Shamrock Shakeup Month


Sharif Finch is back to make Mayhem plays like this in 2017.

In a couple of days, a Month of Mayhem will start at the Edberg-Olson Football Complex with the beginning of Spring Practice culminating on Cherry and White Day, April 22.

If successful, fans crammed into that tiny space on that day—when there is a much bigger one available four blocks south—will not notice the difference.

That’s because Mayhem was already pretty much a part of the Temple Defense DNA over the last few years.


Simply put, the “Mayhem” stat new head coach Geoff Collins admires and bases his defensive concept on counts the percentage of plays on defense that end in a sack, fumble, tackle for loss or interception and those are the kind of stats Collins gears his defensive scheme to achieve. His players then started calling him the “Minister of Mayhem” and the nickname stuck.

If Collins is the “Minister of Mayhem” then he probably already met the “Kings of Mayhem” and they are our own Temple Owls. Going into the Wake Forest debacle, Temple’s DL was No. 1 in the nation in “Havoc Rate” which is a team’s total tackles for loss, passes defensed, and forced fumbles.

In this month of drinking Shamrock Shakes, Collins’ own shakeup should look more like a tweak.


So while Temple was nation’s No. 1 disrupting defense, at least in the 2016 regular season, can it be better? Sure, if Collins and new coordinator Taver Johnson tweak things a little to accentuate the strengths of the Owls—a defensive line that includes proven players like Sharif Finch, Jacob Martin, Michael Dogbe, Greg Ward, Freddy Booth-Lloyd , Karamo Dioubate,  among others—and masks areas that could be weaker, like the linebackers. Essentially, Temple has a solid group of linemen and defensive backs and will have to replace three starters at linebacker, Jared Alwan, Avery Williams and Stephaun Marshall.

To do this, if Collins plays a 5-2 he will have to replace only two linebacker starters and have a proven player up front to create this havoc we all seek.

Just a little tweak, but an important one to keep a good thing going because the Owls have been all about Mayhem for at least the last couple of years.

Monday: Opening Day


6 thoughts on “Shamrock Shakeup Month

  1. Mike any chance of spring practices being open to the public?

    • No shot. … heck, Rhule’s policy was that the press couldn’t even attend a practice except for the last 10 minutes and Collins is probably going to lean on Rhule for administrative stuff like that. Rhule did allow ex-Temple players to attend practices every Saturday and I hope Collins continues that policy. Nadia has a list and a firm grasp on who the ex-Temple players are, so nobody is sneaking in and giving out the plays like that Wake Forest radio guy.

      • Thanks. What are your insights on the linebackers this year? DL looks good as you stated in the article. Does Isaac have the ability to come in and start?

  2. I think Folks will start at one. The other spot (hopefully not spots) is wide open. I think Isaac has the physical ability, but a true freshman has to learn a lot of nomenclature at that position and that is why the three starters who are leaving did not start right away.

  3. The 2016 CW game was a block party, and the game was a mere sideshow to me. Another block party, preferably a mini-mardi gras, is in order enhanced with big screen CCTV of the game for purist and owlsessive compulsive devotees.

  4. The play depicted in the photograph heading this article is arguably the greatest play in TU history, notwithstanding Kirkwood’s catch at CFU. The play turned the momentum in the Owls’ favor for the rest of the game and ensured that TU would beat PSU at least once in our lifetimes. The fact is that TU may never beat them again ever.

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