5 Quick Temple Football Fixes


The Owls should use this bye week to change the philosophy that led to 3-5.

What are we going to do without a weekend of Temple football?

To duplicate the kind of torture Temple fans experienced the last two weeks, we recommend stopping at the nearest police station and asking to be tased or making a trip across the Delaware and volunteering to be a waterboard subject at Fort Dix.

No thanks. I’ve had enough agony the last two weeks to last two years.


Losses to Army and UConn have been that painful.

If anything the last two weeks have taught the Temple football staff is to not allow the same thing to happen again. There are reasons the Owls are 3-5 and chief among them is an ill-advised offensive philosophy that caused the program to stray from what has worked here the last two years for something that might have worked at Coastal Carolina last year.

Are the Temple coaches sensible enough to understand that? Probably not, but this is the path from 3-5 to 6-6 and they better at least consider it or they risk not losing only this year but the next  five as well.

These five quick fixes that can be accomplished in the next nine days and implemented going forward:

Ditch the Spread
This team won the AAC championship last year by going fullback and play-action and that’s what this personnel is best suited to do. Put fullback Nick Sharga back there leading the way for a now healthy Ryquell Armstead and establish the run. Once that run is established, have Frankie “Juice” Nutile fake the ball into the belly of Armstead and pull it out. With opposing linebackers and safeties inching up to the line of scrimmage to defend the run, those great wide receivers—Ventell Byrant, Keith Kirkwood and Adonis Jennings—will be so wide open Nutile won’t know which one to pick out. That’s Temple football.


Put Isaiah Wright at tailback
Wright in space in the open field is, as the announcers said on Saturday, a “touchdown waiting to happen.” To give Wright the kind of space he needs, run him at tailback. Throw him little swing passes out of the backfield or run screens for him. Use Wright–along with David Hood–as the change-of-pace backs when Armstead needs a break.

Goal-line offense
When the Owls get to the one, especially on first down, don’t try anything crazy like run out of the shotgun. Load Rock behind Sharga and pound the ball three times for six points. This team is built to run the ball at the goal. Doing anything else is asking for trouble. Owls lost the game against Army by coming away with nothing when they got to the one. They cannot let that happen again.


Turn Sharif Finch Loose
Finch is the all-time leader in punts blocked at Temple for a reason. The Owls only have him for four more games and they should turn him loose on every punt the opposition attempts. They have been terrible on punt returns because there has been no blocking for Mike Jones, so they might as well be more aggressive and go after these punts.

No More Prevent Defense
Allowing Army to march down the field with no timeouts and 25 seconds left was a disgrace. The best pass defense, especially against a team uncomfortable with throwing the football, is putting the quarterback on his ass. If you can’t get there with four, send five. If you can’t get there with five send six. Just get there.

Anything less than these quick patches exposes your fans to a torture that makes the rack look like a feather-duster.

Thursday: Five Throwbacks

Saturday: Around The AAC

Monday: Game Week: An Attitude

Wednesday: Navy Preview

Friday: Game Analysis

Monday: The Kelly Solution


26 thoughts on “5 Quick Temple Football Fixes

  1. Do you think we beat Navy in just over a week? I have a weird feeling we are.

  2. Most likely cannot beat Navy, who awaits us with sabers at the ready due to last years win – which was as satisfying as beating Penn State. We were at the Navy game, will never again have so much fun as that game, oh the joy…..

    In the mean time we will loose to Navy next, but the coaching staff will have their song and dance excuse ready; ‘In the Navy, you can be what you wanna be’. It’s probably in the cards that those STUPID guys wave on 3rd downs, so F’nn stupid…..

    • Stupid gimmicks…..can’t stand that shit! Just play some f’n football. It’s all over the sport these days….almost unwatchable for me.

  3. Anyone know why Dioubate has been MIA? He was in for a couple snaps vs UConn, but didn’t see him on the field at Army. See him dressed, but has a contraption on his right arm. Injury I’m not aware of?

    Nutile looked poised and has a good touch. Wonder if Marchi is “healed” by Nov 2 if they’ll stay with Frankie?

    With Navy doing the same offense as Army, we should expect that Sharga will be on the field to crash the option.

    • It seems like every talent we have wanted by a SEC school (Russo by LSU and Dioubate by Alabama) is buried by this coaching staff. There’s a reason why Les Miles was the head coach at LSU for awhile and Nick Saban is making $10 million per year at Alabama. Those guys know talent. I’m not sure these guys do. The few times Karamo is in the game he gets pressure on the QB.

  4. Here are my five quick fixes:
    1. Fire Patenaude
    2. Fire Patenaude
    3. Fire Patenaude
    4. Fire Patenaude
    5. Fire Patenaude
    Here are five more:
    1.Fire Collins
    2.Fire Collins
    3.Fire Collins
    4.Fire Collins
    5.Fire Collins

    Listening to Collins after the game I thought I was listening to Boby Wallace with Collins’ apologetic sounding southern drawl filled with resignation and not a clue about what just happened or how to fix it. Getting to old to stomach this level of incompetence.

    • Patenaude sounded like he was more concerned that people thought he made a mistake going to Marchi to start the season (he did) and sounded more determined to go down that well for Navy again so to give Marchi another shot. I’ve seen enough of Marchi. Depth chart should be Nutile and Russo and Marchi in that order.

      • If Marchi gets the start next week, Collins doesn’t have the balls and/or the smarts to tell the OC to play Nutile. A 500 yd offensive output with no interceptions, forced throws into triple converge, etc, and Patenaude is hinting at Marchi? I can’t keep my season ticket group together with that stupidity should that happen. Marchi has played OK. This team needs better and they got it against Army.

    • John, I walked away from Temple for a long time and did not care because of the fact that they ruined my experience with the hiring of Jerry Berndt. Playing under a Coach that doesn’t respect the players that were there before them is a nightmare. Many of my teammates and I didn’t respect him either. Then they followed up with that string of coaches….Wallace, Dickerson, etc.
      It is only in the last ten years that I have slowly made my way back due to them doing the right things as much as possible. Now it’s happening all over again….thats why I have been making Berndt references about these guys, it’s deja vu.

      • Brian, feel the same way, not a former player as yourself so different perspective, but I had the opportunity to watch the Hardin teams from 1975 on so I at least saw a ranked Temple team (that’s final rankings) and continued attending games up through the end of the Dickerson era and had enough. Liked what I saw with Golden, someone with a plan and have been back ever since. This staff seems to be heading back in that Berndt, Dickerson, Wallace direction and I for one am getting tired of this “we’re not Alabama, we have to rebuild”, “need patience with this staff” 2 good years followed by 3 bad to so-so years is going to keep Temple right where they are or lower when the next re-alignment comes around. I guess one thing by that time add another 6-7000 seats to the soccer sports complex and we’ll have out “OCS”

  5. Mike, you are preaching to the choir here. Unfortunately, those who should be reading it, thinking about it, and putting it into practice are out recruiting instead of meeting and deciding what changes are needed now. When they get back, I am sure there will just be more of the same.

  6. Here are several clips from Narducci’s interview with Collins in yesterday’s Inq.


    Q; What has been the most pleasant surprise and biggest disappointment to this point?

    A: The biggest disappointment is just some of the young mistakes we have made. Three of the games in particular (against Houston, UConn and Army) were one-score games and a lot of those were things that were one or two plays away and that happened because of young mistakes.

    So Is he blaming himself ? or the players ? The last time I checked, most of the offense had plenty of game day experience.

    Q: The quarterback situation is probably something you didn’t envision and I would think you would have wanted to have had it settled well before the opening game instead of deciding the week of the opener at Notre Dame. How tough was that?

    A: The thing that makes it challenging is they have been good. It would be one story if they weren’t good, then it would be a different scenario. We have had some quarterbacks that have played really well and good enough that the separation has been tough throughout. Logan (Marchi) has played really well in some really good stretches. And I was proud of Frank (Nutile) who came in and played as well as he did last week in his first college start (with Marchi injured)

    So does he not realize Russo is still on the team. Or has he writtne him off.

    Q: These last four games whether you become bowl eligible or not become critical when you are talking about next year. How critical is it?

    A: “We are probably four plays away from having a completely different record. We are playing a lot of young players at a lot of key positions.

    Is it my imagination, or does he refuse to answer Narducci’s questions, He’s a fucking idiot who shouldn’t be a head coach. Collins is completely delusional and needs to go.

    • Wtf is he talking about? 4 plays?! How about the 4 ridiculous rollout/pirourettes by an Army QB to pick apart his D and drive down the field with 30 seconds left. Think about that for a second….Army is so unprepared to pass that even when time is of the essence they still fake the run and do that ridiculous twirl before throwing the ball. Is that the four he speaks of?
      This dude is delusional!

  7. The apologists are out in force on Philly.com and I assume on the Pravda site. Reading that article convinces me that Collins is delusional. The outcome of most seasons come down to a couple of plays and good coaches make sure that those plays go in favor of his team. (See PSU at Iowa). The fact that Collins thinks that his team has been unlucky rather than outcoached speaks volumes about his ability as a head coach. Losers always say that bad luck, rather than bad play or bad coaching, decided the outcome. “Woulda, shoulda, coulda” is a sign of someone not in control of the situation and who has no clue regarding how to fix what is wrong. Unlike Rhule’s teams, which improved every game, the current team is regressing and as I said, may not win another game this season. If Marchi starts next week, it will be abundantly clear that Collins is in way over his head.

    • I’m not familiar with Pravda. What is it ????

      • It’s what some of us call other Owl websites where not a negative word is written and where they say everything is hunky-dory like Pravda did in communist Russia.

    • John, they are out in droves over on the FB page. I give Mike credit went toe to toe with a couple of them today. One who made a point about he and 100 real fans who be at the last 2 home games!!! I’ve given up over there for the rest of the season not leaving the group but have stopped following for now. I totally agree with the “bad luck” statement, only seem to here that from losers. I hope I’m wrong but I’m beginning to wonder if he is, as I saw one apologist put it a “recruiting machine”. At this point I think that is the only chance this team has under Collins, recruit enough talent to get to the point where you can beat the bottom of the conference consistently and occasionally knock off a USF regardless of the coaching. Unfortunately where talent could get you 8 or 9 wins in the MAC, more like 6 or 7 here in the AAC. As I said in an earlier post Collins becomes ironically like Addazio at BC record wise

  8. I’m watching Show Time’s season-long documentary about Navy football and can confidently say that they will kill TU. They run the ball better than Army and have a better passer and better receivers. If Army could make mincemeat our secondary and our run defense, Navy is going to blow it up.

    • .. and the QB Abbey will play (ironically, he was the guy played so well against in the title game last year) but Abbey is so much better than the second string guy that will make a difference. Army ran three plays with 25 seconds and no timeouts. That’s a fireable offense for the Temple coaches. How do they not send eight and get a sack on any one of those three plays that would have ended the game? No wonder Collins can’t sleep. Peter Principle in effect. Not all great coordinators (and I think he was probably a great coordinator) are made to be head coaches. You could be the best checker in Acme history but that doesn’t mean you are qualified to run the entire store. Let’s get a good store director next time.

  9. I noticed Linwood Crump’s dad liked this post on twitter and both Isaiah Wright’s mom and dad have loved numerous Temple football forever posts bashing the coaches on facebook. I wonder if those thoughts extended to the dinner table. The parents don’t seem to be as enthralled with Collins as the kids do. That Andy Simon Collins’ Apologist is a real loser on Facebook. I saw his rant against Mike over there and Mike never said it was the kid. He just thanked LC for the twitter love. Some people on the Facebook site never accept the criticism of Collins here, which is solid and pretty much backed up by the facts of the games themselves. Keep telling it like it is.

  10. The last 36 seconds of the Army game was absolute torture to watch! The DC and HC are two idiots! By second grader new it was time to blitz and at least make the QB uncomfortable giving him 2 to 3 seconds is better than giving him 4 to 5 seconds of undisturbed time to look at his GPS to find and open receiver is ridiculous! Nothing makes a defense more passive than a pre-vent

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