Fizzy’s Corner: UCF Impressive

Editor’s Note: Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub checked in with these thoughts on the Central Florida game on 10:10 a.m. of Thanksgiving Day. After watching high school football, stopping off to get some turkey, we got home Thursday night and saw this always welcome contribution. We hope Fizz checks in on his thoughts after the Owls (hopefully) beat Tulsa.

By Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub

 It was a pleasure to watch; the changing offensive sets, the motion drawing the defenders to where they were most vulnerable, the sequence of plays that made the defense think they knew what was coming, and the pass patterns of the receivers aimed at drawing attention away from an excellent running quarterback.  On defense, mostly everything was under control.  There was never any panic or broken assignments, and yardage was begrudgingly given up.  The pass defenders usually were looking at the QB when the ball was thrown, which resulted in four interceptions.  All-in-all, the best coached team I’ve seen all year, in person or on TV.


Of course, I’m talking about Central Florida and their coach Scott Frost, who will probably be making 5.5 million somewhere else next season.

On the Temple side, the score would have been closer had Frank Nutile not had the horrible day he did.  But Central Florida was one of the three teams I mentioned earlier in the season, that has more talent then we do.  Coupling that talent with outstanding coaching, made a formidable task.

A win next week gets us bowl eligible, for what that’s worth.  The best thing about playing a bowl game is it gives the team extra practice for next season.  It also gives us more TV exposure, which might help recruiting.  But not if we lay an egg like we did in the last two bowl games.


and may your bird be bigger than mine!

Tomorrow: Tulsa Preview



7 thoughts on “Fizzy’s Corner: UCF Impressive

  1. Tasty stuffing: not stovetop stuff or the stuff with oysters. I hope UCF goes all the way. Frost has the right stuff, and he won’t follow the Golden-Rhule (shuck it before the bowl). He has the Nebraska job in the silo where they appreciate corny stuff.

  2. If UCF wins next week and is not part of the top four, it will show what a hypocritical travesty the whole thing is. Miami, which really played no one and barely beat several average teams, goes to number 2 based on a win over a slightly above average ND team that lost at home to an ok Georgia team and barely beat a Navy team at home that was at best average this year. If Wisconsin loses and UCF is the last undefeated team left it deserves a shot at the championship because its schedule was very good. The top AAC teams have always acquitted themselves well in bowls except for TU, which was Rhule’s fault the last two seasons.

    • The American can market themselves as P6, but the fact is they are not. UCF will not get a shot to play for the title until they schedule 4 P-5 schools in non-conference. FIU and Maine are not going to get anybody excited.

      UCF is very good. But they dont have the depth that the P5 schools have. If they had to play a P5 schedule week in and week out, would their lack of depth cause them more losses. I believe it would. They played several 3-8 teams this year, a C-USA team, an FCS team, and Temple.

      Unfortunately, Perception is realtity about the American. But in this case, I think it is actually the reality. Until the upper echelon AAC teams schedule and beat good P5 teams, (like Boise St several years ago) they will not be taken seriously.

      • This is why I told Pat Kraft not to schedule Stony Brook four years ago. Had Temple beaten, say, Northwestern or Purdue, instead of SB and beaten PSU and Memphis (both losses 34-27), the Owls would have been playing in the national championship game last year (had Rhule saw fit to stay for it). These G5 teams have got to stop playing Villanova, Stony Brook, Bucknell, FIU and Maine. I’m looking at you, Temple, as much as UCF.

      • I can’t reply to Mike’s comment but i think they need to schedule as many p5s as possible and eliminate the d2 games.

        Like play Virginia, duke, Maryland and buffalo in place of nova, stony brook, Charlotte and FAU (i forget the one d2 school they played)

        As for your comment, it would be interesting to see how TU would do with limited depth. It would be hard to start the season off with 3-4 p5 schools. Maybe they would play better in conference and also get better recruits from the exposure and then get the depth. Even TUs 2015 team barely beat UMASS-imagine if they played Maryland that week

  3. UCF v USF was arguably one of the best games of the year. Hopefully the American will play up to expectations this bowl season.

  4. For G5 to make the playoff, you need the perfect storm.

    1. Preseason ranked in top 15
    2. Nonconference win over ranked P5
    3. Undefeated in regular season
    4. Win conference championship
    5. P5 confetence champions with 1+ losses

    Look at Boise State back in the day. They never had all of those things happen in one season.

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