Adventures in woulda, coulda, shoulda land

Editor’s Note: The following is an analysis of the game from Fizzy Weinraub, a former player in the pre-coach Hardin days. In the above video, he is fighting with his fellow Owls in a game against Gettysburg (hey, you play who was on the schedule). Literally, fighting in the final frame of this film.



You want swag? Fizzy oozes swag.

                   By Dave (Fizzy) Weinraub

Defensively, we were not ready for prime time.  Notre Dame pretty much did what they wanted, although they got more than a little help from their friends.  Let me back-track.

Two weeks ago at the mostly closed scrimmage we had at Franklin Field, I had a chance to spend some time with Dr. Pat Kraft, our AD.  Our conversation meandered about as I couldn’t resist the opportunity to tell some wonderful Temple football stories.  Then Pat brought up the elephants in the room whenever you play Notre Dame. They are the officials, and how they had made some tenuous calls even when the game was here in 2015.  We talked about the mystique that seemed to envelop the officials, especially in South Bend.

Don’t get me wrong.  We lost yesterday because we couldn’t stop them, along with some questionable offensive strategies, which I’ll get too shortly.  However, I saw three Notre Dame running touchdowns during which holding, shoulda, woulda, coulda been called.  In addition, there was the very questionable roughing the passer called in our red zone after we had stopped them, and last but not least, the no-call when our receiver was clearly interfered with in the end zone.  If you don’t believe me, come on over as I have it on tape.  (If you come over, bring a bottle of Jack.)

Sometimes I wonder if all the offensive coordinators in college football get together over the winter and decide which plays they’re going to run.  It’s like channel surfing and seeing the same Tom and Jerry cartoon on every channel.  

Consider this, we’re behind by one, two, and then three touchdowns and mostly running the ball on first and second down.  Yes, we were trying to establish the run and not altogether doing a bad job of it. But, you have to adapt to the situation. And if you’re using the ground game to eat the clock, then you should have stayed home.

Believe it or not, there was an outside chance of winning yesterday’s game.  Notre Dame’s pass defense is only mediocre. Watch and see how they get beat in weeks to come, and I’m sure scouts will see what I saw.  We shoulda thrown caution to the winds, opened up the offense and thrown the hell out of the ball.

One last comment.  If I’m running the ball effectively, and want to go for the home run, I’m gonna do it from play action on an obvious running down.  Why would you just drop back?    

But there’s good news.  We’ve got as much talent, or more, than anyone we’ll play for the next eleven games.  Properly orchestrated, I look forward to being in the conference championship game once more.

Tomorrow: Above The Line

Thursday: Throwback Day    


13 thoughts on “Adventures in woulda, coulda, shoulda land

  1. This paragraph is absolutely brilliant: “Sometimes I wonder if all the offensive coordinators in college football get together over the winter and decide which plays they’re going to run. It’s like channel surfing and seeing the same Tom and Jerry cartoon on every channel.”
    What every happened to the fullback draw, the shovel pass, the screen? All of these are effective counters to an over-pursuing defense like Notre Dame. I will give Patenaude credit, though. We did see the jump pass to the tight end. It was the most poorly executed jump pass to the tight end I’ve ever seen, so I won’t give him too much credit. For a well-executed one, go back into the archives and see the much-maligned Chester Stewart throw a great one for a touchdown at the Fake Miami.

    • this year we need the OC and DC to step up their games;

      next year we need to find and recruit ‘that guy at QB’.., one w/NFL talent and Sunday spunk..,

      that fastest way for G5 schools to the Top 25 begins with the elixir – an All-American QB

      • He may already be here. The two highest rated QB recruits in recent memory watched every single play of that game from the sidelines.

  2. At least I am not the only one who knows about the Elephant in the room. Being here since 1964 I lived it with you. It will never change.

    • If Temple had more endowments, then we’d get an occasional call – like Penn State did against Nebraska. Not worth it. I’d rather produce doctors than football players.

  3. Mike, I watched the game on TV, and I also saw the grevious and obvious holds on those three td runs plus a number of other plays. I guess that since they kept getting away with holding, they just kept doing it. We had a tough time against their Oline, but when you throw the refs into their corner on top of that… Those refs should be(but will not) banned for life. Rabbi Dick White (salisrab)

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  4. Love that Fighting’ Fizzy Spirit! ND OL held like the Alamo, but NBC needed the opening day ratings. Saw great adjustments by the Owl Rec Corp, and Mike Jones played well. There were many positives. Shoulda known that “the man” wouldn’t allow an upset.

  5. Mike and gang: Great comments. Tough start. Let’s shake it off and crush ‘Nova.

    I admire you all for your football acumen and love of our Owls. Mike, as always, thanks for facilitating this.

    For me, the defense was stunningly unprepared. Marchi — I was pleasantly surprised. But I think it would be neat to throw Toddy Centeio in there now and then and see what happens when the best option is to tuck it under and run.

    Beat ‘Nova! (Or….we’re really in trouble.)

    • thanks, rob. If you show up for Nova, I will hunt you down. Just point me generally in the right direction. 🙂

      • as far as Marchi, as Jay Zee said, we had 99 problems on Saturday and he was not one. About 98 of those 99 were on defense and that really baffles me. I think we hired a defensive coordinator in Johnson who was never really good in any of his previous jobs and that should have been a huge red flag. I hope Collins sees this and uses his DC acumen to fix it. After seeing Rosen from UCLA bring his team back from a 35-14 deficit to beat Texas A&M 45-44, I can’t help but thinking about how much that kid reminds me of Anthony Russo in every way shape and form. I hope our talent evaluators are not missing the boat with him.

      • Mike…. wish I could be there. Family health issues in Florida will have me traveling. Sigh….

      • sorry, rob. maybe one day this season

    • Nova is ranked number eight in the FCS Poll! Must B +

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