Vesting The Temple QB


There’s a spot right there in the pocket to put the starter’s name.

Now we know why Geoff Collins wears that ubiquitous vest all the time.

He needs to keep something important close to it. Somewhere in one of those pockets is the name of the starting quarterback for Temple against Notre Dame on September 2. One of these days, maybe this week, Collins will pull a name out of a pocket and tell the press.

Or not.

He doesn’t have to name one until maybe an hour before kickoff, but the guess here it will be sometime before that. One thing is certain: No one will ever be comparing Collins’ vest to Al Shrier’s briefcase. The legendary Owl has never disclosed that information and maybe won’t ever.

Collins has to tell NBC-TV who his starter at quarterback will be.

Depending upon whom you talk to, the Temple head coach  is down to two quarterbacks who are “above the line.”

(That’s the new Temple football nomenclature for depth chart, since the new regime doesn’t believe in them. Above the line refers to guys who will play in the actual games.)

A few of the alumni—who had full access—say it’s Frank Nutile and Todd Centeio.

One of the reporters I respect enormously, Shawn Pastor of, say it’s Logan Marchi and Frank Nutile. Pastor and the rest of the media had only second-half access.

The guy whose opinion counts the most, Geoff Collins, isn’t mentioning names.


He will by the end of the week, which is one week later than the ideal time offensive coordinator Dave Patenaude set a month or so ago. At that time, Patenaude said that “you would like to name your starter two weeks before the opener” and Saturday was two weeks.

More kicking the can down the road.

This can has been kicked so far down the road on Broad Street over the last seven months that it probably has reached the Naval Yard by now.  At first, we thought we might have a starter come out of spring camp. That did not happen for a number of reasons, chief among them that no one created the necessary separation to be The Guy.

No worries.

Patenaude has always said from the jump that this was never a case of not having someone who was good enough, but having four guys who are good enough to be a championship Top 25 (at least regular season, until Temple can figure out this bowl thing) starting quarterback. Even though he’s coming to Temple seeing only Coastal Carolina quarterbacks, I tend to believe that reasoning.

Collins, for his part, pretty much said the same thing in his post-Franklin Field scrimmage talk with reporters on Saturday. He also let something slip: “We have packages ready for Toddy.” To me, that means two things. Centeio will not be redshirted and “Toddy” will be second team. You usually don’t have “packages ready” for the first-team quarterback.

Unless that means Toddy is taking a job at UPS during his redshirt season and I don’t think he will get one judging from what Collins says.

That leaves the first-team “above the line” guy and we should find that out in a week. After seven months of watching that can kicked down the road, it should be nice to pick it up and take a look inside for a change.

Or it that crunched up tin can might have been in Collins’ vest pocket all along.

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17 thoughts on “Vesting The Temple QB

  1. history repeats yet again…, Centeio will be the guy by the 3rd game into the season.., another four year starter at QB..,

    • Where does that leave prized recruit Antony “The next Matty Ice” Russo?

      • About two hits from stardom. 🙂 I would hang in there if I were him because he’s a proven winner on a high level. He reminds me a lot of Adam DiMichele in that Adam was never a great practice player (Al Golden always said that it was a hard decision between him and Vaughn Charlton) but once Adam got into a game, he took the job and wouldn’t let go. I have a feeling that the comparison between Vaughn and Frank Nutile is valid as well.

  2. In a couple of videos and the one time I saw him live, the freshman runs the read option better than the other three. He holds the ball as long as he can and then has a quick first step when he keeps the ball. He gets to full speed quicker than the other three. I know he’s a freshman but he does have a spring ball under his belt. That’s as many as Russo has. Interestingly, the only qb who was “live” during the scrimmage was the freshman and he acquitted himself well.

  3. Marchi 1 Nutile 2 Russo 3 Centeio 4 (redshirt)

    Not my choice, but based off of all info this will be The line up going into notre dame. No shot marchi or nutile make it thru this season. Owls will be 4-8 at best with either of those 2 running. Come the end of the season 4 game stretch when the owls are struggling to break .500 Patenaude will realize he made a mistake “playing it safe” with then2 older guys who have a career total of 9 passes.

  4. I’m curious, is the fact that the starter hasn’t been named yet beginning to concern you guys? I’ve read that it’s because there are plenty of capable options, which is always a nice thing to have, but I still have PTSD from ND’s quarterback fiasco last year.

    While both Kizer and Zaire were talented QBs (1st round draft pick and now potentially an SEC starter), the fact that neither was “the guy” really messed with an otherwise very talented team and helped torpedo a season.

    So, now we are less then 2 weeks until game time up in South Bend. Is it just gamesmanship by Temple to not want the Irish to be able to prepare for who will start, or is something else going on?

    • great points, more about a new coaching staff making their biggest decision., gamesmanship plays little…, freshmen QBs start every year for top P5 programs, no reason to be nervous

      ideal circumstance would be one QB gets awarded a single digit and goes on to be named the starter…,

      thank God we have a good team this year..,

    • It’s beginning to concern me because all four seem to be pretty equal and the one guy who gets picked is, in effect, stunting the growth of the other three guys. I know what King Solomon would do: Make Nutile play the first game, Marchi the second, Russo the third and Centeio the fourth and the guy who does the best in a REAL game gets to keep the job. This practice thing with the Orange jersey doesn’t tell you nearly as much as dodging live bullets would.

      • this above the line thing at QB is scary…., we have depth (above the line) at every position BUT QB..,

        CC said recently “we are still trying to find the 2 QBs who are above the line”…, what?

        although they have not said it publicly, CC and the OC are not enjoying this battle at QB.., all four are throwing too many picks in practice..,

        Glenn Thomas never thought much of Nutile and Marchie

      • I don’t think Collins likes Russo as much as Rhule did. Put two and two together (they went after the Lackawanna JUCO kid, David Pindell, who is the UConn starter and the Tennessee transfer Jones) and they probably have NEVER been comfortable with their four options at QB. As a certain President might tweet, #sad.

  5. Very surprised that Russo has disappeared from the discussion and projections for starting QB. Read your comment that he may not be the best practice player but at some point doesn’t ‘pedigree’ and raw potential have to be factored in? I just hope Russo isn’t buried so deep on the depth chart that he gets demoralized and disgusted and transfers out without ever having a chance at Temple.

    • Me, too, Stan. The problem with all of these practices is that no one is allowed to hit the quarterback, punch him in the mouth. I’ve been watching quarterbacks who look like Tom Brady in practice but then look like Chase Daniel in games. Then there are guys who look like crap in practice and look like Tom Brady in games. Adam DiMichele never looked good in practice, but he was a God in games. Let all four quarterbacks get out there during the regular season and get hit in the mouth and I think you will see the cream rise to the top. I think the cream is Anthony Russo just from watching him shake off hits and make big-time plays for three high school years. ADM was the same way at Temple. Vaughn Charlton once completed 21 straight passes in practice, but he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn when a big mean guy was chasing him. If all the quarterbacks were hit by more than those sticks you see in a swimming pool, Russo would be more talked about. I have a feeling that since Collins didn’t recruit Anthony he doesn’t know him as well as, say, Rhule would.

      • As I said above the freshman was live and did very well while taking some good hits. His interception was early in the scrimmage when he was not live.

      • Maybe I’m reading too much into this but what does making Toddy live and the others, err, dead mean? Usually the only reason that you put the orange jerseys on the QBs is that you don’t want to lose one due to an injury. Does that mean Toddy is expendable or does it mean they want to see how he reacts when hit? Both questions are valid, but I think the latter is the case because they have packages for him so he’s got to be No. 2.

  6. Mike, my take was that the coaches wanted to see how he handled live fire because he got more plays than anyone else and half of them were live. I was impressed because he’s bigger and faster than PJ and one option he ran reminded me of the ND play in 2015 when Kizer faked out everyone in the stadium and took it 80 yards for an ND td.

  7. Will the Quatroback give the Fightin fits? Isaiah could take a few snaps so we can call it Cincoback. Baylor had five players take snaps against a great UNC team and set a bowl rushing record.

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