Recruiting Celebration: Expect Fun


If Temple’s only “flip” off a championship season is a FCS one, the “recruiting celebration”  at the Student Pavilion will be somewhat muted.

Broken down to its very essence, football is just a game.

Games are supposed to be fun, and, at Temple in recent years, they have been. Winning begets fun and a fun approach begets more winning. Because former head coach Matt Rhule did not toss grenades over his shoulder on the way out and made sure the foundation was solid, Temple is set up to win for at least four more years.

There is no fun going
to a Big 10 school
and getting your head
beat in 78-0 and 58-0
every weekend. If you’ve
got to do the work
required of a big-time
college football player,
there should be a reward
for that work and,
at Temple, the reward
 is in the winning

So if a recruit is smart—and he has to be to get into Temple—he will gravitate to the place where he can win and have fun. We will know the full class only when all the signatures on the dotted line are faxed to the football offices around the nation tomorrow morning. We do not know those names right now, but we do know one thing.

The 20-25 guys who sign on the dotted line for head coach Geoff Collins will be among the 20 or so luckiest young men in America.

Temple, the reigning champion of the American Athletic Conference, is one of those places. The AAC has wins over Penn State, Florida State, Oklahoma, Louisville, Virginia Tech, Notre Dame, Mississippi and North Carolina State in the last two years, so it’s already established a solid reputation.

There is no fun going to a Big 10 school and getting your head beat in 78-0 and 58-0 every weekend. If you’ve got to do the work required of a big-time college football player, there should be a reward for that work and, at Temple, the reward is in the winning.

Temple is experiencing a football revival not seen since the 1970s when winning and being coached by Wayne Hardin went hand-in-hand.

“I played for Temple University. At the time, we were a pretty good football team. But we weren’t a “football powerhouse”—we didn’t play in the Big 10 or nothing like that—but football for me in college was a lot of fun, just like most guys. I enjoyed my college career, I had a lot of great teammates and we did do well. “

Those were the words of Joe Klecko, written in 1990 in the book “The Sack Exchange: The Definitive History of the 1980s New York Jets.”

At 5 p.m., in the indoor practice facility on Broad Street, Collins will welcome Temple fans and unveil the signing class. With everything associated with Temple football these days, it should be fun and informative.

We will hold off on the judging part until all of the signatures are on the dotted line.

Thursday: Judgment Day


20 thoughts on “Recruiting Celebration: Expect Fun

  1. Who will out-scoop them this year. I’m hoping Collins brings some Sunshine to the Keystone State.

  2. We just got an NFL-worthy CB to transfer in, i’ll take that for sure.
    Not to mention Trey Klock might transfer in as well.

  3. TU lost recruiting battle big time. Rutgers got 4 3 star and only 2 2 star players. I bet no team coming off a championship even with the coaching change has ever done as poorly as TU has. Anyone know where Blackshear is going? He’s not on Rutgers’ current board. Story with MSU is that he wanted to make another visit after committing and Dantonio has a rule prohibiting it. When Blackshear visited Rutgers the scholarship was pulled. Could see him going to Rutgers just to play against MSU.

    • I don’t follow the recruiting ratings, stars, etc. as much as some folks do but it does seem the new staff didn’t do a very good job of even maintaining the players who were verbal commits when they came on board. I suppose we really won’t know how good of a recruiter Collins is until next season

  4. Maybe Collins saw some potential in these recruits and felt a couple transfers would suffice. But 99th ranking is just terrible. Maybe Rhule’s staff slacked off when the Baylor invite became imminent. But most of these kids were his recruits on the heals of 2 10-will I can say is next season should be a winning one with another bowl. Anything less will be a bad omen.

  5. computer clitch: …on the heals of 2 10-win seasons and a conference championship. Maybe the lousy bowl loss had an effect. All I can say is…..

  6. Got the email from the Owl Club proclaiming that Collins is all in for Temple. I responded by saying I’ll believe it when he signs an ironclad ten year deal. Til then not so much. Fool me once…..

  7. Last year Keyvone Bruton got a shout-out for staying loyal throughout the recruiting process and for not taking any other visits. This year, that honor should go to Audley Isaacs.

  8. So we really judging recruiting classes on signing day? really fellas? as I say every single year on this site, we won’t know about any recruiting class until 3 years down the road. these sites sell y’all on 2,3,4,5, stars and class rankings every year. as Temple football recent followers we should know better than this. Examples.

    Hassan Reddick walk-on/no stars
    Tyler Matakevich 2 stars
    PJ Walker 2 stars
    Jahad Thomas 2 stars
    Robbie Anderson 2 stars
    Dion Dawkins 2 stars
    Kyle Friend 2 stars
    Vented Bryant 2 stars

    Don’t worry about the stars. its about how much each recruit wants to develop and become the best.

    • Agree. Also, recruits mysteriously pick up stars when certain schools show up at their games. The whole industry is a joke…..

    • That’s true to some extent. Guess what, the schools with the most five and four stars are always in the top ten. TU got lucky with the kids you named. For too many years, the Owls had very few kids who outperformed their rankings and it showed on the field. I hope there are diamonds in the current crew but over the long haul this weak class will likely manifest itself on the field.

    • Temple has done a great job coaching up 2*s. Still,would have hoped that the AAC trophy would create a higher recruiting profile so they can finally get a chance to coach up 3-4* types.

    • Thanks, shows the lack of knowledge folks have of Collins. I have seen him here in SEC country and Florida opponents couldn’t have been happier when he left, since he was building a D that was resurrecting Florida and they were his recruits. These were Rhule’s recruits and Collins did bring in a few.

  9. Temple is ranked 112-103 by 247 sports and last in AAC.

    I am appalled by this. The school and coach can sugarcoat it all they want but this is horrendous. Tulane and even UConn with a retread coach beat TU. These kids have a steep hill to climb to make this even a bit palatable. This shows how tenuous TU’s hold on being considered competent is and is another strike against them in relation to being asked to join a P-5 conference.

  10. Mike, the recruit roster seems to be a disappointment on the face of it. I am down in the dumps right now in my initial state of reaction. I am thinking maybe I now cut the cord with Football and only go to a few games next year instead of re-up season tixx I enjoyed the since Dickerson year 2.
    I do hope I get more optimistic on this. Maybe If I can get a replay of the KILL NAVY game I will perk up ! Oh Yes, that game was as good and satisfying as the slam of PSU.

  11. On the Burntorange site (Texas), similar sentiments but offering excuses due to new coach coming in and lackluster seasons in the last few years keeping the ‘horns off the radar of recruits. But then, if Herman was on a roll at Houston and recruiting well there, doesn’t seem he was getting higher rated players this time or maybe they went elsewhere. Seems like a similar situation with the Owls except there’s a brand new conference title banner waving at the complex. Maybe the grad transfer door is getting knocked on or some players elsewhere see the writing on the wall after spring practice and transfer in.

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