Saturday: Fun With Graphics


If anyone needs help to dress up his message, it’s Geoff Collins.


Four days ago Temple football made a little history by hiring college football’s first SWAG (Specialist With Advanced Graphics) and, if Geoff Collins’ handwritten slogans are any indicator, no one needs a SWAG more than Collins.

You can do a lot of fun things with graphics and no one is more perfect for that job than new coordinator Dave Gerson, who I have known since he was coming to Temple games as a pre-teen in the first year of the Al Golden Era. No one loves Temple football more than Dave and that love will translate into some fun times for Temple fans in the future. It even got a mention on ESPN. Until a five-star recruit has three hats on the table (Alabama, Ohio State and Temple) and puts on the Temple hat, it might be the last time Temple football gets mentioned on an ESPN crawl for anything but a score.

Golden was the first to realize that video was a good vehicle to promote the program and, in his first year, he hired a video coordinator named Fran Duffy (not to be confused with basketball coach Fran Dunphy). At the Owls’ first Golden football banquet, the coach introduced him this way: “Despite his age, he’s the best in the business.”

Golden must have been onto something because now Duffy is the Philadelphia Eagles’ video coordinator.

So it is in that spirit that we’re going to step away from the heavier topics like recruiting and coaching carousels and revolving doors and the viable long-term future of Temple football and provide some fun with graphics. So far, Gerson has just scratched the surface with some spruced-up slogans Collins thinks about at 3 in the morning and a couple of videos but the possibilities with images are endless.

In this case, images, the separated at birth ones.

Collins looks a little like Tony Soprano. There is even a parody twitter account dedicated to the resemblance.


Former Owls’ linebacker Tyler Matakevich singer Ed Sheeran look like brothers (dirty red).


Frequent Owl photographer Zamani Feelings and District Attorney Seth Williams have never been seen in the same room and that’s probably a good thing.


If you have any more Temple-football related resemblances, be it a current or past player or coach looking like someone else in the public sphere, post them in the comment section below.

Monday: Back to Serious Business

8 thoughts on “Saturday: Fun With Graphics

  1. Steve Dazzler, Al Golden, and Matt Rhule.

    • Steve looks like Sgt. Slaughter, not sure who Al and Matt look like.

      • Sgt. Slaughter for sure! Al Golden was a supermodel winner at Temple who made his mom proud. Matt Rhule may need to grow- it-out-and-comb-it-over like Trent Lott? I love them both, but they both should have stayed another year or two in Philly.

      • I think Rhule leaving for Baylor was way more head-scratching than Golden leaving for the U. Rhule should have learned about the pitfalls of sanctions from Golden. Instead, he will have to be taught the same lesson on his own.

  2. I look like Mel Gibson’s mug shot.

  3. Me, too, Dave. I fell in love with that stadium on 12/3/16 and strangely loved it about half as much on 12/27. If they could put that stadium on a forklift and move it to North Philly, I would sign for that now. Otherwise, if you are even thinking about putting Yulman Stadium in North Philly, could me among the people who would rather stay at the Linc.

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