The Temple NFL Draft


About the only person who was not booed at the NFL Draft on Thursday night was from Temple University. The hometown Eagles’ pick was met with mixed boos and cheers, which was surprising. Picks of the New York Giants, Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys were booed, as was the Commissioner, which was not.

Only Temple football was cheered, loudly and proudly.

In a city where Temple football has always been second fiddle to the pro team in town, that’s a tremendous moment.

Maybe the best.

“Temple TUFF is the
most elite, toughest,
hardest-working, people
on the planet.”
_ Haason Reddick

Haason Reddick, who was drafted No. 13 overall by the Arizona Cardinals, walked down the steps of the Art Museum to a crescendo of loud cheers and not a single boo.

Derek Barnett, the Tennessee defensive end who went next to the hometown team, was met with a scattering of boos and cheers. There were a lot of Eagles’ fans dressed in green exiting after that pick with thumbs down signs.

We’ll see what happens over the next few years but a writer could not have picked a better scenario for Reddick or a better place for him to flourish. Former Temple head coach Bruce Arians is in charge there and a couple of great former Temple assistants (Nick Rapone and Amos Jones) are among the numerous Owl connections out there.

There will be a lot of Temple stories, old and new, for Reddick to hear from and swap with the old heads.

Arians will take care of Reddick in a way that Doug Pederson could not have so, from the standpoint of a perfect fit, Reddick to Arizona is probably better than any other pick in the draft—even Myles Garrett to Cleveland at No. 1.

If Temple North is the New York Jets, then certainly Temple South is the Arizona Cardinals.

Temple Central will remain embedded in Reddick’s heart and he said it best when interviewed by Upper Dublin High School grad Suzie Kobler on ESPN when she asked him what Temple TUFF was all about. Kobler knows all about Temple having grown up across the street from Temple’s Ambler Campus.

“Temple TUFF is the most elite, toughest, hardest-working, people on the planet,” Reddick said.

Now it’s up to Geoff Collins to turn that quote and that moment into mining a 2017 recruiting class worthy of those words.

Reddick gave him a good head start with the unprecedented love.

Monday: The Other Guys


22 thoughts on “The Temple NFL Draft

  1. It was really nice, that great celebration for Hasson Reddick going #13 last night, and all the good cheer from the crowd plus little negative back spin. about Temple from the analysts. So this morning reading my AC Press for the complete first round , my mind came up with this thought : ‘ Where Are !! Penn State !!. Yes it is a cheap and vain point of satisfaction, but I do believe that little ‘ol minor league team Temple Owls had a 1st rounder before — ‘ Where Are !! Penn State !! .
    Schadenfruede rears it’s head again !!

    • Penn State will be back strong in the Draft of 2018. No so sure I can say the same for TU football. Possibly Sharga, Chandler, Martin & Jones

  2. The front page Yahoo article up now mentions a small blurb about Haason’s fan reaction.

  3. I thought one of the great draft stories last night was the Pittsburgh Steelers drafting the Pitt RB James Conner who had a tremendous year after overcoming cancer. Great Pittsburgh story. By comparison, I just don’t think the Eagles would ever do something similar to put Temple in a positive light in any way. That would include drafting any TU player. I think most followers of Temple FB know how supportive the Steeler organization is to Pitt relative to what Temple gets from the Eagles especially the terms of the stadium lease for Temple games. Seems like the faster the Eagles can ultimately push TUFB out of the Linc, the happier they will be. But I’m a believer to some extent in karma. The Steelers have 6 Super Bowl championships. Some cause and effect? Just saying. (BTW, we have season tickets for TU and the Birds. So this isn’t just some anti-Eagles rant.)

    • It would be nice to throw the Owls a bone and grab Jahad Thomas in the sixth or seventh round. I’ve seen the Eagles’ running backs and, other than Sproles, I don’t think there’s a hole-finding talent on that team better than Thomas. He’s better than Smallwood and, unlike Smallwood, can return kicks.

      • Thomas ran a 4.6 at the combine which killed an opportunity to get drafted. He signed a free age contract and will be a long shot to make it. He is versatile enough to make a club. He can be a third down back, wok out of the slot and play on special teams.

  4. After watching 3 Temple players drafted with 2 in the first 2 rounds and seeing 5 others signing free agent contracts it really shows what an excellent job Rhule and his staff did in their four years. Let’s not forget the 3 that were drafted last year and the free agents as well. Two thoughts come to mind. The high school ranking system by number of stars is bs and why Rhule was in such high demand. Let’ s hope Collins and company continue to build on what Golden started and Rhule took to a new level for Temple football.

    • Yeah, the 127th-ranked class was a head-scratcher even considering that Collins had only a month. Obviously, he placed a large priority on hiring staff to the exclusion of recruiting. Golden proved you could hire a staff and bring in a good class in a month. Don’t think any of the other Temple coaches came close to him in their transition years.

      • The 2015 and 2016 teams should have finished the season stronger considering the talent we put on the field. Dream opportunities to win bowl games and finish in the Top 25.

        Three big opportunities at the end of each year: conference championship, bowl win, and Top 25 finish. Temple is 1-5 over the last two years. Collins is dreaming, you’re not a Top 25 program if you don’t finish the season in the Top 25.

        Those are the indisputable facts absent of alternative facts and fake news.

  5. Well kj, your comment is “indisputable.” A good draft, as great as it is, brings any honest Temple fan to question why we didn’t do better at the end of these last 2 seasons – for your “big 3.” Even with the downs, these last 10 years have dragged a moribund program up to national respectability. But it still doesn’t equal how much better these last 2 seasons could have been if they would have finished better. Our Mahoney didn’t win the Penn Relays steeplechase this year by pooping out at the end in a close race. These last 2 seasons, as exciting as they were, brought disappointment and a let down and will never be the best seasons in Temple football history even tho they brought us some pride. Even without a conference championship, winning a bowl game and finishing in the top-25 is what Collins needs to do to elevate the program even more – those 2 things will bring more national respectability than the AAC championship.
    But congrats to the drafted and FA players and the coaching that got them there. The draft alone brings some excitement too.
    Now, Collins needs “to finish” to keep the program rising.

    • Coaching is to blame in both bowl game losses. In 2015, Rhule’s dalliance with other teams and his attitude that the bowl trip was a vacation, affected the team. Last season, the fact that the team was essentially coach-less prior to the WF game doomed the Owls. It especially doomed the offense, which could not score in the red zone and made no changes to the game plan even after it was clear that the game plan was not working. Let’s hope Collins recognizes how essential it is that the Owls end the season by winning its bowl game.

    • KJ- they won a conference championship! Talk about fake news. Your diatribe epitomizes fake news.

      • Are you really defending how we finished the last two seasons?

        What is important, and what gets this program to the next level? It is the big three; conference championship, winning a bowl game, and finishing in the Top 25. A Top 25 finish is the jewel for a non-P5 program. Don’t think so, how would you rate this year’s recruiting class?

        The fact remains, we are 1-5 over the last two seasons for the Big Three.

        The point is we underachieved considering the talent we put on the field. Misplaced loyalty at it’s finest…., coaches come and go, they always have and they always will.

        What if Pat Kraft negotiated a contract with Collins that said if you leave before the bowl game you will suffer a huge financial penalty? The health of the program is more important than the coach.

      • …and then went out and lost to a 6-6 8th-9th place P5 team, which is a perception-killer for a G5 league champion. I know you lost your coach, I know it’s not fair, but CFB isn’t about fairness. Believe me, I just watched almost everything Coach Schiano built get torched in about 3 seasons by the guy who took over for him and now everyone likes to pretend 10+ seasons of competitive Rutgers Football never happened and Ash didn’t inherit an absolute mess.

        Your situation reminds me of pro wrestling a bit in that there’s the guy booked to ‘win’ and the guy booked to ‘get over’. Last year, you won the league title, including a sound win over USF…but USF took down South Carolina in a bowl game, finished 11-2 and in the Top 25, and now has Charlie Strong taking over as HC. They ‘got over’. What team do you think John Q Public would say had the better season? What team will pay more attention to?

        Joe P.

      • Lol. KJ sometimes doesn’t deal in facts.

      • I am defending a 20-8 record the last two years and a conference championship. I am defending 6 draft picks two of which were in the first 2 rounds. I am defending a slew of free agent signings. People like you forget about how bad this program was just 10 years ago. Tell me who won any of the non news years day bowls? Nobody cares……………………….. KJ you need a lesson in capitalism, you cannot stop someone from taking another job especially if it is higher paying with a more challenging environment. Maybe you’d prefer we once again hired the Jerry Burnt’s or Ron Dickerson or Bobby Wallace. People who fail! I prefer people like Golden and Rhule, winners while they are here.

  6. How (and who) decided to make the Special Teams coach the interim coach for the Bowl game?

    • Dr. Patrick Kraft, the Temple AD. Didn’t have much of a choice. He was the only guy with head-coaching experience who wanted to stay at Temple. Bigger mistake IMHO was to allow the entire defensive staff to go recruit for Baylor and miss 8 bowl practices. Kraft should have said if you are going to do things halfway, hit the road Jack (err, Phil). Clawson totally exposed our defense with the tight end seam and we looked like we never practiced against it, which was true.

  7. Badley, you jump all over the place just to win an arguement. It’s simply a fact that as nice as the last 2 seasons were, they both ended badly, particularly considering what was at stake – bowl wins and top 25 rankings, both of which were in reach. No one is talking about capitalism and the right to change jobs, but what’s allowed by the NCAA comes under scrutiny – allowing a system to encourage coaches to jump ship before bowl games to start recruiting for their new school. Simple rule changes would solve those kind of problems.But, since you brought it up, I will say college football has become a microcosm of capitalism where fewer and fewer have a chance to compete, like the P-5 monopoly over the G-5. It should be about setting rules that are fairER. Dog-eat-dog competition is what we want to see on the field of play but civilized society should make things more equal for opportunity. College football and the NCAA is all about money, all about “wall street over Main street.” Capitalism encourages and breeds greed and that’s what we’re seeing in college football.
    Sorry for the diatribe, but others here are also fed up with this P-5/G-5 thing that has developed and many other results that just keep feeding the already rich programs.

    • Amen…, us old Temple fans spend entirely too much time in the past. We were terrible years ago, and how is that relevant to the kids we are recruiting today?

      We should focus on what we want to be and how best to get there. G-5 schools must finish the season with a bowl win to be relevant.

      Just imagine if we had beaten Wake and finished ranked. Better than 50% chance we would be ranked ahead of ND going into the season opener…,

      We have had two really good seasons back to back, no argument here. The fact is we should have finished much better considering the talent we have sent to the NFL recently. How many players from Wake were taken in the first two rounds?

    • I’m not trying to win an argument only commenting that a 20-8 record for the last two years and a conference championship represents successful seasons in my mind. I look at the program as a whole not on a game by game basis. Hey 30 something other teams lost their bowl game too, does that mean they had a bad year, nope. football is a zero sum game, somebody wins and somebody loses. In reference to capitalism, You know why the G-5 has a monopoly? Because they bring fans to stadiums and eye balls to tv. I have been a Temple fan for quite some time but Temple can’t put 30k fannies in seats consistently. Cry all you want about G-5 and P-5 but the G-5 is a product TV executives want and will pay for because they bring viewers and with viewership comes advertising $$$$ at a higher rate. That’s why the TV payouts are so high for G-5 and so low for P-5. Have you ever noticed who the sponsors/advertisers are for Temple football games on ESPN? Take notice next time, it’s not national/international brands like beer companies or insurance companies. it’s low cost commercials and they look lost cost too. You know why? Because advertisers want lots of eyeballs so they can sell their wares and the G-5 doesn’t bring lot’s of eyeballs to TV or pack stadiums. If you can’t get a big following to attend games or watch on TV then you will be destined to be in a P-5 conference or become extinct. Do you think Rutgers and Maryland got into the big ten because they are national powers in football? No, they got im because of TV which means advertisers want that market space. It’s how the real world works. As for coaches jumping ship, as long as there are opportunities to make more money, higher visibility and more challenging positions, coaches will leave when opportunities present themselves. Just like college athletes who leave school early to join the pro ranks. There will never be a rule stopping coaches from leaving programs, nor should there be. The marketplace has a way of sorting stuff out. So to be longwinded but it really is how things work in college football.

  8. Badley, won’t argue with you about fannies in the seats and TV ratings, cause it’s true. But some of us who expressed disappointment at the end-of -the-season results never said the seasons weren’t successful overall. But they weren’t as successful as they could have been and it’s because of bad coaching decisions and the way the college football world is organized, which aids the big boys and keeps the little guys down in their place so to speak, for money reasons. Say what you want, but again it’s a micrcosm of our society – the super wealthy vs everybody else who will never have a chance if some fair play changes aren’t made. I don’t need a lesson in “how things work in college football.” I already know about that. I’m saying that I think it sucks and needs to be changed if the Temples are going to get a chance at doing better. It’s about power grabbing and money, not about any sense of fairness.
    If you like things the way they are, so be it. I hope for better behavior from people even if it may be some unrealistic dream.

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