This Was The Week That Was


Haason Reddick gives a shout out to Temple Football Forever at the 2:29 mark of this video. What kid would not want to be a part of this?


Back in the 1960s, a political satire program appeared on network television for a couple of years called “That Was The Week That Was.” It was hosted by a guy named David Frost and gave an actor named Alan Alda his first national exposure.

For first-year Temple coach Geoff Collins, that week was this week and it might have been his best week ever as a  football coach anywhere, head or assistant. For a guy who ran the recruiting at Georgia Tech and Alabama, that’s saying a lot. Any Temple fan skeptical of Collins’ long-term commitment to the Owls (raising hand here), can now be disabused of the notion of a quick exit. This week of recruiting proves that he at least plans to be here for a long time better than any words that might come out of his mouth. As a start, this is the kind of class you build if you want to beat Power 5 schools three years down the road. At the very worst, he is building a house of brick, not straw.


The Owls got 13 commits and before anyone rains on their parade and says wait until February to see if those commits are still around, remember that most people are men of their word. It’s the exception, not the rule, when a player de-commits from his original commitment.

There are a couple of reasons for that and one of them has to do with first impressions being important. A player often gets a “gut” feeling for a school and that feeling in the gut seldom goes away. The first love usually is the strongest one. The second reason is that the school that showed the initial love gets the benefit of the doubt.

Temple is a hot school right now and not only from a football perspective. All studies have indicated that incoming college students want an urban experience, not a rural one, and football players are no different. For the past four years, Temple has broken records for applications. These students could have gone anywhere. They chose Temple as the place they want to be. Philadelphia is a big plus as well, after recently getting the only “World Class City” designation of a city in the United States and being named the second-best travel destination for vacations. When you go to a school, you go for the full four-year experience, not just the football side.


Plenty of fan spirit around Temple football these days.

Nobody is vacationing in, say, Piscataway or State College.

Speaking of Piscataway, it was rather amusing to watch the reaction to the announcement of St. Augustine Prep running back Kyle Dobbins. A thread was started on the Rutgers’ football site noting that Dobbins would make his announcement at 8 p.m. on Monday. One of the first posts was asking him to please pick Rutgers. Another post followed with a “praying hands” icon. When Dobbins finally picked Temple, the tone changed. In a matter of three hours, the kid went from “please, please, pick us” to “he sucks and Ash probably didn’t want him anyway.” Only one RU poster called out his fellow ones for the hypocrisy. Par for the course over there.


All the things that make Philadelphia a vibrant destination city for tourists make it an incredibly exciting destination for potential students.

Collins, a skilled recruiter with an impressive pedigree, is mining those assets and, so far, he is coming up with Gold. You can bet that he will be digging for larger chunks in the months ahead.

Monday: A Closer Look At The Commits


15 thoughts on “This Was The Week That Was

  1. In a way , we football fans have as much charity in our hearts as say the crowds at the Roman Circus/Colosseum.
    As I view the newest recruiting list I see we have many people vying for each position yearly, like say 4 or 5 just for QB.
    As a fan I always want to see more, and better and the best , but I feel for the majority of young men who will just ride the pines. Makes me heartless too because I just want to win and I used to scream at QB’s Stewart and the tall guy McGann, hoping they would be replaced.
    Fans can be cheap and heartless, Yes ? I fear I am sometimes .

  2. I think your selective perception with Rutgers struck again. With Dobbins, there definitely were some ‘sour grapes’ posts though you seem to imply that Rutgers posters corner the market (“par for the course” remark) on that which couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m sure OwlScoop can supply you with some doozies as well. You also left out half the story/ seem to have forgotten that Isaih Pacheco, one of the top/ higher-profile RB prospects in the area, committed to Rutgers less than 24 hours later.

    The whole ‘vacation spot’ thing is a bit of a red herring IMO. It’s not exactly news that TU is located in Philly. Does Philly support TU? I have no true idea though it doesn’t seem to show in terms of attendance or facilities…with everything else it remains to be seen though I’m willing to bet that a lot of the stuff you’re saying about Collins now you also said about Addazio. The coach you’re toughest on oddly enough is Rhule, and IMO he’s the best one you’ve had in years.

    Joe P.

    • Rutgers sucks. Talk about sour grapes.

      • What does a perspective recruit want to do? Win championships at Temple (and get drafted) or get their heads beat in 81-0 and 78-0 at Rutgers? Pretty easy decision.

    • “Some sour graps posts?” Just about every one after 8 p.m. was a sour grapes post. Couldn’t speak for Owlscoop since it’s a pay board. The “vacation spot thing” is not a red herring. It’s just an indication that Philadelphia is a destination city in addition to being a great college town with plenty for students to do in their four-year experience. South Street and neighborhoods like Brewytown with their 104.5 concerts at the Piazza are big draws for the younger crowd. Attracting students (and student athletes) to Temple has nothing to do with “Philly supporting Temple” (although Philly supported Temple in a big way on Notre Dame and Penn State game days in 2015). It has more to do with Philly being a great town for college students and a big draw for perspective students who want a rich four-year college experience. I was never a big Daz fan and that’s well-documented here. As for Rhule, his mentor was Collins. I’d rather have the guy who was the mentor than the guy that was mentored. Rhule gave Collins a lot of credit for many of the “big program decisions” he made as a head coach the last two years, including going to a fullback-oriented run-first, play-action passing game.

      • It wasn’t that long ago that Temple was losing to MAC schools by 60+ points so I’d figure you guys more than anyone would know that a few tough years doesn’t mean a team can’t rise again…and you should be glad Golden’s guys didn’t follow your own logic because NO ONE would have came to TU at the time. Mike, there’s a lot I can say right now, but I think you do a good job overall here (the main reason I stated coming around was that a few friends of mine coached a former TU player in junior ball/ HS) and this is ‘your place’ so I’m not going to come here and start ‘trashing’ it with a bunch of back and forth stuff.

        Joe P.

  3. great week compared to what? CC sent his team to Saban U for a recruiting 101 seminar, we have positive emerging results…,

    how will this recruiting class rank in the conference and nationally?

    back to back appearances in the conference championship game.., how many teams have consecutive appearances in their conference championship, and how are they doing this recruiting year?

    • It’s gone from 126 last year and 48 now with all indications of moving up. December 20th is the early signing date. Let’s make that the real party. I must admit I was concerned with Collins’ first class but that was hastily put together and he wasn’t able to keep two of Rhule’s top guys, who eventually went to Baylor with him. Maybe Collins wasn’t able to juggle the hiring of a staff and recruiting in a month the way, say, Golden was and that got him stumbling out of the blocks. Once helped off the ground, he now seems to have hit his recruiting stride.

  4. David Frost never kicked a man while he was down, unless you include Richard Nixon.

    • The Nixon interview was a long time ago, but I think Frost was pretty straightforward and allowed Nixon to get all of his opinions aired. He later sired Mike Frost, a former Temple quarterback, who beat Rutgers, 48-14, in Jersey. Just kidding about the sired part, not the score part.

      • Temple won their conference championship, Rutgers may never win their conference championship…, house odds favor the Owls

  5. Not so sure recruiting well in his first year here necessarily means he’ll be around for a longer time. It might simply mean he wants to show he can recruit well even for a G5 school that hasn’t been very good until recently. He could still be gone in 2-3 years with a couple really nice seasons and a lucrative contract offer – if he does that along with his successful background before coming to Temple, he’ll get offers. Rhule was gone in 3 years of 1 moderate to 2 very good seasons (the first year obviously doesn’t count). I have a good feeling about CC but the games will show what we really have. Go Owls. Beat ND!

  6. PS: Anyone who doesn’t think Collins is looking ahead and wanting to move up is being a bit naive, especially considering the places he’s coached previously.

  7. TU athletic administration should already be compiling a list of possible future coaches by checking out the most successful college coaches at the lower levels and successful P-5 assistant coaches and coordinators instead of being caught flat-footed like they were the last three times it happened.

  8. That’s ok JoeRU, us Temple fans get touchy because really we have our fingers crossed that our recent success will continue after such a long and terrible stretch and we’re worried about all this P5/G5 stuff and how it effects schools like Temple. I for one think your comments are accurate and you’re quite civil to boot. I appreciate your analysis of Temple football as compared to Rutgers’. What I’d really like to see is an annual rivalry between our schools. It just makes sense on a local (regional?) level. We’ve had some good games the last few decades so it’s just a natural matchup – Jersey against Pennsy! NYC region against Philly.

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