Fizzy’s Corner: Nova Game


Editor’s Note: Occasionally, we give a former Owl player, Fizzy Weinraub, a chance to give his analysis. Fizzy and I have been spoiled by watching coach Hardin, but that does not keep us from hoping that some of Hardin’s innovation and at least a sliver of his genius can be absorbed by this new coaching staff. Here is Fizzy’s take on the Nova game.

By Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub


What did I ever do to piss-off the football gods?  Will I never see an outstanding offensive coordinator at Temple, or just year-after-year be forced to watch the same unimaginative baby pap of play calling.  

No deception – Horrible goal line calls – No roll outs – No QB runs – No reverses – No bootlegs – No screens – No shovel passes –  No fakes and passes to the FB – No play-action – No throwbacks to the QB

All this offense does is hand-off straight ahead, and drop straight back to throw.

At the end of this horrendous game, Why would you voluntarily stop your offense, leave time on the clock, and force a 50-yard field goal instead of:


  1.  Going for one more first down which would have enabled to use the remainder of the clock before kicking a field goal.


  1.  Keep going for a touchdown until you’re stopped.





The defense mostly stopped their running game, and mostly did not stop their passing game because:


  1.  They did not blitz enough


  1.  They stayed in the same basic defense the whole game, which enabled Villanova to make half-time adjustments to their passing routes, which were not countered.  


One possible solution would have been to go into a tight prevent and play zone to stop the crossing patterns underneath which absolutely killed us. There’s no way, playing man-to-man, a deep defensive back can close the gap and cover a receiver running short, across the field. Also, I’m so tired of watching our defensive backs trail the receivers down-field and have no idea of where the ball is.


This coaching staff has to stop playing not to lose, and start playing to win, or we will get killed by the good teams in our conference.

Tuesday: What Happened To Mayhem?

Thursday: UMass Preview


16 thoughts on “Fizzy’s Corner: Nova Game

  1. This is the stuff that makes this blog great. Mike, kudos to you for opening us this blog to former players.

    • thanks, Ed. I tailgated with a bunch of Hardin’s players as usual and looking at them, I told them it really isn’t fair to be comparing every other coach Temple has since him to Hardin. No one, particularly in the area of innovation, could touch him. When Hardin was on the Temple sideline, the Owls could lose the game (80-52-2 speaks for itself, though), but they were always the smartest team on the field. Could not say that since.

      • Talking to former players has always been a real treat. At season tx party, I saw one of the guys from the early or mid 60s that was on a city tour of Nashville when we went for Yandy game (easy sell to the wife who loved the show of the same name). I said Hello to him and he asks if I’d be going to ND. When I said I wasn’t he told me there’s 2 spots available with a group of 8 or 10 players. How great is that. Wish I could have gone. Later that night, we went to the Draught Horse and talked to an Arians player for an hour. Some war stories but more talk about the prospects for the current team when I’ve had the few discussions with those guys.

  2. Well, I made it to the game Mike but sorry I didn’t have time to meet you. 2 big guys sitting in front of me. One was a Temple player from the 90s (didn’t get his name) and the other played for Lock Haven.
    Anyway, totally agree with Fizzy. I’ll see what you have say tomorrow but I said several times during the game, “where’s the mayhem?” I thought the passing game was pretty darn good, but what’s up with the run game, no blocking? The D got some sacks and rushes and hurt some guys with hard hits but our supposed great backfield guys, as Fizzy said, didn’t even look back to see where the ball was. What’s up with that – that’s basic stuff? Boumerhi’s 50 yarder was “ice in the veins” but it never should have been nail-biting at the end. We’re in trouble unless the coaches makes some big changes. But I reminded people that Nova is the 6th ranked team in FCS, so they’re good, BUT! The Owls just don’t have that zing and it shows and that’s part of why they’re struggling. But at least they won and had a great time, while me and everyone else around me were shaking our heads sideways!

  3. Mike and Fizzy, keep up the good work. Like a lot of others I lack your knowledge of the game, although I followed Temple football since the Wayne Hardin days. I really appreciate your views and insights.

  4. As Narducci said in InQ,

    “In fact, the Owls have just one more game to fine-tune matters until being thrown into the lions’ den — or, more appropriately, the Bulls’ den.”

    Time for Russo or Centenio to start against UMass. Conference play begins in less than 2 weeks . They’re opening their conference schedule against 2 tough teams, USF & Houston. Time to make some changes and try some new things on offense, since 16 pts won’t be enough to win these games.

    • based solely on all results after week 2:

      5-7, and no bowl game this season…, Cincy is vastly improved…, we should beat UMASS, UCONN, and ECU…, Army is a toss-up game

      • Hopefully this staff gets it’s act together and can take a game from either Navy or Tulsa. Anything under .500 I consider a failure for the program at this point. I don’t want to hear “give Collins time to recruit his own players and put his system in”. This roster has talent and a good coach should be able to work with it while adding “his own” players going forward. A 5 game drop from last season is not just a step back!!!

  5. Anything less than 4 offensive tds this week is just another week of coaching mayhem.

  6. We used a lot of screens against ND, but Nova was not rushing hard or blitzing, so screens would not work, but we should have been using the end around that worked so well last year and gotten the ball into Wright’s hands more. We could have stopped the underneath passes by rushing three and dropping the linebackers into coverage. Yes the offense was vanilla with no surprises. Almost every time we ran wide, we gained yards. We should have kept it up instead of going inside the tackles, which was not getting us anywhere. PS There qb was really good, cool and accurate. We were lucky that his receivers dropped some passes and that Chandler knocked the ball loose on there long gain into our side of the field at the end of the game. Salisrab


  7. Anyone know why Dioubate didn’t play against Nova . The guy is a 4 star talented DE who previously committed to Penn State.

    Is he injured ? Or not playing because of Collins thinks he is below the line ?

  8. F&D? 5-7? Switch QB? They won! O and D earned solid “C’s,” Would WH show all his cards against a non-conference foe in week two? I wore my cherry vanilla beer goggles and enjoyed the blandness. Save the hidden ball trick, flea flicker, double reverse, and trickeration for USF. GOwls.

  9. I know it’s early, but i’m starting to wish we were able to get Joe Moorhead instead of a rookie like CC.

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