Reversing Field: Getting Temple Football on YouTube

Today’s post was supposed to be about the LIKELY bowl destinations of the Temple Owls.

Since those likely bowl destinations are the same bowl destinations today as they were on Saturday, we’ll make that post on Thursday—when we’ve been assured by a trusty source that more will be known tomorrow and the four possible destinations could be narrowed to one or two.

So like Ryquell Armstead without Nick Sharga to follow through the hole, we will be reversing field today. Hopefully, like Rock, this post will also result in a Temple touchdown, this time a figurative one.

One of my Pet Peeves for years has been that other schools have their past games on YouTube but it’s almost impossible to find Temple football footage from past years. Temple really hasn’t had a video crew since Fran Duffy (not to be confused with Fran Dunphy) arrived on the scene with Owl Golden in 2006. Duffy is now the video coordinator with the Philadelphia Eagles. The guys who are played with Temple the last decade or so are in good shape.


Frank McArdle’s Ryan team less than a week ago.

It’s the other guys, the ones who played before them, we’ve always been more concerned about from a historical footage perspective.

Thanks to Archbishop Ryan head coach Frank McArdle that could all change. Little did I know I’d be watching Frank’s team from the stands on Thanksgiving Day beat Washington, 38-14, and then have him contact me a couple of nights later, but that’s exactly what happened.

Frank sent us this email out of the blue on Sunday night and we were very grateful to receive it:


Hope all is well. I have read the blog for a few years now and have enjoyed it. I have been going to Temple games since I was a kid and consider myself a Temple fan. I writing to you to see if you wanted to pass this on to former Temple players. I was recruited to JMU  and coached by former Temple asst. Eddie Davis (Bruce era) , after college Eddie got me into coaching at Northeastern University. Eddie and I developed a very close relationship We lost Eddie in 2013. Today Eddie’s wife gave me hundreds of films and other coaching keepsakes of Eddies. Among the films are 8mm Temple Coaches films from his time with Coach Arians. I have

1985 TU vs BYU

1986 TU vs VA Tech

1987 TU vs Penn State & Akron

1988 TU vs BC & Rutgers

I am not looking to sell the films just passing this along to see if any former players wanted a copy of the games.

_  Frank McArdle



My thought process here are not just to get these to a few of the players but to get them to someone who is able to transfer them to YouTube so the entire Temple football community—fans, current players, past players—can see and enjoy them whenever they want.

I know there is a service out there that transforms old eight-millimeter film into a DVD and someone reading this surely must have the ability to transfer that to YouTube. That

If so, contact me at and I will get you in touch with Frank and we can get this process rolling.

Thanks, Frank.

Thursday: Bowl Scenarios



12 thoughts on “Reversing Field: Getting Temple Football on YouTube

  1. So sorry to hear Eddie Davis is gone….great guy! Mike, I know there is a TU vs. PSU ’88 and a TU vs Alabama ’91 on YouTube from a bama supporter. Side note: ‘Bama scouted our Spring game (it was in the Philly paper, still have the clipping somewhere) because we were their opener. They knew everything we were doing….they even told us on the field. When we relayed this to the bench the OC said impossible and kept right on doing the same thing…..sound familiar? The arrogance of our OC…how could ‘Bama figure me out? They were only National champs the very next season. That is what gets these guys in trouble.
    Mike, a good contact for old film might be Dave Cartularo. “Guido” was our film guy for many years…..great guy!

  2. That video was from the Penn State hi-lite show that was broadcast every Sunday morning. On the last touchdown, still love the fact that there are two spectators on the field and some of the officials, are wrestling with them as the play is being run. Can’t believe there wasn’t a whistle. Wonder if the play would be nullified today. In any event, that video relieved Mark Bresani, the captain and starting center, of years of guilt. He thought that he blew his assignment allowing the off-side end to rush the qb (Terry Gregory) unabated. It was his assignment to block the guy. However, the video shows that he had a guy lined head up on him relieving him of that duty. By the way, PSU handled Klecko that day. Bob Torrey was a tank. he was 6’4” and weighed about 240. Another trivia point is that the Geise brothers played against one another. Steve played running back for PSU and Joe (number 96) was one of the starting defensive ends.

    • thanks Mike for posting and thanks John for the insight.., was at that game.., forgot how awful the Vet really was..,

      the draw, fake draw, and fake draw reverse? Hardin was special…,

      we picked up a full case of quart beer for $6 on the way to the game from Ambler Campus

  3. Don’t care to relive any of the games from the Berdnt, Wallace & Dickerson era on YouTube.

    • In those moments of darkness, the light rarely shined but I’d love to see Van Johnson, Troy Kersey and company catch the ball from Henry Burris again.

  4. I tried to search for a Paul Palmer highlight video without success. It was not that long ago. It should be out there for all to see.

    • yes. these are five more Paul Palmer games than I didn’t know existed. I have the memories in my head, but would love to have the video evidence out there for all to see and, thanks to Frank McArdle and the late Ernie Davis and his wife, this will be happening sometime in the future.

  5. Well, MS State (SEC and P% program) just hired a coordinator/first time head coach, just like we criticize Temple of doing. Collins had a very good resume, much better in fact than Golden or Rhule. But let’s see if he can win a bowl game after a full season’s experience. Go Owls.

  6. Er, that’s P5…..

  7. I’m about to convert old home movies to digital for my parents. I imagine it would be the same process, but are you allowed to upload the videos to youtube would be a question to ask.

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