QB Departure Might Offer Clue for Leader


             Logan Marchi is getting more reps with the ones.

In a program as large as Temple’s, there are all sorts of comings and goings even in the best of times.

The Owls are the right fit for most, but they can’t be the right fit for everyone.

That’s why last week’s five-quarterback race is now down to a four-person one with the departure of Overbrook (N.J.’s) Tommy Wyatt.

Although there is no official depth chart, we’ve been told from reliable sources that Wyatt was the fifth quarterback. In a case like that, reading that handwriting on the wall is an important skill and Wyatt’s transfer to Rutgers probably was the best move for all parties.

Right now, the battle for the starting position seems to be between three players—Anthony Russo, Logan Marchi and Frank Nutile—and true freshman Todd Centeio probably could benefit from a redshirt year, which he is likely to get.

Although media members are allowed to only see the final 10 minutes of practice, leaks from others who do see the entire practice say that Marchi is getting most of the reps now. Unless that changes, he is on a straight-line path to be the starter at Notre Dame.

It might be reading too much into the situation, but that appears to be the direction Patenaude is headed this spring.

We won’t know for sure until Cherry and White Day, but my guess is that Marchi will be quarterbacking one team and Russo the other and, if one guy separates  himself that day, the sooner the starter will be named.

If it’s a photo finish, then the issue won’t be decided until the summer.

Friday: Cherry Flags

Monday: Red Flags

Wednesday: Playing Poker



6 thoughts on “QB Departure Might Offer Clue for Leader

  1. Do u really think Marchi will win the job for the season, or is this just a 1-time thing to avoid the QB sh*ting his pants like that kicker did a few years back? Would Russo stay if he doesn’t win the job?

  2. CFB is a tough business for QB’s. One QB ties down the job for 2 or 3 years and the others hardly get any playing time. Even if the difference in ability is rather minimal. Hope the Wood kid stays and is happy to help recruiting in the Philly area.

  3. I’m beginning to lose patience with this staff, even UConn of all schools out-recruited Michigan to snag an in-state LB. I wonder if our’s can do that with a Philly recruit?

  4. That’s ok about Wyatt. Rumor has it he couldn’t hold Matt Baker’s jock strap .

    • Hell with Matt Baker. He couldn’t hold Marchi or Russo’s jock. Matt Baker was pretty good and if Marchi or Russo is just as good off the jump as Baker was, Temple will be in good shape.

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