At least the quarterbacks are not being forced to play other positions.

If we take what Geoff Collins has said as Gospel so far, this season should be interesting.

Take a look at his views on “position flexibility” and depth charts.

One, he believes in; the other he doesn’t.


Collins has so much position flexibility his roster is double-jointed. Wide receiver Keith Kirkwood has played defensive end, as has fullback Nick Sharga. Linebacker Shaun Bradley has played fullback. Wide receivers have played cornerback.

How much flexibility is too much, though?

To me, position flexibility has always been appealing only in certain areas. The offensive and defensive lines should be interchangeable due to depth concerns. Tackles should be able to play guard and guards tackle and there should be a number of guys able to go in if the center goes down.

Other parts of the field, though, and position flexibility gets you diminishing returns.

The NCAA gives you a finite time to practice and having definite units running plays and schemes has to have priority.

Whether this hurts or helps Temple is one of the things that will make this season interesting.

Another is the depth chart.

Collins doesn’t believe in them, only in a vague concept of “being above or below the line.” Above the line means that you will play and below it means you won’t.

Wonder how NBC-TV broadcasters will react when Collins says he can’t give them a depth chart. Walk into any TV booth, as I have done over the  years as a journalist and the two-deep is right there next to the microphone.

I do not know what an “above-the-line” depth chart looks like.

I guess we will find out soon enough.

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2 thoughts on “Double-Jointed

  1. Mike

    Will you be at the ND game? I’ll likely be in Jim Thorpe as it is the last weekend of the summer. I plan to watch the game at home, but JT has a couple of notorious Irish bars where one could make fun of ND groupies

    • Jack: Since I know people in Lake Beltzville (and the Falcones from Palmerton), watching the game in Jim Thorpe is a very appealing option. There’s a bar in the (haunted) Jim Thorpe Inn (Molly Maguires) and another down the street by the main intersection. I’ll be mulling this over.

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