5 Questions Dr. Kraft Should Answer

Cherry and White Day is high noon on Saturday at the Edberg-Olson Complex.

The day means different things to many people, but mostly it is a gathering of fans and friends who have not had the opportunity to meet in months all over the shared passion that is Temple football.

It also has been another thing in recent years and that is running into people who are plugged into what the university is thinking, like Dr. Patrick Kraft, the athletic director, and DIck Englert, the school’s president.

Both are approachable and friendly and both TRY to answer fans’ questions honestly.

Cherry and White Day would be a good time to get answers from them, particularly Dr. Kraft, on these five questions:


Why is C and W Still at the E-O?

With the opening of the sports complex four blocks south that includes a 2,000-seat soccer stadium, why cram 5,000 fans into a 500-seat hole anymore? South Florida has proved for the last two seasons that you can hold a spring game in a soccer facility and Temple should do the same. Two thousand seats plus the 500 portable seats the school brings to the E-O every year should make everyone comfortable. There is a field hockey game at 1 on the adjacent field but the soccer stadium is open. It should have been used this year and certainly should be used next season.


How close are we to an announcement on the stadium?

We’ve been hearing behind the scenes that all systems are go on the new stadium, but there have been mixed messages. Moody Nolan, the architect, has been quoted as saying that the stadium is on hold. Is it? Or have the reassurances that everything is a go are meant to keep the private donations flowing? Why can’t the university set a date to make an announcement one way or another? It is time to bleep or get off the pot.


What’s the holdup?

We’re aware that the city certainly is an obstacle, as are the 20 or so people from the community who seem to come out to Stadium Stompers’ meetings. Why hasn’t the school approached City Council with even an initial proposal?

When Will the Revolving Door Be Replaced?

The doors to the Edberg-Olson Complex seem to open in a normal fashion. You pull them open and hold them open for the women and the older fans to enter. Around the head coach’s office is a revolving door, and has been since 2010. What is the university doing to assure fans and recruits that the new coach they hire one year isn’t going to leave the next?

Was the subject of coaching stability ever brought up in the Geoff Collins’ interview?

Or was it conveniently ignored like the Elephant in the Room? Inquiring minds need to know and there would be no better day to know at least some of these things than Cherry and White Day.

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12 thoughts on “5 Questions Dr. Kraft Should Answer

  1. If I’m recalling correctly, the single biggest obstacle to the new stadium is the need to block off that one street that is supposedly a lifeline to getting downtown for the neighborhood? And that’s one of the biggest things the neighbors have against it. Everything else construction-wise is solvable. Although from a cost viability standpoint there are no guarantees of sustaining success for the football program, which would help build attendance and fill the seats regularly. Fan support only goes so far at Temple for whatever reasons, like it or not.

    • 15th Street as a lifeline to Center City is laughable. Broad Street can easily be used for the same purpose.

  2. Like it it not, Temple plays in the AAC , which is not one of the Power 5 conferences, and there is no such thing as coaching stability in the AAC and any other conference. Rhule signed a 6 year contract extension after 2015. Golden also signed a contract extension. I can’t blame Rhule for jumping at the opportunity to coach in a Power 5 conference. Baylor has a bigger athletic budget, bigger donors and a stadium that is filled on game day.

    Go Owls !!!!!!

    • Don’t hire anyone who won’t sign an ironclad contract limiting them from leaving in anything less than six or seven years or have a big buyout.

      • Amazing that we’ve gone from hiring Nick Saban (Wayne Hardin and Pop Warner) to unproven assistants over the last dozen years. Some of them worked out; some of them won’t. Temple has from a coaching reality gone from a Power 5 team to a G5 team with no foreseeable way out of the morass.

      • So you’d rather have 6 years of a guy who is in such little demand that he would agree to a deal so heavily leveraged against him versus a guy who may leave in 2 or 3 years, but would only be leaving because of winning big at Temple?

        Sorry, I just don’t get that train of thought at all.

  3. As far as closing the street goes, TU should have already done a traffic study on 15th Street to dispel the bs that it’s a main thoroughfare. Until they do, 15th will eventually continue to grow into the Schuylkill Expressway and become the street the future of Philly depends on. The way they’re handling this is so amateurish. Instead of being pro-active, they’re being passive and allowing the other side to create the narrative, which is a sure fire path to failure.

  4. Q6. Where will TFBF be holding court on CWG?

  5. I personally don’t know anything about the importance, or lack thereof, of keeping 15th street open. I’m just recalling that it was a big issue, true or not, as to why city hall is giving Temple such a hard time about building their stadium. To me it just sounded like, except for that street issue, Temple should be able to do whatever they want on their own campus ground. But the street is the one big city/off-campus issue that Temple has no control over.
    Really tho, Temple can’t persuade City Hall, they can’t raise the big bucks, they can’t significantly increase fan support, they can’t keep successful coaches, they can’t do this, they can’t do that…..there’s many more can’ts than cans. So for now, let’s just hope they can keep winning and make us old timers relatively happy. I’m gettin’ too old for all this sh!t. Bring us somethin’ good Collins – that’s all I’m askin’ for right now.

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