Savor Every Moment

Jahad Thomas once again made a touchdown out of what seemed like a short gain.

When my beloved Temple football Owls are far away, my routine has been pretty much set over the last 20 years.

In the bad old days, I would pace the floor and listen on the radio and, when the Owls got involved with the MAC, sit in front of my computer and watch the game on a flickering internet connection. In those days, there was a lot of pacing and cursing and, after one particular Steve Addazio disastrous game at Bowling Green, staring for a good 15 minutes at a “your program has ended “ message in disgust and not believing what I just saw.


These, though, are the good old days and I have to head out to my neighborhood watering hole—sometimes even venturing as far as the Main Campus—to enjoy the game with other Temple Owls’ fans. Unless, though, I make the long trip to campus none of these fans have quite the passion for the Owls as I do.

They know that. I know that. It’s accepted as truth on both sides.

So in the last quarter of a 31-0 beat down of Tulane (it was 24-0 at the time) that sets up a potentially delicious end to the season, one of the regulars friendly mentioned: “Mike, you can go home now. This one is over.”

“Hell no,” I said. “I’m enjoying this. To me, when Temple has a lot and the bad guys have a little, that’s my idea of a great game. I’m sticking to the end.”

It’s the reason why I remain glued to my seat when the Owls blow out an opponent at home while a steady stream of my fellow fans make their way up the stairs at Lincoln Financial Field. (I had a conversation with former Temple player Matt Falcone’s family, who usually sit near me, and they also agreed they want to stay until the end and they always do. I’m glad I’m not alone.) It is the reason why I make it over to the students and sing the alma mater and “T for Temple U” with them and the team.

Hell, no. I’m not missing any of this.

When you’ve been through a 20-game losing streak like I have, 31-0 victories on the road to set up a championship game at home are something to savor. I watched as Logan Marchi took over at quarterback, then watched as Frank Nutile took over, hoping to see a couple of passes from those players in a “real” game. Matt Rhule, being the nice guy he is, did not allow it.

I wanted to see if the Temple fans who made it from their end zone and watched them move right behind the bench. Near the end, I do not think it is too much of an exaggeration that the 200 Temple fans there were half of the 400 or so people in the stadium. The Isaiah Wright touchdown was a thing of beauty, as was the Ventell Bryant touchdown (while double-covered) and the typical PAC-Man Jahad Thomas’ touchdown we have all come to view as routine. Thomas should be a chef when he graduates from Temple because he knows how to turn chicken-you-know-what into chicken salad.

Now the Owls can clinch another AAC East title in front of their home fans by playing their brand of football on Saturday. They deserve a big crowd. Maybe even this time most of them will decide to remain seated to watch them hoist that trophy again with an eye on an even bigger one, maybe literally, down the road. It’s up to them to finish this bad boy out and all they have to do is play defense, run the football, hit play-action passes, and be great on special teams. That’s the Temple brand as much as the triple option is the Navy brand.

Savor every moment. I certainly will.

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13 thoughts on “Savor Every Moment

  1. Hey Mike, do you happen to know when was the last time the Owls won back to back games as shutouts? I am willing to go out on a limb and say that has never happened in conference play before.

  2. hit the nail on the head Mike

  3. I was also watching to the end, I wanted to see if we could get our second straight shutout. When KJ and I and others met with the coaches last winter the coaches said the defense should be better this year than last. It didn’t look that way early, but they really came on. I just hope that if we play Navy for the title someone reminds Coach Snow that Navy runs the ball.

    • Snow said, “by the end of the year this defense will be better than last year”. well he has certainly backed it up.., they are not only better, they are great, one of the best in the nations. Chandler and Randall are the best pair of safeties in TUFB history, fun stuff to watch.

      OC Thomas must figure out how to score early and often against Navy. Navy will put up plenty of points even against our great defense.

      • South Florida has an excellent offense, probably even better than Navy, and Temple held them reasonably in check while moving the ball up and down the field (because unlike the Owls, the other top AAC teams don’t play particularly good defense).

  4. Great game, solid season, and still room to make history (again). Completely agree Mike. Though I only graduated in 2009 my freshman year was the last of the drought. Trajectory is going up, no doubt. Last year was momentous and if the Owls can hoist a Championship trophy in a few weeks I am willing to bet even greater days are ahead.

    • program depends on your, and others, continued enthusiasm and support! please consider joining the Owl Club if you aren’t already a member, and encourage your classmates

  5. Is Isaiah Mr. Wright. Can he be the next Jahad, or Robbie, or Golden Tate, or…

  6. Isiah Wright might just be the guy to replace JA Thomas, and he’s bigger. Yeah it’s really fun to watch these games after 45+ years of you know what.

    • Yeah it is. Wright is slippery as a greased pig. Love the fact that he was ready to go from Day One and did not need a redshirt year.

    • The Owls really have a wealth of riches at running back even after this year with Armstead, Gardner, and Wright (and you can include Hood too). That is a position of real strength for Temple.

      • I would make Wright a wide receiver, put him in the slot and help him create chaos. I could see him and Russo establishing a symbiotic football relationship.

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