I’m ESPN I want the Philly viewing audience against a P5 team at 3:30 in the afternoon during the holiday week rather than a pre- Christmas game. Houston goes to Birmingham instead and the Florida teams play in the the Florida bowls for travel reasons.

  7. St Pete’s Bowl looks perfect: post x-mas, against P5 team (ACC) and in FL. What more could you ask for?

    • More Temple alumni living in Florida who will go to a Florida bowl game than there are Temple fans who will drive from Philly to Navy.., heck, we can’t even fill the lower bowl at home games..,plus playing in Florida is infinitely better for recruiting than playing at Navy’s home field..,

      this could be the first year ever all three Pennsylvania teams finish in the Top 25

    • The issue with St. Petersburg is that game is played at 11 AM on Monday 12/26, which is the lowest visibility time slot for a bowl game after Christmas. If Temple wants to continue to build its brand as a winning football program, it needs to play in (and win) games people will watch.

  8. I went to The UCLA game in DC. I thought there were 8,000 to 10,000 TU fans. (Some people claimed there were even much more than that.) That was a special occasion because it was the first bowl game in about 3 decades. So maybe it drew more fans for that reason. By comparison, a friend who went to last year’s game guessed TU crowd was maybe 2,000. I really don’t know actual numbers. (Someone else might give some better numbers.) But it seems there’s much better chance of the core fan base and students turning out in decent numbers for a game in Maryland than alumni/retires in Florida. Hell they never went to games as students back in the60’s and 70’s.

    • the last home game attendance numbers may serve as an indicator of fan interest and appetite for traveling near or far

      • I’ve never understood this argument that because it’s Thanksgiving and our students are away we cannot draw a crowd. First off, “only” 12K of the 39K full-time students live at Temple, which means 27K still commute. If you can commute to Temple, you can commute to a Temple football game.

    • I also attended the 2009 EagleBank Bowl, and I think many people, including myself, thought the crowd was 90% Temple fans (or at least 90% among the fans who weren’t neutral).

  9. The announced attendance was 23,000 and that was a real count or close to it. Even if there were 10,000 “neutral” spectators, I agree with the 90 percent of the remainder being TU fans. That would put the TU fans at almost 12,000. I think the TU and student interest is much stronger now. So predicting 6,000 to 8,000 TU fans going to isn’t much of a stretch. And I hope the Military Bowl people read this blog as part of their research on AAC teams. I’d like to make the bowl game. I can make it to Annapolis. I can’t go anywhere else that week.
    So this is very self serving admittedly.

    Anyway, for anyone reading this and thinking about going to a bowl game, do it. There were 4 or 5 seperate groups of TU people in the hotel lounge the night before. Next day, we paid our way into the pre-game party at the armory near the stadium in 2009. Got there early, so we ate and drink for about 3 hours. TU band, TU cheerleaders, UCLA cheerleaders, a lot of great TU fans, it was great. So students and recent grads and other fans, grab some friends and do trip.

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