Happy 4th of July To America’s Team


“Temple is truly America’s Team. You know, give us your poor, your tired, your hungry.”

_ Wayne Hardin, December 12, 1979


5 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July To America’s Team

  1. Also, Happy Birthday to Al Golden and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you did for Temple University.

    • The Golden Years were unbelievable. Biggest turnaround in the history of sports.

      • I thought what UConn did in hiring Randy Edsall was a good model for Temple to follow in the future. A humble Edsall who wandered away from a good thing he had at UConn to a disaster in another spot is probably more likely to stay loyal to UConn in the future. If Collins ever leaves, we should give Al a long look for the same reasons.

  2. That quote speaks to an ideal of America we must continue to struggle to attain. To paraphrase another great leader “these are (some of) americas darkest hours”. Happy fourth.

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