Finished Business?


Not the best day in Fordham football history.

The only way Temple football makes the sports talk radio rounds is if something negative happens to the program.

When the bus from Annapolis on Saturday night dropped me off at the Liacouras Center, I made my way to the parking garage and turned on the radio eager in anticipation of some Temple love coming on 97.5. Instead, all they talked about was Matt Rhule possibly leaving.

That wasn’t the only time in the span of a couple days that sports talk radio about Temple football caused me to shake my head.

That happened on Monday and a former Boston College quarterback named Glenn Foley called in to assure Owl Nation that not all was lost.

“Nothing bad is going to happen, Owl fans,” Foley said. “The program is still going to continue to win and, if they hire my brother, he will do a great job.”

With all due respect, Glenn, a hire like your brother is EXACTLY what I’m afraid of happening at this point. Some people are career lifetime assistant coaches and some people have head coaching stardom written all over them. Foley is the former and definitely not the latter.

I will say this in all seriousness:
If Temple hires Ed Foley or any other
unproven assistant coach with no
winning head coaching
experience, we’re going to pack
it in for Temple Football Forever
and end the website on the day
of the announcement

The best thing I can say about him is that he is a helluva nice guy and sings a mean version of high hopes.

The fairest thing to say about him is that he is not qualified to be head coach at Temple University.

Let’s open up the record books and examine that head coaching record, which is 7-15 over two years, 2004 and 2005.

Before Foley took the head coaching job, a guy named Dave Clawson went 10-3 and 9-3 in the two years prior. After that, Foley went 5-6 and 2-9. Clawson will coach Wake Forest against Foley in the Military Bowl. Joe Moorhead, who coached Fordham between 2012 and 2015, went 12-2 and 11-3 in his two best years there.

So you have a guy in Foley who couldn’t get it done from a head coaching perspective at Fordham sandwiched between a couple of guys who had enormous success at the same institution.

I understand Glenn is family and he has got to stick up for his brother, but Temple has got to look at the cold, hard facts and say no to a permanent Ed Foley candidacy. Now Ed would be great to join a possible Al Golden staff with George DeLeone and Adam DiMichele, but he is not cut out to be a head coach.

I will say this in all seriousness: If Temple hires Ed Foley or any other unproven assistant coach with no winning head coaching experience, we’re going to pack it in for Temple Football Forever and end the website on the day of the announcement. There will just not be any point in going on and providing a forum to discuss Temple football with that bleak backdrop facing it. This hire is going to have to have some juice and it will have to be a guy with a history of winning seasons for multiple years as a head coach. There are plenty of such candidates out there who want to coach at Temple and will hit the ground running.

One has even proven he could win as a head coach at Temple.

Coaches like Al Golden, current Old Dominion head coach Bobby Wilder, Moorhead and former FIU head coach Mario Cristobal certainly have those qualifications. From what we hear, all of them would love the opportunity. Guys like Ed Foley do not possess the minimum requirement of winning head coaching experience, no matter how much love he gets from his brother on the radio.

Saturday: Rating The Candidates From A to F


61 thoughts on “Finished Business?

  1. Moorehead, Strong, Golden, ODU guy, Schiano (I say we give him a shot)… in that order

  2. Mike, I agree. Took Rhule three seasons to learn what it takes to be a head coach. All on this site know what boneheaded mistakes he made the first two seasons costing the Owls eight wins. From allowing Satterfield to run that horrible spread when they didn’t have the receivers for it, to the empty backfield, to a defense that didn’t know how to defend a hail mary and on and on it was all out in the open. Can’t tell me that with the improvements in the facilities and the fact that the Owls have now had two years of success an experienced proven winner can’t be found to take this job, All the hard work has been done and now it’s just a matter of keeping it going. They better not screw this up.

    • I would hope Mike would reconsider ending the website if Temple hires an assistant, but I would understand the frustration involved. This is my go-to place for Temple talk and judging by the hits on this website, it will be missed. ECU and UConn hired assistants and look what happened to them. That said, Kraft (being a Dr. and all) has got to be smart enough to see that with the talent Rhule recruited, they need to have a guy who can win right away and not take three years of learning how to be a head coach on Temple’s dime.

      • Thanks, George, but I’m serious. I’m done with assistant coaches. Hit or miss. Don’t think the hit and miss chances with a winning head coach approach the risk of an assistant. It’s not even close.

    • John, Rhule owes us a cut of the $7 million. Fullback (check); ditch the spread offense (check); play action (check). Blocking back protection for P.J. (check). (Among others.) Those were ideas all mentioned here first. Mentioned? Pleaded for … Rhule was smart enough to adopt them and make it part of the Temple football profile. He should have at least mentioned us in the full-page ad. 🙂

  3. My nephew is a former player and current G.A. with Bobby Wilder at ODU. There may be stronger candidates but he would be a stellar choice. Started the ODU program from scratch in 2009 and in three years had them in the second round of the FCS playoffs. Jump to FBS and in their second year in CUSA they tie for first in the East Division. East Coast guy with great connections in the recruiting rich Hampton Roads area of VA. Again, there may be shinier candidates but he would be a solid choice.

    • He checks most of the boxes, Tom. Foley checks none of them. If I can’t have a guy who checks all of the boxes, I will settle for someone checks most of them. Pretty confident Temple can win with Wilder. 66-30 in FBS vs. 7-15 in FCS speaks for itself.

  4. Mike, same reason I’m taking a wait and see approach before renewing my season tickets. I was going to sign up for the $25 season ticket reservation when getting my bowl tickets until this story broke. No problem keeping Foley on the staff probably helpful to the new head coach to have someone familiar with the current roster, commits and Temple. If he would get the HC job then I guess it’s time to break the Delorean out of storage and head back to 1989-2005

    • So basically you are saying that if they choose a coach that you don’t think is right you might not renew your season tickets? I recall lots of posters on this board not wanting to hire Matt Rhule, because he was unproven and wanting to run him out of town in years 1 and 2. I remember the nasty comments about the “process” not working etc. It is the job of the Temple AD and the administration to select the best candidate they feel will continue the winning both on the field and in the classroom. The posters on this site will know very little about the people interviewed for this job and how they will fit in. I’ll trust the AD (I know its the first significant hire for the AD) and the administration, their track record since 2006 is better than many of the posters who come here to share their opinions.

  5. What the administration has to consider is that there are less than 130 D-1 jobs making it one of the most prestigious jobs on the planet. Thus, they can’t hire just anyone simply because the guy’s nice, the players like him, or for any other non-football related reasons. If they look at the position from that perspective y the hire will be based on tangible football related credentials and not because the guy is nice. I would submit that they got lucky with Rhule who to his credit, was flexible and grew with the job. He was also lucky because two star players developed into five star players.

  6. Would also point out that the salary Temple has been offering within the G5 conferences would be enticing for most successful coaches (and probably some in P5) to make the move to Temple. We may not be a “destination” program, but we offer enough to be very attractive to proven MAC, CUSA coaches.

    • Speaking of the MAC, I would hire Frank Solich in a heartbeat. he’s done wonders at Ohio and Nebraska, which has not been the same since they fired him.

      • Do you think he would consider Temple a move up from Ohio? I’m sure we could pay more, better exposure and given that he is 72 I would think this wouldn’t be moving again.

      • I think that would be a big letdown atmosphere wise. Solich reminds me of a department store mannequin. After the energy of Rhule, I think Solich would be a downgrade.

  7. For a program that’s built its identity on defense another consideration needs to be the ability to recruit a top flight DC. We’ve had Heater and Snow of late who’ve acquitted their units quite well. Both were experienced and developed gameplans that effectively neutralized the myriad of offenses faced by the owls (most Saturday’s anyway). Our next HC needs to continue this legacy which provides the owls with an identity that resonates in Philly.

    • Someone had mentioned him on FB, what about Mike Pettine as a DC candidate, local and I don’t see him listed on any current coaching staffs. Guessing he is still collecting Cleveland Browns money

  8. Charlie Strong was DC at Florida. Interesting you mention Cristobal. He being former HC at FIU checks that box. Had some success, then things went south for him and he got canned. When Outland left Alabama to work for the Chipster here, Saban pulled him in to do the O-line. With Kiffin rumors hot about going to Houston, Cristobal getting some thought be Saban to move up to OC. So the guy has more than a little cred and a lot of Florida connections for recruiting.

  9. Addazio’s resume checked off a lot of boxes, but he was crazy. Any new HC must have “emotional intelligence.”

    • Nobody loves Bruce more than me, but no shot at him. One, he wouldn’t be interested; two, his age is causing him health problems. He’s 63 and Snow is 61. Would want a head coach who has won at the college level and is a little younger.

  10. Your thoughts on players wanting Phil Snow to be their HC?

    • I suppose he is as good a choice as any if you are going the coordinator route, knows Temple and the players. At 61 probably be his last coaching gig. Still have the potential issue of learning to be a HC on the job, do you get a Tom Herman or a Bob Diaco

    • He was never a head coach. The head coach must be good with the public and the media and Phil Snow doesn’t seem the type.

      • Don’t know if he ever had any potential HC offers in the past but I never got the sense he was looking to be a HC. I actually think this could be an opportunity for Temple to put together a better staff than the one that is leaving.

    • Age, health, an “assistant”, and I wouldn’t be shocked if he goes with Rhule.

  11. Just read that Charlie Strong has spoke with Temple about the head coaching vacancy. It looks like Houston will hire Lane Kiffin so the only options left for Charlie Strong are the Owls or USF.

  12. Almost every Temple Player is asking for Snow and/or a Terry Smith Combo.. interesting!

  13. Temple Strong!!! No brainer…Make it happen Temple

  14. Third best defense in the county – check, popular with the players – check. Hiring from within speaks volumes about the program’s success.

  15. With the sudden opinion of the players that Snow should be the new HC, a lot of people are likening it to Rhule’s situation 4 years ago. So let’s look back to 2013, a lot of those same players ended up being benched by the end of the season with a good number of freshman being played. Rhule was clearly learning on the job as well. I think Snow presents the same risks.I would say he does make as much sense as any coordinator under consideration without HC experience. So do we get Matt Rhule II were we take a bigger step back in 2017 than I think this team should, then get back to winning in 2018. I do think an experienced, successful HC brought in can get to 7 maybe 8 wins and a bowl next year. Do we get Bob Diaco II, a total train wreck or Tom Herman II were an HC Snow has this team at 9+ wins and in the running for a conference championship again.

    • every player is going to want a holdover. Can’t listen to them. Kraft has got to go out and get the best head coach available. That might be Al Golden, Charlie Strong, Wilder, Moorhead, etc. It can’t be a career assistant who never won a game as a HC before.

      • As I said before, if you are going to interview a coordinator Snow probably offers a little more known than most of the others, just think the program can do better at this point. If Snow gets the job then :

        1. Rhule leaving was known for sometime now, the admin vetted Snow, who expressed interest and felt he could do the job. Even if that is the case would have liked to see a little more due diligence .
        2. The admin knows they don’t have the resources to pay a top flight coach so they figure they can sell hiring from within. Which if that is the case not good and also kiss an OCS good bye as well
        3. Candidates have looked things over, don’t like the look of the roster given the rest of the conference and are staying put or looking elsewhere. Rhule wasn’t the great recruiter and he got out while the getting was good since next year will be the first all Rhule roster

        By the way, think you will like this seems a certain group on some of the other boards are starting to hint at “Snow is the only choice”

      • I think it is important to listen to the players. However, I would make clear to them their’s is just one voice in the entire decision process but you value their thoughts. I think it is important not to make the team feel marginalized in this process while still having the decision rests with the administration

  16. Hiring Snow would be a huuge mistake. Heard that coaches Robinson, Brown, and Siravo are all Baylor bound.

    • Not surprising, sure the pay is better. Plus Rhule never struck me as someone with a deep network so not sure how quick he could build a staff if he didn’t take most of his current staff

    • I agree, John. Mistake. Huge mistake? Only if it’s a 5-year, $10 mil contract. If he really wants the job, give him one-year, $2.4 mil deal. If he exceeds my MINIMUM Matt Rhule expectations (6-6, and that’s rock bottom), extend him for 2 years. If he goes 10 wins or more again, give him 5 years. There’s certainly got to be a different standard for his hire than, say, P.J. Fleck, who you offer 5 and plus $10 million.

      • This Snow for HC sentiment is getting a little ridiculous. If Temple is not beyond having to resort to a hire like this, then I agree with you Mike pack it in. A couple of questions, how much recruiting did Snow do, does keeping him lock down most if the current recruiting class? Seems the real drivers of that on the staff already said they are going to Baylor with Rhule. How do you think he will be with all of the off the field, off season activities a head coach is involved in? I have rarely seen Snow in front of the media. This just strikes me as a situation similar to the Eagles hiring of Pedersen where it almost seems they were trying to re-create the Andy Reid era. Yes Rhule turned out to be a success but you can’t look at that as the norm. Plus that first year was painful and for all the talk if how much the players wanted Rhule, for a variety of reasons a lot of those players weren’t on the field producing for him by the end of his first seems on as HC

      • JD, I am extremely pissed off at this whole situation. Otherwise good men being forced to bullshit about “South Philly macaroni” and “I would sign a 15-year contract if Bill offered it to me now” being forced by an inequitable system to lie is really disturbing to me. I also find it bizarre that Temple may turn to a 61-year-old coach to maintain stability (there’s nothing wrong with being 61) but there is something wrong about it preventing you from getting “the best guy available.” Right now, I’m ready to say “fuck it” and offer P.J. Fleck $3 million next year with the caveat that he can both coach the Cotton Bowl with his kids and screw us and leave next year. That buys us 1 year.

      • Here’s the weird thing: I’m forced to lie about wanting a 15-year contract in front of 200 people and Bill Bradshaw and then say I’m going to Baylor so I “can practice my faith.” Not the true religion, as far as I’m concerned.

  17. I don’t see how there will be a big drop in talent on the roster next year. We lose Walker but I think prized QB Russo will fill in just fine. We lose Jahad Thomas but I think Armstead may be an even better running back and he will still have Sharga blocking for him. All the top recievers return. We lose Dawkings but I think we have some good lineman on the roster to fill in. Our Kickers return. As far as the defense goes we have a good defensive line returning to include Freddy booth lloyd, Greg webb, Karamo Dioubate and michael dogbe. The secondary looks to be good with Chandler and Randall leading the way. Kareem Ali was the number 3 recruit in the state of Jersey coming out of high school and I think he will step up next year. If there are any weak spots on the team it would have to be at linebacker but hopefully some of the young guys can step up and fill the void. So I think the roster will be just fine next year.

  18. So Mike are we on our way to PSAs. 🙂 All kidding aside, how have we gone based on what some people are posting from being a program that should attract a number of well qualified head coaches to Phil Snow is the greatest thing since sliced bread and he ‘s the only one who should be named head coach !!!

  19. Considering coach hirings, facilities, conference alignments, etc., the latest issue of Sports Illustrated has a very good srticle about how the Big10 Conference does things. I know Temple and the AAC is no where near that level but it indicates a blueprint/philosophy for building programs. I think Temple does some of that but with much fewer resources. Here’s hoping they settle on a very good, proven coach to start the next phase of building Temple’s program.

    • Jon is that online? I think a microcosm of the issues Temple faces in doing some of the kinds of things that this article references is the OwlClub. Not sure of the exact figure but I believe that the membership is no more than 3,000 or so which is ridiculous for a university with an alumni base the size of Temple. Plus I’m surprised at how “high” I rank Priority Points rank given that I’m only at the “Books & Supplies” level of giving.
      I do hope as well the University hires the kind of coach you suggest.

  20. Houston went in house coordinator. Major Applewhite seems like a huge letdown after some of the other names floated.

    • Their kids probably wanted him and hastagged something like #It’sApplePickingSeason. Then their administration blindly followed the wants and needs of 19-year-olds.

  21. Watched Imhotep Tech. Isheem Young is the best football player in the area.

  22. Houston wanted to put an excessive buyout clause in the contract. I guarantee that is the reason they ended up with Applewhite.

    I am surprised by the silence coming out of the TU situation. We heard Charlie Strong was contacted and the players want Snow. Has nobody else been contacted?

    Without being a homer, I would think there would be way more interest in the job. I guess the gap between P5 and G5 is bigger than I thought. This must not be that attractive of a job.

  23. not sure what USF is going to do if Strong says no.., maybe best for him to take a knee and wait until next year’s carousel.., Applewhite became the clear choice after not following Herman to Houston.., Cincy is still on the clock…, hope Moorhead accepts if Temple makes an offer…,

    this sudden sticky situation has caused us to take our eye off the ball – we need a bowl win.., Top 25 finish is at extreme risk

    • Regarding Moorehead, PSU runs the spread and if I remember correctly did not Russo de-commit from Rutgers because he wanted a pro-style offense? Would Moorehead alter his scheme for TU personnel?

      If all of the assistant coaches are expected to coach the bowl game, why would not one of the coordinators be named the interim rather than a position coach such as Foley? By naming Foley, I would think that both coordinators are going to Baylor.

  24. Reading all of the posts out there pertaining to TUs new HC search there are some that just amaze me. How can people post things like the following with a straight face:

    “If Snow, Strong or Golden doesn’t become our new coach then I’m afraid the hire will be a huge gamble. Success at ODU and Fordham doesn’t necessarily equate to success at Temple”

    Being a career DC does!!’ And another one:

    “If Snow and Strong aren’t the top 2 candidates I’d like to know who is”

    What the hell is this Phil Snow is one of the only people qualified for this job. I mean his 4 years at Temple revived what had become over the prior decade a very mediocre career. But after taking 2 years to build back-to-back top 10 defenses he is suddenly the “wunderkind” head coach candidate !!!!

    • Nobody on this blog has any idea who is being interviewed and who eventually will be hired. All of the speculation is rumor, innuendo and wild claims. There are many qualified candidates for this job including Phil Snow. Apparently he is the choice of the players. Does he want the job and does the adm. think he’s up to it is more speculation. We will have our answer in a week. Relax and await the answer.

  25. Good Lord Mike, stop being so full of yourself. Both Matt Rhule and Al Golden had NEVER been head coaches at any level of college football when they took over at Temple, and both did a fine job.

    Now I agree with you that Temple should avoid hiring someone who has been a head coach and does not have a good track record in any head coaching position (i.e. program was a consistent loser if the coach was there at least 4 years, or experienced a distinct downturn during his tenure). However, Temple should not be scared off by coaches who lack head coaching experience IF those coaches are relatively young (say, under age 45 or so) and therefore may not have had the chance to be a head coach yet.

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