Mayhem’s Already Here


Temple’s defense is No. 1 in the nation in DL havoc rate and No. 9 in overall havoc rate.

Funny how one of college football’s best nicknames can originate essentially in the basement of a Vanderbilt University grad student, but that’s what led to Temple head football coach Geoff Collins being called the “Minister of Mayhem.”

A couple of years ago, Collins was pouring over some defensive statistics that he especially liked and stumbled upon the mayhem stat, which was developed by Stephen Prather, a student going for his Master’s at Vanderbilt.


Temple is No. 3 in overall defense.

Simply put, the “Mayhem” stat counts the percentage of plays on defense that end in a sack, fumble, tackle for loss or interception and those are the kind of stats Collins gears his defensive scheme to achieve. His players then started calling him the “Minister of Mayhem” and the nickname stuck.

If Collins is the “Minister of Mayhem” then he probably already met the “Kings of Mayhem” and they are our own Temple Owls. Temple’s DL is No. 1 in the nation in “Havoc Rate” which is a team’s total tackles for loss, passes defensed, and forced fumbles.

The defensive footprint stats, which roughly parallel Prather’s and Collins’ favorite stats, already have Temple has the nation’s No. 1 disrupting defense. Since Collins will probably not be his own defensive coordinator, he probably has a guy in mind right now to implement his system.

Who that will be is only known to him, but he will probably come from a group of coaches he met along the way in stops that started at Albright, went to Georgia Tech, Alabama, Mississippi State and Florida.

Meanwhile, he should be observing and taking notes at the Military Bowl because whatever he has in mind for the Owls’ defense are things they already are doing very well.

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7 thoughts on “Mayhem’s Already Here

  1. Adam DiMichele is out, just followed some SEC QBs on Twitter.

    – At this point looks like Ed Foley, Scott Wallace, and the GAs are all who are staying.

    – Even the strength coach is going down south!

    Interested in seeing who, and from where Coach Collins brings his staff.

    • all need come now or real soon.., later is not good and much later is bad

      • At the PC, he said he got mostly 453 texts congratulating him but a surprising high number of fellow coaches wanting to be a part of this. I hope those coaches include the best offensive and defensive coordinator candidates out there and that he is spending his time after going on the Philly media tour pairing down that list. It took Daz a week to recruit Florida DC Chuck Heater and I suspect this is where we will see how good a recruiter Collins is. I hope he keeps Foley like Daz kept Rhule. I want guys who have a history of success. Once he gets the core assistants in place, the next priority is to hit the road with those assistants and laud us some SEC-level recruits.

  2. land us some SEC-level recruits, that we will be lauded for on signing day, I mean.

  3. hope he keeps the single-digit tradition and brings back the helmet sticker.., does anyone know the status of #22? is he injured, not going to class, or absent for personal reasons? likely starter next year..,

    • the thought just occurred to me that since he is still on the roster and was on the sidelines against Navy that he might not be better than the players in front of him. Just a thought. That could change once the players in front of him graduate.

  4. Houston did a great job embarrassing themselves today……

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