Russo To Blackshear Could Be Epic

Sometimes decisions are so easy people term them no-brainers and they are the first ones to instinctively come to your gut.

Raheem “Speedy” Blackshear initially committed to Temple, then re-opened his commitment but, even looking at this objectively and not as a fan, sometimes the best decisions are the ones you make with your gut and, hopefully, in the next 10 days or so, the Archbishop Wood wide receiver listens to his gut and realizes the first impression he had was the right one.

Not only would Blackshear be playing in his hometown for a hometown team—meaning ALL of his friends and family could attend—and receiving a great education in the process, the pairing of this wide receiver and this quarterback could be Epic, as the kids say.

How do we know?

It’s already been Epic as current Temple quarterback Anthony Russo and Blackshear combined for 22 touchdowns and, more importantly, a Pennsylvania state championship in football two years ago. In that year, Russo and Blackshear demonstrated a kind of feel for each other in the open field that a great quarterback has with a great receiver. Temple fans know it when they see it and they have seen it with a only a few combinations—John Waller to Jim Callahan, Steve Joachim to Randy Grossman, Brian Broomell to Gerald “Sweet Feet” Lucear, Henry Burris to Van Johnson, Adam DiMichele to Bruce Francis and P.J. Walker to Robby Anderson over the last 50 or so years.

In the pros, you can think of Joe Montana to Jerry Rice or, for older Philly fans, Sonny Jurgensen to Tommy McDonald.

The last time an Epic Pair of state champions came to Temple at roughly the same time, P.J. Walker and Jahad Thomas, they took Temple on a pretty good ride. Because Russo went through his redshirt year, you could pretty much say that Russo and Blackshear will be coming onto the Temple football scene at the same time,too, should Blackshear keep his commitment. A Blackshear arrival will give Russo two guys with the kind of skill set that demands double-coverage as Russo’s current roommate, Isaiah Wright, is a next-level slot receiver. Can’t double cover both, so both should be open in the secondary the next three years at least and that means huge numbers the passing game.

The ride that Russo and Blackshear take Temple on could be even better than the P.J./Jahad one, but we will never know unless they are teamed up again. It could be Epic.

Wednesday: A Break For The G5


5 thoughts on “Russo To Blackshear Could Be Epic

  1. What is your gut feeling that Blackshear stays committed to Temple at this point? I’m sure there is a lot going on with recruiting but so far I’ve haven’t gotten a real “warm and fuzzy” with the new staff in this area.

  2. So what have you heard about Keith Gaither who flies in from Army Air Crop? He must be very patient.

  3. So much for this, I guess it’s still Russo to Wright.

  4. Check out the receiving stats at Ball State from 2011-2014 when Gaither was the WR coach there. Willie Snead, now with the Saints, had 89 and 106 receptions his last 2 seasons under Gaither. His receivers numbers were considerably better than the groups Jackson coached during the same time frame at Akron, NIU and NC State, and I’m not laying any criticism on Jackson at all.
    With regards to Blackshear I posted this on the Temple Fan FB page:
    This is not any kind of knock on the kid or criticism, and best of luck to him at Michigan State but for all of the top rated players who have come out of Wood the past couple of seasons, can someone point out one who has become a real star at the next level recently. Granted, my knowledge is very limited but Brandon Peoples never qualified at Temple, Desmon People snever really did anything at Rutgers and both Thompson and Nate L. Smith were solid contributors.

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