MH55’s Message To Coach Collins

Coach Collins, this IS Nova after all


Upon arrival in town you did the perfunctory visits to our known cheesesteak venues, the Rocky steps, Indy Hall and all the rest. We welcome you to Philly. Now, don’t forget, you are part of the subset Temple Family. I respect Nova’s FB Program and accomplishments and I will be satisfied with a win. I wont judge your ability or the team’s skill set by a margin of victory. However, should the opportunity arise, please know Villanova has actively hindered Temple’s Athletic opportunities and have always relished opportunities to derail our goals.
Feel free to turn our superior athletes loose


Go Owls

Go Owls



15 thoughts on “MH55’s Message To Coach Collins

  1. This team, as Bruce Arians used to say, should be “blowin’ snot bubbles” right now.
    Interpreted outside of the locker room as: so excited and ready for the fight that they seem to turn toward some animalistic tendencies.

  2. It is all about production…. Thomas scored 13 TDs and Walker threw 22 TD passes last.., hard to fathom where those 35 TDs will come from this year.., we don’t have a QB that can throw 22 TD passes; and, Gardner and Hood won’t score 13 TDs between them….,

    Reddick and Praise had 32 TFLs and 17 sacks.., the entire defense won’t obtain those numbers…,

    the OC and DC do not possess the genius to overcome the loss of production from those four players

    7-5 or 6-6 plus a bowl win will make for a successful season

  3. Heard all of these great things about guys like Bradley and Russell, who were two of the greatest last names in the NBA in the 1960s but two ordinary players for us last week. If these guys are as great as I’ve been hearing from the practice reports, let’s see a few interceptions, tackles for losses and fumble recoveries from them this weekend. Next man up.

    • does everyone realize this was the worst lost in the last 103 games, spanning over nine years? we have fallen that far

      In order to win another championship Collins will have to recruit his a%* off this year and do what Taggart did while at USF, fire his OC and DC…

  4. Beautiful game day this Saturday, we are ready for a nice tail gate lunch with a BBQ Chix and then for dessert some ass-roasted-wild-cat.
    When the temple band shows up then I know it’s that time again.
    Let’s Hope for the Best.

  5. Villanova won the total yardage, passing yardage, and time of possession battle and a should-be superior Temple team barely beat them. Bad Mayhem against N.D. but very anemic Mayhem vs ‘Nova. Does anyone think this was a “good game” for the Owls? A win is better than a loss but the margin of victory and stats definitely should concern Mike and lots of Temple football fans. I’m definitely “worried”!

    • My biggest concern was how the Villanova lines seemed to be handling our lines, especially our o-line. Nova was penetrating into the backfield all day blowing up running plays. Could never really get an inside rushing game going

    • I try to stay positive. But I’m worried too. Forget this mayhem s..t and get both lines to play better. OL run blocking was sad. DL was manhandled. And where are special packages?

      • Easyowl, totally agree with the mayhem, above the line, etc b.s. This team needs to get back to the basics especially in the trenches

      • Between the ND & Nova games, one thing is certain.

        Changes need to be made on that O line. The run game sucks .

  6. If TU had Bednarczyk under center, the Owls would have won by 25. He’s a player! Bednarczyk’s receivers had a lot of drops.

    Time for Russo( I’m a homer and like to see local guys do good, but I’m all for Nutile or Centeio as well if either can move the chains and score points). Marchi has been given 2 games and has shown to be average at best.

    • It’s a joke that Lehigh scores 35 points against Nova and we struggle to score 16. We have a good running back (he had 919 yards and 14 touchdowns last year), a great fullback and four NFL wide receivers and this is all we can get? The OC and Collins need to do some serious soul-searching.

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