Media Day: Sign Season Not Far Away

When I used to vacation in the Poconos, there was no more significant sign the summer was coming to an end than ads along the side of Route 209 promoting the West End Fair or the Carbon County Fair.

Since I wasn’t interested in county fairs but was very interested in an endless summer, those were always signs of trouble up ahead like, you know, the  end of vacations and the beginning of a long, cold winter.


The last time TU was picked to finish third in the East, it won the division.

I always had Temple football to fall back on, which was nothing to write home about—or even blog about—during the Dark Ages of 1991 through 2005. Now, that’s much different.

College football’s way of telling you the summer is coming to an end are the various Media Days.

The American Athletic Conference held two of them the last two days so as one door closes another opens and it was the AAC’s way of telling you that before the long, cold, winter comes is some exciting football ahead.

Players on the way into the facility at Newport (R.I.) were greeted with the photo of the P6 helmet. The AAC likes to market itself as a P6 Conference. That’s a little silly. While it is the best of the rest, it is still a G5 Conference. What is the Power 5 to do? “Oh, yeah, that helmet reminds us that you are just as  good as us, so here is your invite to join us.” Not happening. As George Carlin says, “it’s a big club and you ain’t in it.”

Commissioner Mike Aresco inadvertently made news when he said that Temple and Miami have signed a home-and-home and Temple quickly denied that a contract had been signed. Temple needs to add more ACC schools to its schedule and Miami would be a nice addition with Duke and Boston College. Maybe Aresco misspoke; maybe he jumped the gun. Hopefully, Miami replaces Bucknell or Idaho.

Even Cincinnati, Temple, Houston and UConn—the four most likely future P5 schools—are stuck in this conference for a long time and they might as well make the most of it.

From Temple’s perspective, even after a championship, there is still a lot left to accomplish and those were basically the answers the players provided on Tuesday morning. There is a great opportunity to beat Notre Dame on Opening Day, and a chance to beat even a more hated rival the next week. There’s a chance to prove to the people picking South Florida and Navy to win the AAC that, not so fast, Temple is really the Gold Standard of this league.

Then there is the challenge of going to a bowl and winning one for a change, a reminder that all this could be accomplished before the real cold part of winter.

Friday: The Big Uglies

Monday: The Gold Standard

9 thoughts on “Media Day: Sign Season Not Far Away

  1. AAC needs to back up their P6 claims. Conference bowl game results the last couple years were PU.

    • That’s the Catch-22 of this league, Dave. AAC can make P6 claims because of its up-and-coming coaches. Because of no NCAA rule dictating coaches remain through bowls, few if any of those coaches dedicate themselves to coaching the bowl games, leaving the AAC with 7-15 FCS head coaches who are nice guys but overmatched against a guy like Clawson. It amuses me to see people from, say, Rutgers, criticize us for losing to Wake Forest without recognizing that fact. I would bet like $1 million dollars Collins is a more effective college head coach than Ash and it would be the easiest money I ever made.

      • AAC needs a poaching plan: reciprocal or contingency bowl game coaching agreements. The league can not get smacked down again like this year.

      • maybe…., remember Temple lost to Toledo in the Boca Bowl

      • Painful memory, KJ. Temple’s luck was that by the time Rhule figured out that he needed to be Mr. Tough Guy in a bowl game, he was out the door. At least the 2015 Owls got plenty of bowling, surfing and visiting the Everglades in before the loss to Toledo. Rhule always learned on the job. Let’s hope Collins has this down just a little better (although, to be fair, I do not know either way).

  2. All this buzz about USA, a team that lost the AAC offensive POY and their best running back. Temple can play with anyone in the league. Dick White /SalisRab 

    Sent from my Galaxy Tab® A

    • You mean USF, but the point is well-made. Marlon Mack is going to be a bigger loss to them than Quintin Flowers, who we smacked in the mouth in Philly. Don’t think he survives Mayhem. Flowers will be playing against us, but Mack–who always killed us more–will be starting in the NFL by the time that game is played.

  3. Ok. The AAC loses Bowl games due to coaching chaos. But starting this season there are 14 OOC games scheduled with P5 teams through the end of September. Win at least 6 of them and the AAC P6 claim has some legitimacy. Win 4 or less and, well, tone that claim down.

  4. Good point Easy owl. There’s a big difference between claiming to be in the ring with the P5 and being the best conference in the G5. Not necessarily the same thing.

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