This Year’s Slogan


No one has confirmed anything about it yet, but after “Leave No Doubt” and “Unfinished Business” were such a success, the hunt for a new slogan may be over.

Right there on a shirt Geoff Collins wore were two simple words with a double entendre: Project Mayhem.

If the powers that be are still looking around for something catchy, Collins may have either stumbled upon it or developed it by stroke of inspiration, if not genius.

Leave No Doubt made its mark because it was born out of Kenny Harper’s heartfelt speech to the team at the end of the 6-6 season. Many people thought the Owls deserved to make a bowl off that 2014 season, but it turns out they were one of four 6-6 teams left off the bowl list.

Harper’s departing words speaking to the juniors were: “Next year, leave no doubt.”

Leave No Doubt became the slogan and it led to a 7-0 start, a win over Penn State and a Game Day appearance with visiting Notre Dame.

That was tough to top but “Unfinished Business” was born out of reaching the AAC title game, but losing it to Houston on the road.

Thus, “Unfinished Business” was a natural follow-up to “Leave No Doubt.”

Those slogans produced a pair of 10-win seasons and projected progress.

For the Owls to progress this season, they would have to slip through the head of a very small needle—winning the AAC again and THEN winning a bowl game. That’s really the only way this season would be considered better than the last two.

Since “Let’s Win The Title and Top That Off With a Bowl Win” is too cumbersome a slogan to fit on a T-Shirt, I’ll take what Collins was wearing the other day.

Project Mayhem.

Project (noun) Mayhem in that this new philosophy is a project that could be worthy of entertainment dollars and Project (verb) Mayhem as in project Mayhem on the opposition, especially on defense, resulting in sacks and turnovers.

If both lead to the more cumbersome slogan becoming a reality, then Project Mayhem will be as hard to top as Leave No Doubt and Unfinished Business were.

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Wednesday: Summer Practice

Friday: Comparing The Classes



5 thoughts on “This Year’s Slogan

  1. Georgia on My Mind.

    Atlanta hosts the BCS Championship and is Coach Collins hometown.

  2. Mike, I think you are right, it would be a great slogan.

  3. kj, while a win over (a not-in-top-form) ND would be great, I think they need more than that to make it better than the ’79 season. Just 7-8 wins and losing again in a bowl with no top 25 finish would negatively overshadow beating ND.

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