Can Temple Screw This Up?


John DeFilippo’s  major claim to fame is making Johnny Manziel the man he is today.

Plunking down $2 for my Sunday paper, I fully expected to read an update on the Temple football coaching search only to see a Flyers’ story, an Eagles’ story and a James Franklin story on the sports cover.

No problem. Surely, there must be a big splash on the upcoming Temple football hiring on the inside.

The second page had a full page on skating—yes, skating—while the third page was all Villanova basketball. The fourth page was all Phillies, the fifth page another full page on Penn State football, the sixth page Army-Navy and the seventh page Sixers.

Three more Eagles’ pages followed, plus another Flyers’ page before the sports section closed out with high school coverage. I could have used one less Penn State football page and maybe one less Flyers’ page in order to squeeze some Temple football news in, but hey, they don’t want my business.

Talk about a wasted $2.

… we should all know by Alumni Tent
time at the bowl game who the next
Temple head coach will be. It should
be a big enough name who is able to
sell 2017 season tickets, not a guy
who should be working at the
Will Call window.

To get my Temple coaching fix, I had to go online and the first thing that greeted me was this headline: “Temple Has Contacted Eagles’ QB Coach About Head-Coaching Job.”

Surely, this had to be from The Onion. It could not have been real but, upon opening the link, it came from and the quarterbacks’ coach is John DeFilippo. Temple AD Pat Kraft is a busy man these days and he certainly does not have time to be contacting Eagles’ QB coaches about what should be the top job in the AAC. Before being the Eagles’ QB coach, DeFilippo was the QB coach with the Cleveland Browns when Johnny Manziel was there. Other stories online talk about Houston hiring Major Applewhite and South Florida hiring Charlie Strong.

The last four Temple coaches were all hired between Dec. 6-23, which means we should all know by Alumni Tent time at the bowl game who the next Temple head coach will be. It should be a big enough name who is able to sell 2017 season tickets, not a guy who should be working at the Will Call window.

That got me thinking: Could Temple screw this up?

It certainly can. Not on purpose, but if it Kraft wastes valuable time on things like this it is certainly not a good sign. Temple should be contacting the Detroit Lions’ tight ends’ coach, not the Eagles’ QB coach. Temple should be zeroing in on guys with a long track record of winning as a head coach on the college level, not a guy who has had 10 jobs in 11 years. Let’s hope it’s a case of DeFilippo contacting Temple and Temple saying, “Don’t call us; we’ll call you.”

If it isn’t, we’re all in trouble.

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63 thoughts on “Can Temple Screw This Up?

  1. The last sentence of the aforementioned news article is all we needed to know.

  2. I have a tough time believing Kraft isnt calling everybody in America. Reality is setting in that people are just not interested in the job. This is a valuable recruiting period right now. Each day that goes by costs us. Need to make a move on the next day or so.

    The silence is worrisome. It tells me that they are reaching out to people and nobody is interested. At least they are smart enough to not release who they have talked to. While it would show the fan base that they are working, it would be a really bad look that so many candidates are saying no.

    Maybe this job isnt as attractive as we would like to think.

  3. With The Temple football program becoming a revolving door for bright young coaching talent to prove their worth, Pat Kraft should have been actively searching for Rhules replacement since last year’s 10 win season. He needs to become the Billy Beane of coaching talent getting the most value for the dollars available. If not he is not the right person for the AD job and Temple Adminstration should be actively looking to replace him.

    • While I think we shouldn’t be believing everything we read, the fact that the story says “Temple contacted” him should be the most disconcerting. The Temple BOT chair is a Villanova guy (DiFilippo’s dad was the Villanova AD), so maybe it’s a courtesy call, maybe it’s not. If the Temple BOT chair is actively involved in this search, though, that’s a bad sign. What we have here is a guy who has had zero success in his last two jobs. The Browns suck. The Eagles suck. Not a good optic for Temple to be even looking at this guy, let alone hire him.

  4. Just because they don’t make their every move public doesn’t mean they’re not working it. And maybe – maybe, maybe, maybe…they’re already zeroing in on Snow and/or Golden. It is a bit disconcerting that other schools have their bisiness settled already and Temple seems to be dicking around tho. That’s Temple for ya! Whatever…if it isn’t drawn out and controversial, it isn’t Temple. Patience is the key my fellow fans.

    • bingo…, we’ve seen this same play so many times., Temple Made, Temple TUFF

      • that’s what i’m worried about. …having seen this play out so many times and coming out on the other end of Steve Addazio, Bobby Wallace, Ron Dickerson and Jerry Berndt hires. Notice a trend there? Rhule and Golden seem to be exceptions to the rule.

  5. Golden is not even in the discussion for the simple reason that he won’t be available until mid January because for the first time in forever the Lions don’t suck. Either he said he can’t leave until the Lions’ season is over or the Owls said that they can’t wait til then. I would be very surprised if he’s still a candidate.

    • If Rhule can leave before Temple’s season is over and DeFilippo can leave before the Eagles’ season is over, surely AG can leave before the Lions’ season is over. Contracts are made to be broken in this business.

      • AG is not being considered.., question is who will be Snow’s OC? players lobbied hard for Rhule and look what happened? players lobbied hard for Orgeron and Helton and look what happened.., notice the trend?

        Snow is a safe choice for Kraft as he has facts to support the decision…, can Snow build the right staff and snatch a top notch recruiter

      • Don’t know how big of an issue that would be if both AG and Temple are interested. While they didn’t make the playoffs in 2012 Rhule was hired with the Giants still having 2 regular season games left.

  6. I get the Sunday paper, but not for the sports section. It’s putrid.

    In other news, just now, 11AM ET, Bruce Feldman announcing Lane Kiffin taking their job.

  7. players voted strongly in favor of Phil Snow, Tom Allen, Ed Orgeron, Clay Helton.., and MR when Temple hired him…., kids will always opt to stay with a loving parent after the divorce

  8. It’s a tad worrisome that our “best” prospects are close to our own coop (AG/Snow). How is a back to back 10 win, Top 25 ranked team having this much trouble garnering attention?

    I think Mike hit the nail on the head. Why is Temple contacting people? Shouldn’t they be lined up out the door? Best team in the AAC of a top G5 conference…this should be easy recruiting.

    • Any coach worth anything doesn’t trust this administration to stay committed to football……

      • Based on what info? This admin has overseen the ascension of the program to a champion of the premier G5 conference. They’ve also increased the coaching staff salaries and are pushing hard for an OCS. please help me see what supports your POV.

      • History. There is nothing to support the idea that you can trust this university to stand by football. There is hope.

        If the U shut down the program tomorrow, who here would be shocked? We’d all be disappointed, furious etc. But who would be shocked?

      • I agree.Suddenly with a new president the stadium’s a dead issue. Those clowns could shut it down in a heartbeat if Lurie won’t relent and charge a reasonable rent.

  9. This administration is not the one responsible for the rise of football. The president is a Villanova man who probably agreed with the demotion of football. This guy has me worried because he’s been invisible. Nothing about the stadium or football. A new regime cleans hosue and this guy could do the same. Don’t trust Villanova guys because they don’t appreciate what football can do. Theobold did and it’s a shame he got railroaded.

  10. If my memory is correct didn’t the choice of Matt Rhule get panned on this site? Temple should be contacting and talking too as many candidates as they can. leave no stone unturned. if they feel the Eagles QB coach should be talked too then I have no problem with it.

    • And Rhule was horrible for two seasons. The idiots on Pravda say he had to overcome Addazio’s mistakes. As noted many times here, that is just bs. Most of Rhule’s failings were of his own making and it cost the Owls 8 wins. That is why those on this site stick by what they said about Rhule when he was hired. Rhule, to his credit, threw everyhting out the window after the second disappointing season and installed new offenses and defenses. Had he not done so, he’d still be TU’s coach. No guarantee that a new coach who’s been a career assistant will have the guts to do that.

  11. I recall this site reporting the players were solid for having the job offered to Matt Rhule when Addazio did his sayonara years back. He of course wasn’t on staff, but they remembered him favorably. Perhaps their reasoning wasn’t valid, but it turned out to be a good decision.

  12. Mike, I think the answer could be yes if some of the names that have been tossed out there are more than guesses or rumor. FCS coaches at the top of the list!!!! I’m familiar with Keeler from his time at both Rowan and Delaware but it is a jump up to this level. With the second guy ,Roco, we’re competing against Delaware, that is a joke I hope. Of the names I’ve been seeing today, think i would go the coordinator route with Matt Canada

    • Keeler would be a Booby Wallace redux. He won at Rowan with d-1 transfers as Wallace did at South Alabama. He then flamed out at Delaware. It would be a mistake to hire him.

      • For Temple to hire someone Delaware fired is the ultimate slap in the face to every Temple fan. ….

      • Remember that, lived in South Jersey and was getting my MBA there at the time. For stretch Rowan was dominating the NJ conference. Just don’t like where this search is going, are there bigger issues with the program and the admin. If these are the “top” candidates it almost seems like the goal is to start winding the program down to the bottom!!!!

      • I am in no way advocating for KC Keeler, but I’m not sure I would classify his time at UD as “flamed out.” He won a National Championship and went to 2 more finals.

  13. If we hire some FCS coach to lead a top 25 prgram I’m done with this BS.

    • Canada is now “not” interested. Dodged a bullet there. Can’t predict what a coordinator will do as a HC. A better predictor is head coach to head coach but we’ve got to be doing better than FCS head coaches and FBS coordinators. I wonder if Wilder is still in the mix?

      • As The World Turns on North Broad Street.., would be nice if Kraft could chooses a new BOT in addition

      • does it matter?
        December 12, 2016, how many programs at our perceived level are without a head coach? how many schools in the current Top 25 are without a head coach?

      • I’d rather wait for the “right” head coach to shake loose than hire a head coach for the sake of hiring a head coach. We seem to be rushing to hire the Keelers, Roccos and Canadas of the world. Rather go after Al Golden than those three losers.

  14. Hopefully not Keeler. Is a charlatan worse than a snake-oil salesman? Relied on transfers at both Rowan and Delaware (where he could not recruit and develop a QB, he needed transfers which worked with Flacco and Andy Hall -Eagles practice squad guy- but failed a few other years). His players had many off-field incidents at UD coupled with a few losing seasons ended his time there.

    His teams at Rowan habitually lost the championship games and he just got thumped by JMU in the playoffs after having an undefeated season. This tells me Southland Conf is weak and his record at Sam Houston St is probably inflated due to playing patsies.

  15. I am shocked. FAU lands Lane Kiffin and we are looking at the Richmond coach? Id prefer an FBS coordinator.

    The more I think about it, the tougher this job actually is. Temple plays in a tough league. They are coming off of 2 great seasons. There is nowhere to go but down. We were all predicting a step back next year, anyway. A new coach will probably not stop that from happening. Not an ideal situation for a bew coach to walk into.

  16. If we end up hiring a guy like Keeler, probably on the cheap, is there going to be anybody who still thinks an on campus stadium will be built. Does anyone also think this admin will really try to negotiate a good deal for the Linc or will we be without a home after 2018.
    Just hoping these current names, which seems to only be KC Keeler at this point, is just noise and Kraft is staying under the radar with some serious candidates. If not, well at least I’ll end following the team on a high note. Getting too old to go through Bobby Wallace 2.0

    • Gotta wonder if floating these terrible names is all part of a diabolical Kraft plot to slide former Indiana coach Kevin Wilson in. Freaking Wilson looks like another Indiana coach, Knute Rockne, in comparison to Keeler, DeFilippo and Rocco.

  17. What the Hell is going on here, Do I see almost all other ‘major’ open coaching slots have been filled and the deals sealed ? This can only be left with 2 possibilities : 1 – no one really good wants to be Temple HC slot – OR –
    2 – We are waiting for a special someone to come free from an existing job in a week or two.

  18. Seeing Geoff Collins, UF DC as the man. Pretty good job this season despite losing a lot of players to injury. Until they matched up with the Tide that is.

  19. give Pat Kraft credit for playing a stealthy hand.., nobody saw this one coming.., looks like a tremendous hire on paper.., Collins will be better than the last guy we got from Florida

  20. I like the hire a lot. My thought is that Snow was gone unless he got the job. So probably needed a Defensive minded coach. Looks like a great DC and a creative recruiter. Main key is who will his staff be? And specifically, who will the oc be?

  21. Wow. Just wow. OK, Geoff Collins, you have the reins. Take us higher!

  22. This is a great hire, Collins fits the image of Temple which is TUFF. He has a proven DC record at two SEC schools.

  23. Coached with Rhule at Albright and W Carolina. So he knows how to get to Phila.

  24. Two initial thoughts on Collins.

    1. Never an HC. Untested water just with bigger school names attached
    2. He’s a defensive guy. We already have a defensive guy (ranked 3rd in the country). Offense would have made more sense to me.

  25. Being a Florida and Temple fan, my thoughts on Collins are that he is a good DC but he likes to rely on the blitz a lot, which leads to a boom or bust type defense. When it works it absolutely shuts the other team down. When it fails it creates massive plays for the other team. This was the case early in the season for Florida when they lost to Tenn and struggled against teams they shouldn’t have. A number of players were hurt along the DL and at LB so Collins was forced to play a more conservative defense and they actually looked better. In other words, when he just let his players play and didn’t try to force things the defense was better.

    My main worry is that a number of teams, mostly in Florida, have looked at him and passed both this year and last. Who did those teams hire? Guys with HC experience in Charlie Strong and Lane Kiffin. USF makes sense to me because they too are in the AAC, have great recruiting grounds, and have been fairly successful in recent years. FAU on the other hand has never been good, is in a lower level conference, and doesn’t recruit all that well for the previous two reasons. However, they can lure a coach with HC experience because it is Florida and 4* players grow on trees there.

    • Thanks for the perspective. It’s also worth noting this guy was competing against the top talent in the country. His defense of scheme may adjust as he faces offenses with different strategies and personnel. Overall I really like the higher. Temple has made its identity on the defensive side of the ball and this higher she continue that trend.

      I think it will be important who he hires for me recruiting perspective as he seems to have no obvious connections to the Northeast. I also hope he hires an offense of coordinator who understands the talent we have on the team and how best to utilize it rather than simply plugging in a system. I would hate to see this team suffer under the spread offense once again.

  26. Based on the FL fan reactions, this is a good hire.

  27. Mike, what are your thoughts?

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