The Big Cheeses

Sometimes you wish everyone was Ed Foley.

At least I do, not necessarily for what they do but for what they say.

The Temple football video guys (and gal Morgyn Siegfried) have an interesting series where every Friday they take a Temple football coach or staff member for a Cheese Steak.

Hence, Cheese  Steaks With Coach was born.

All of the videos can be watched here.

When I viewed the first video with head coach Geoff Collins, I did not know what answers he would give but was nonetheless interested in what he had to say.

Then I watched the second one with Foley and Ed said everything I wanted Collins to say about Temple and Philadelphia was perfectly articulated by Foley and you know Foley meant every word he said.

“I love it here,” Foley said. “This is where I want to be. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

So far, we’ve heard Al Golden, Steve Addazio and Matt Rhule say similar things that, in retrospect, could not have meant. We’re thinking mostly about Rhule’s specific comment about not wanting to coach anyone other than Temple’s players after he signed a contract last year in good faith at Temple and that no amount of millions thrown at him would get him to change his mind.

A year later, he changed his mind.

Collins nor any of his assistants have proclaimed their love of the place in their segments as much as Foley did in his. It might have been an oversight, but a lot of it is because this is home for Foley. A perfect coach for Temple would be a guy who loves Philadelphia as much as Foley has, a recruiter like Golden and a game day mastermind like Wayne Hardin was.

That perfect guy probably does not exist.

You can learn a lot about cheese steaks and more about the mindset of the current coaching staff.

They all love the food, but none gee Cheese whiz you kind of wish there was that same kind of enthusiasm about the place and the program Foley showed.

Monday: It’s About Time



8 thoughts on “The Big Cheeses

  1. Coach Omar Hales left for Rutgers. Wish it was another school but he was doing a decent job of showing people around during visits. This is a pretty big deal imo.

  2. The cheesesteaks were more interesting than the interview. What’s on the menu: The Matt Rhule: Tongue Sandwich Texas Pete’s Hot Sauce; The Addazio: Bologna and Cheese with a side of macaroni salad, The Al Golden: Just Desserts.

  3. John B: What came up with the link pertained to the Big XII’s successful finances. Perhaps the link switched on you when posting.

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